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Washington Wine License Plate

2022-03-01 15:21:19

With just days remaining in the current Washington State Legislative Session, Olympic Culinary Loop, in partnership with the Washington State Wine Commission, is working with lawmakers in Olympia to create a specialty license plate. If approved, revenue from the plate would be donated to the Washington Tourism Alliance (WTA) to support tourism efforts throughout the state.

As of March 1, 2022 Substitute House Bill 1530 just passed the House of Representatives by a vote of 83-11!

What’s next??? Well, we don't get great wine without having to first crush some grapes...

The bill will have a hearing in the Senate Transportation Committee and then needs to pass the full Senate.  

What do you need to do???

ASAP - Those who have Senators on the Senate Transportation Committee (see below) please email or call your Senators (draft message below) as soon as possible and ask your colleagues to reach out as well. Consider submitting a joint letter with your local wineries.

If your Senator is not on the Transportation Committee you are still encouraged to reach out to them encouraging their support of the bill.  

Senate Transportation Committee:

  • Sen. Liias, Chair  (Snohomish Co)
  • Sen. John Lovick (Snohomish Co)
  • Sen. Saldaña, Vice Chair (Seattle/South Seattle)
  • Sen. Joe Nguyen (West Seattle)
  • Sen. Mona Das (South Kind Co)
  • Sen. Curtis King, Ranking Member (Yakima)
  • Sen. Annette Cleveland (Vancouver)
  • Sen. Brad Hawkins (Chelan Co)
  • Sen. Jeff Holy (Spokane)
  • Sen. Mike Padden (Spokane)
  • Sen. Liz Lovelett (San Juan Islands)
  • Sen.T’wina Nobles (Pierce Co)
  • Sen. Emily Randall (Kitsap/PierceCo.)
  • Sen. Tim Sheldon (Kitsap/Mason)
  • Sen. Jeff Wilson (Long Beach)


Draft message - 

Subject: 1530 – WA Wine License Plate – Please Support

Message (feel free to personalize):


I am writing to you on behalf of ---- to ask for your support of SHB 1530 which creates Washington Wine License Plates and dedicates the revenue generated to the State of Washington Tourism for marketing purposes. This bill will help with marketing and building back the economic development tourism brings to our local wineries, lodging establishments, restaurants, attractions and main street businesses – all of which have been profoundly negatively impacted by the covid pandemic. Please support SHB 1530. Thank you for considering this request and your ongoing commitment to our community.