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Gramm Kerr Day 3 - Adventure Con't

2017-12-08 10:12:32
by:Graham Kerr Our Culinary Adventure on the Olympic Peninsula continued with a very full two days using the Resort at Port Ludlow as an extremely comfortable and warmly hospitable base. FINNRIVER FARM AND CIDERY, Chimacum Here you will meet Crystie Kisler and should you have that pleasure, you will have a perfect prototype of the sort of politician who would get close to a 90% approval rating (nobody is perfect)! I intend to return and learn from the special people at Finnriver. They greatly value their land and continuously try to make every decision to make a living while doing nothing that does harm to the soil and the river that runs through their property.We took away a bottle of their Black Currant Brandy and used it to macerate some mixed dried fruit, serving the entire compote over some great vanilla yogurt -- fantastic! You will find a champagne method cider that won a Double Gold award and great fruit in season at Finnriver. You might guess that I am a fan! RED DOG FARM, Chimacum Yes, they do have a reddish dog! They also have a self-service produce stand that works on the honor system. Everyone on this young persons’ farm is hard at work apparently having fun growing and harvesting some truly fabulous food off some quite recently acquired land. That said because nobody is available to take your money . . . you simply tot-up your own bill, pay-up and leave happy . . . and best of all, it works! Isn't that refreshing in our tough old world?