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Seattle Wine Awards recognize Peninsula quality

2017-12-08 10:12:32
Congrats to Peninsula producers for bringing home LOTS of hardware at the 2013 Seattle Wine Awards — WA State's Premier Wine Recognition Program. Look at this impressive list: Category: Fortified Dessert Styles Double Gold NV Finnriver Spirited Apple Wine, WA Silver 2010 Eaglemount Winery & Cider Malbec Dessert, WA Bronze NV Finnriver Black Currant, WA Bronze 2010 Mosquito Fleet Griffersen Reserve, CV Category: Sparkling Wine Silver NV Finnriver Artisan Sparkling Cider, WA Category: White Proprietary Blends Silver 2011 Camaraderie Cellars Trinquer, CV Category: Pinot Gris/Grigio Double Gold 2011 Westport Winery Fleur de Lis Pinot Gris, Airport Vyd. Category: White Varieties Gold 2010 Westport Winery Maritime Moscato, WA Category: Red Red Proprietary Blend (Priced $20.01 – $35.00) Double Gold 2008 Eaglemount Winery & Cider Eaglemount Red, WS (Priced $20.01 - $35.00) Gold 2010 Westport Winery Jetty Cat, CV Category: Red Bordeaux Styles (Priced $35.01 & Up) Double Gold 2009 Camaraderie Cellars Grâce, CV (Price $20.01 – $35.00) Bronze 2010 Mosquito Fleet Meritage, CV Category: Cabernet Sauvignon (Priced $35.01 & Over) Double Gold 2010 Mosquito Fleet Cabernet Sauvignon, WWV (Priced $20.01–$35) Double Gold 2009 Camaraderie Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon, CV (Priced $20.01–$35) Silver 2008 Eaglemount Winery & Cider Cabernet Sauvignon, WS Category: Cabernet Franc Gold 2010 Mosquito Fleet Cabernet Franc, CV Category: Malbec Bronze 2010 Eaglemount Winery & Cider Malbec, WA Bronze 2010 Harbinger Winery Malbec, WS Category: Red Rhone Style (Priced $35.01 & Up) Silver 2009 Walter Dacon Wines GSM, CV (Priced $20.01 – $35.00) Silver 2009 Harbinger Winery El Jefe, RH Category: Merlot (Priced $20.01 – $35.00) Silver 2009 Camaraderie Cellars Merlot, CV Category: Syrah (Priced $35.01 & Up) Silver 2009 Walter Dacon Wines C'est Syrah Beaux, CV (Priced $35.01 & Up) Silver 2008 Walter Dacon Wines C'est Syrah Magnifique, CV Category: Red Varieties (Priced $20.01 – $35.00) Gold 2009 Harbinger Winery Barbera, CV (Priced $20.01 – $35.00) Gold 2010 Mosquito Fleet Petit Verdot, CV (Priced $20.01 – $35.00) Bronze 2010 Wind Rose Cellars Barbera, CV