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How to pair Wine & Chocolate

2017-12-08 10:12:32
2014WineAndChocolateThanks to the good girls (and Greg) at Olympic Cellars Winery - home of Working Girls Wines - they bring us this primer to help better understand the delicious art pairing Wine & Chocolate. Pairing wine and chocolate is a match made in heaven for the foodie and wine connoisseur wrapped in one. Just as with wine, chocolate presents a complexity of flavors and textures, with the potential for subtle changes with each new batch of chocolate.
  • Pair chocolate and wine according to the darkness of the chocolate. As with food, the general rule is that the darker the chocolate, the darker the wine. So, reds are ideal for dark chocolate.
  • If pairing with white wine, look for fruity and intense varieties, to match the eclectic mix of bitter and sweetness, fruitiness, sometimes nuttiness, and occasional acidity to be found in chocolate.
  • Also, look for wines with soft, rounded tannins to pair with chocolate. The smoothness of the wine is an important element when pairing with the smoothness of chocolate.
  • Full-bodied wines tend to pair with strong, intense, and heavy chocolates and chocolate desserts.
  • If tasting chocolate and wine together, obey the wine rule of tasting from light to dark. Start with the light milk and white chocolates, and move to the medium intensity chocolate, ending finally with the very dark and bitter chocolates.
  • Match the wines in ascending order of weight and darkness.
  • Most importantly, experiment a lot and make up your own mind as to what matches well and what does not when marrying wine and chocolate.
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