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Be a Featured Restaurant during Eat Local Month

Sign-up soon to be part of the promotions


  • Signing up by August 12
  • Creating a local food special - Ideally Seafood.
  • Labeling local food items

Featured Restaurant Guidelines:


  • Have at one or more items on your menu throughout the month that is comprised of at least 50% local ingredients
  • Label local specials with the OCL & Eat Local First icon 
  • Name the local farms/producers featured
  • Educate your staff and visitors all about the delicious difference sourcing local food makes


A huge portion of the success of Eat Local Month is directly tied to our local Producers and Buyers co-promoting one another.  We need our participants to be committed to telling the story of their local sourcing in the following ways: 

  • Commit to including an Eat Local Month graphic and blurb on your menu/website for the month of August that tells the story of your connection with local farms. 
  • Commit to making sure your staff are aware of the Eat Local Month Specials, and will be able to tell customers the farms you’ve featured to create them (i.e. “We have two Eat Local Month Specials going!  A caprese salad with basil and tomatoes from Sky Island Farm, and Goats Milk Mozzarella from the Chimacum Sunday Farmers Market…” etc. 
  • Commit to using your social media channels to co-promote Eat Local Month at least once a week for the month (i.e. one post a week to Instagram/ Facebook to tell consumers about your locally sourced menu items, and/or highlights about why you source from the farms that you do. 
  • Update and/or create your listing on the Olympic Culinary Loop website


Consumer Promotional offer: these will be used as campaign marketing incentives for consumer participation (choose one or both options at your own discretion) 

  • Prize donation – gift card or merchandise valued at $25 or more
  • VIP offer – ideally a coupon for a % off or free item with purchase

Olympic Culinary Loop will begin promoting these incentives in August, and throughout the whole month of Eat Local campaign. Having your goodies in the treasure chest will help promote your business and enriched the entire Eat Local month all around the Olympic Culinary Loop!

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