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Culinary Adventuring

2017-12-08 10:12:32
by:Braiden Rex Johnson Do you remember the stage play or movie, “A Trip to Bountiful,” which was based on the 1953 televised play by Albert Horton Foote, Jr.? It was about an elderly woman who yearns to return to her roots in the small town of Bountiful, Texas. A recent press release reminded me of the movie version I saw years ago starring Geraldine Page, and pitched “a new kind of ‘trip to bountiful’”–the Olympic Culinary Adventure. Winding through four Olympic Peninsula counties, the Olympic Culinary Adventure route leads foodies on “a trip to bountiful” in the true sense of the word–to a region alive with farms, produce stands, fisheries, creameries, bakeries, wineries, cideries, and authentic farm-to-table experiences. I’ve written about my experiences wining and dining on the Olympic Peninsula for The Seattle Times Pacific Northwest magazine, for the Northwest Notes blog, and profiled Camaraderie Cellars in Pacific Northwest Wining & Dining. So I heartily recommend a visit to this unique region of Washington state. And with the weather warming (we hope–enough of “June-uary already!”) as we head into summer, now is a great time to take your taste buds on tour! A project of the Olympic Peninsula Visitor Bureau, the Jefferson County Tourism Coordinating Council, and the Olympic Culinary Loop Association, the Olympic Culinary Adventure is designed to put culinary travelers in touch with the people who grow, harvest, catch, and serve fresh Olympic-Coast cuisine.