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Strawberry Edition!!

2017-12-08 10:12:32
by:Barbara Bennett Parsons Slowly, ever so slowly, we are creeping up on Strawberry season. The anticipation is much like awaiting Christmas. I see the furtive looks as people cast their gaze across our tables of produce, then the slight slump of the shoulders . They try to mask the disappointment, but I can see right through the facade. Soon their faces will be wreathed in smiles as they clutch the precious boxes of strawberries. Honestly, sometimes we feel like drug dealers during Strawberry season! Thank goodness the fix we provide is succulent sun ripened natural fruit. My conscience is just fine with selling strawberries, even when bickering breaks out over the last flat of berries. We always encourage customers to call us to have any coveted food set aside for later pick-up, this year the Strawberry flats on hold may require an armed guard. People are getting restive and dangerous. Take a deep breath. The weather forecast is propitious and Sue Spooner, of Spooner Berry Farms, assures us that we will have a good strawberry season after all. In your desperation for strawberries, you may have been tempted to buy some of those out of state strawberries. Do not waste your money! Sure, they look pretty, but is there any actual strawberry aroma? No aroma, no flavor. All you’re left with is empty good looks. We all know where this will end; in bitter name calling... Read More at