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Round the LOOP! AMMMazing things cooking in Mason County!

2017-12-08 10:12:32

Of the 4 counties comprising the Olympic Culinary Loop. Mason County boasts the most entry points welcoming you on the Olympic Peninsula. So whether you arrive into Mason along the scenic Hood Canal from the North, or off the Seattle-Bremerton Ferry through Belfair, or escape from the concret of Olympia for Olympic Mountains crowing Shelton, Mason County's abundant recreational options are second only to their delicious places to eat and experience Culinary Adventure. Make plans to stay a few days and gobble up all there is to see and taste!

Download onto your phone, or print off at home, or pick-up – just about ANYWHERE – a current copy of the Culinary Adventure Map and get ready to explore as you dine well in Grays Harbor County!

Here’s what’s happening right now at a handful of our most active Mason County OCL members:

 Hama Hama Oysters

New Hama Hama boxes are looking spiffy!  Thanks Tiny Whale and @saltybicycle! (Yes - But we thing what's inside is better!)

 Little Creek Casino Resort 

Greece going through to the World Cup Round of 16! Time to celebrate  Greek Food Festival: Sample flavors from the Greek Isles including saganaki, assorted dolmades, Greek lamb chops, souvlaki, moussaka, baklavas and much more at Little Creek Casino & Resort. Must be 21 or older to attend.
Little Creek Casino Resort's photo.

 Walter Dacon Wines

Walter Dacon Wines shared a Great Northwest Wine Thank You to Andy Purdue and Eric Degerman!

What are the most outstanding Northwest wines? Here are the 12 best wines from Washington and Oregon that we've tasted recently under blind conditions.

Only the best: 12 Outstanding Northwest wines

 Smoking Mo's

Between World Cup Soccer cheers! Mo and crew are serving up Spooner Farm's Strawberries are at Smoking Mo's!
Try a Summer Solstice Salad while supplies last. Fresh and delicious!
Photo: Spooner Farm's Strawberries are here! Try a Summer Solstice Salad while supplies last. Fresh and delicious!

 Mosquito Fleet Winery

Mark your calendars for a fun day!! JULY 26 - Mosquito Fleet winery is a sponsor of the Seattle Kitchen Show which will be featured on KIRO radio! Get your tickets before they sell out!

 Pacific Coast Shellfish Growers Association


JULY 18-20 @ 11:00 AM - 8:00 PM  | Allyn Waterfront Park 18560 E State Route 3 Allyn
  • Friday: Allyn's Got Talent - Youth 21 & younger 5p.
  • Saturday: Festival 10a - 6p, Salmon Bake noon to 6p.
  • Sunday: Festival 11a - 6p, Geoduck & other seafood specialties, Geoduck Gallup 12:30, Oyster shucking contests throughout the day, Danny Vernon "Illusions of Elvis" 4p.


 Alderbrook Resort and Spa

Invites you to enter to be a contestant in the Alderboork Resort's annual Oyster Eating Contest on July 3rd!

 Hoodsport Winery

Car Clubs are always welcome at Hoodsport Winery! Over the years they've hosted MANY car clubs that stop by the Winery
We have many car clubs come through and sample wines.
Corvette Club  What a beautiful Corvette!
Stottle is proud of 6 Seattle Wine Awards! Two Double Golds for: 2011 Roussanne and 2011 Homme (Malbec/Syrah blend). Three Golds on for: 2011 Cabernet Sauvignon, 2011 Elerding 6 Prong Syrah, and 2011 Malbec. Silver on our 2011 Merlot. Stop in a taste these winners!

 Hardware Distillery Co. .

Recently Jan and Chuck "cross pollinated" Hardware Distillery Co. with fellow OCL members at Alpenfire Cidery. They wrote this great blog post about their bee encounters! "When the air at this organic cidery vibrates from bee activity, it's time to rejoice."
This organic cidery actually vibrates | The Hardware Distillery
Recently we visited Nancy and Steve, owners of Alpenfire, an organic cidery due north of our distillery. Their apple trees were in bloom. It was a sunny day... read more!
Is pleased to announce that they're "Picking up grain on Tuesday! Getting ready to brew a few of the favs!! IPA, Russian Imperial Stout, & Saison! YAY!!! Cheers!"
These new in-house crafted Grove Street brews should be done by the time you read this. Drop in for a tasting - and a burger too! - Yum!

 Farm at Water's Edge - Pacific Northwest Salmon Center

Sometimes its more than just Salmon! U-Pick is now OPEN! The Salmon Center's U-Pick is open Monday through Friday from 8 to 4. We'll also be open this Saturday from 11 to 3. Come and get your organic garlic, peas, and strawberries while they last!
Photo: U-Pick is now OPEN!</p><br /><br /><br />
<p>The Salmon Center's U-Pick is open Monday through Friday from 8 to 4. We'll also be open this Saturday from 11 to 3. Come and get your organic garlic, peas, and strawberries while they last!
"So much is happening in Indian County this weekend! Fire works stands open at Squaxin, located just past the Little Creek Casino Resort & RV PARK in the parking lot on highway 108. (If you're located near a different tribe, their stands are opening too!)"Canoe families are busily gearing up for the journey to Bella Bella. Check out the BC CAN maps. This First Nation is "way up north." The Squaxin Canoe family leaves on Sunday. It's a long trek and many will only be able to participate for short bursts. Some will be gone for 45 days!"


Kids eating straight out of the garden, no mascot or toys required.
Dirt Candy

Dirt Candy

My favorite part of the farm owners’ retreat was watching all the kids in this community play outside all day long and into the night.  I’m old enough to remember a time when we did that as children even in… Read More!


 Ila's Foods

Is looking forward to being at Lost Mountain Lavender in a couple weeks. So beautiful and serene. Come join us!
Sequim Lavender Farms - We are Sequim Lavender™
Sequim Lavender Farms's photo.