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Busy miracles do indeed happen on the LOOP!

2017-12-08 10:12:32
A “typical” day on the Loop as reported by one of OCL’s hardest working Farmers Market operators, Barbara Bennett Parsons of Grays Harbor Farmers Market “August 29 - This morning I arrived at the market, a frantic day planned.  I'm hosting 200 people for breakfast tomorrow morning.  Lord!  A live radio broadcast from the Market for 4 hours, and we'll be feeding everyone who comes.  A busy day to prep for, right? I walked in and a PBS film crew was setting up inside!!! Total serendipity.  It was pouring rain, they were with one of our mushroom foragers, and the camera man asked if there wasn't a place to set up out of the rain for the interview of, get this, my favorite cookbook author- Langdon Cook!  My guy said 'the Farmers Market' and so it was.  I rushed around setting the stage, getting stuff for everyone, making connections. Asked at the end what their plans were.  From there I contacted the one of the best chefs on our coastline, Andy Bickar, former chef of Ocean Crest, who is building a restaurant in Aberdeen, arranged for a professional kitchen to use for him to prepare a meal, arranged for fresh tuna off the boat- tomorrow the 'meal' portion of the of segment will be filmed.  After I've started the day at 4am, been radio co-host for 4 hours, made pancakes for 200 people, and then loaded my tables in the van to take over to set up for the Big Meal!!  At least I'll be getting fed very, very well” Stay tuned for the PBS show "Food Forward", slated for a Spring 2014 airing. Updated - media coverage