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Hoquiam Farmers Market

2017-12-08 10:12:32
by:Barbara Bennett Parsons As always, late summer brings a veritable cascade of fabulous food! In ancient times our ancestors realized that they needed to amplify their intake of fresh food in order to exist through the harsh days of winter. Well, Have we ever got the healthy food for you to stock up on! As I write this to you, Gary is unloading his truck with fresh picked corn, peaches, and pears direct from Wenatchee. Gary is our favorite provider of exquisite fruit & corn. He has a place in Humptulips, which is the only reason he is able to bring such great stuff over to us and keep the price affordable. Please stop for a moment when you visit the market and admire our two new improvements; the marvelous, luscious new Barn Red color of our building and the new fence enclosure around the covered porch. The fencing will save us countless hours of hauling produce and products inside, only be hauled out again the next morning. While I pride myself on being strong, there’s a limit to how many 50 pound boxes a woman should have to tote around in one day. Labor Day weekend promises to be exceptionally gorgeous. Stop by the market for your fruit, veggies, pies, bread, sausages, and our happy smiles!