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Graham Kerr Day 2 - Adventure

2017-12-08 10:12:32
by:Graham Kerr My wife, Treena, and I are now home in Mt. Vernon and have already booked our return visit to the Olympic Peninsula in mid-December this year. It was there or Hawaii, so you can see how impressed we are with our own backyard! When very much younger we used to ride elevators (called lifts) in London department stores and listen to the attendant call out what could be found on each floor. I feel much the same as I try to cover the many visits we enjoyed on our recent Olympic Culinary Adventure! At TAYLOR SEAFOOD, near Little Creek outside of Shelton, we met with Gifford (Marco) Pinchot III. This man is both a mine of information on the ecology in general and the way that foresters can work together with fishermen. It has not always been so promising!Marco cooked us the best mussel dish I have ever eaten . . . anywhere. Huge, succulent in prime season, garlic, olive oil, basil sundried tomatoes and the pan deglazed with Chateau Ste. Michelle's Sauvignon Blanc, which we drank out of china cups in their carpark! If you want a speaker sometime, try to get Marco -- he is excellent. It's a short drive to the ALDERBROOK RESORT, located right on the Hood Canal. We stayed there about 20 years ago and were amazed at the transformation. This is luxury in the grand European style with the benefit of a local staff that greets you as if they own the place.