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Chanterelle Season

2017-12-08 10:12:32
by:Barbara Bennett Parsons For me, the seasons of the year are defined by which foods are ripe for picking. Autumn begins whenever the Chanterelle mushrooms start appearing in the woods. Whatever the calendar says is brushed away like a pesky spider web. Normally that happens in mid-September, but we’re already knee deep in Chanterelles. I’ve never seen such a prolific beginning! You have two choices of how to harvest your mushrooms; either hike yourself over to the Hoquiam Farmers Market to buy them, or pack a picnic lunch and go on an adventure. Like any other wild harvest, there is no guarantee that the spot you think looks good will actually have mushrooms growing. We’ve come to the conclusion that Chanterelles are similar to a vein of gold, following some mysterious path that boggles reason. In other words, you find them where you find them. Sometimes they are scattered beneath a canopy of fir trees, other times sprouting in a maple glade. Hiding under sword ferns is one way they like to escape detection too. Barbara's Chanterelle Mushroom Sandwich One large sweet onion, sliced one large clove Elephant Garlic, chopped Saute in;two tablespoons of cooking oil Sprinkle with one tsp. seasoning salt (Johnny's.)Continue cooking until onions are carmelized. Add;2 cups of sliced Chanterelle Mushrooms 4 slices of crumbled pre-cooked bacon Cook briefly, until 'shrooms are gently sauteed.Turn off heat and sprinkle with grated cheese.