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Hole-y Road

2017-12-08 10:12:32
by:Crystie Kisler We live on a dirt road. This is one the hallmarks of life in the country. As we approach the farm and turn off the newly blacktopped Center Road, which is luxuriously level and fast, we still breathe a sigh of relief. We are happily reminded that there is earth under asphalt. That pavement is not intrinsic to the surface of our planet, but rather something we spread on the ground in order to smooth the way for our wheels. This, however, is not a reflection on the pros and cons of pavement. This is a tale about filling holes. Calling it a dirt road may be an over-simplification of things. Our road is not simply a swath of dirt left to age naturally. Even though it is unpaved, it is still a place where humans have had their way-- partially. For the compromise that a dirt road makes is this: humans can pass through, but nature still rules. Without regular maintenance, Country Meadow Road becomes Country Bump-kin Road, where ruts, rivulets and pits form as water and wear have their way. When it gets to this stage, the rough terrain of our rain-ruffled road makes each drive a literal pain in the butt. There is another way of course. Another approach to the journey. It can be a Hole-y Road or a Holy Road. Either an ornery obstacle course or a four-wheeled meditation course. One might decide to cultivate patience with the potholes, instead of cursing. This would take a willingness to really slow down, to be content in the present moment . . . Read More at