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#3 of a dozen great reasons to re-new or join the LOOP!

2017-12-08 10:12:33

#3 Earned Media!

earnedgraphicsV4-10Ads of any kind, print, radio, digital, etc. are all expensive. e.g. a single 30-second Super Bowl commercial spot goes for $4.5 million. That's an average of $150,000 per second! With annual Olympic Culinary Loop Membership & Map packages priced as low as $210. (That translates to only .0006685 cents per second for the FULL year!)Earned -media-FB1-300x300 So EVEN with some 80 members united around the LOOP, the best ROI for our limited marketing dollars to through Earned Media. Unlike Paid or Owned Media, Earned leverages otherwise expensive column inches of print thanks to hosting travel writers. Earned converts dedicated "Taste Tourist" into powerful word-of-mouth media moguls through viral social media posts and related forms of advocacy on behalf of the Olympic Culinary Loop brand. Just like cooking a 4-star meal, or growing a banner crop; hard work and time are required in order to find valuable ROI through Earned Media. The good news is that since 2009, the Olympic Culinary Loop has placed our Olympic Peninsula on the map as the destination for quality Culinary Tourism. Get involved and see how far your .00006685 cents can take your business in the few seconds it'll take to sign up or renew on the LOOP! Enter the Day 3 drawing and you have the opportunity to win! Sign-up or renew your OCL membership today and you're already a 'winner' by joining the LOOP! (And you're still able to win our Grand Prize! Good Luck!) Sign-up at the Associate, Industry or Corporate package levels today, knowing that you're among the first in queue for listing in the BIGGER and BETTER than ever 2016 Culinary Adventure Map as you enjoy all the membership and current popularity of the digital Culinary Adventure Map, (PDF Map version formatted for instant home printing and downloaded daily, and the always up-to-date mobile app.) Three ways to join or renew:
  1. Mail in your membership. Sign-up today!
  2. Or join on-line today! (Save with a single payment today or subscribe to low-cost monthly installment payments.)
  3. Still have questions? Let us know. We'll quickly contact you and answer your questions.
(Festivals or Seasonal Culinary Special Events, details and Sign-up here) [easy-pricing-table id="2808"] New members will be asked to provide business directory listing information. Renewing members are encouraged to explore added exposure and marketing benefits from upgrading current membership level.