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A call to cultivate Kindness and Respect as we travel

Help "Pin The Peninsula" with SHARE... (and Care) 

Just as we value the rare sightings of wildlife - we are asking everyone to 'Pack Patience' and be respectful to the - equally rare sighting - when you walk into a well-staffed hotel, inn, B&B, restaurants - bars - food/beverage, shops, museums, tour operators, gas stations, etc.

Staffing shortages are causing operational challenges across the hospitality industry this summer, forcing many to limit services or hours of operations.

The reasons vary, but customer anger over masking requirements or service shortcomings have been sighted as contributing factors. (Leading OCL and other tourism and hospitality leaders around the state to offer up tips and trainings related to de-esclation techniques)

We want to "Pin the Peninsula" and SHARE... Respect (Elk), Patience (Blue Heron), Kindness (Olympic Marmot), and Joy (Orca) with both staff and visitors alike. Look for these buttons - even ask for your own button or sticker to wear - and remember to THANK the service staff who showed up for work today, as we all understand when doors are closes or services are limited due to adequate staffing.

Some of the root causes of this problem were ushered in with COVID-19; the realization that most hospitality industries are not pandemic proof, has resulted in many turning to farming or tech companies that have demonstrated fewer disruptions than hospitality. 

Some of the current causes pre-date COVID-19 and continue to be destructive viruses of their own making.  You've long heard the phrase "The Ugly American" depicting loud and oft-rude travelers expecting their native tongue and tastes will be found all around the globe. This attitude has been amplified as it has come home to roost domestically.

  • 'Their native tongue' has been traded for DEI and BLM tensions
  • Masking manners - or mandates - are too often drawing battle lines between visitors and owners
  • Service delays and supply storages go against our Uber-Amazon-Instant-NOW! expectations and temperaments.

Sure there are issues of salary equity and affordable housing that need to be addressed. Along with sustainable sweet spots related to cars on the roads, feet on the trails, and major climate considerations for our air and oceans. But we all need to start - simply - by becoming the best example of the change we want to see in this world.

That can start by striving to travel with a LNT (Leave No Trace) mindset. Followed by Love & Logic's mantra of being:

Respective | Responsibly | Trustworthy and | Fun to be Around or more playfully translated into SHARE... Respect | Patience | Kindness | and Joy with all.

What are your thoughts on this topic? Share in the conversation





Gov. Inslee announced that effective March 22, the entire state will enter Phase 3! Enabling all WA Eating and Drinking Establishments to welcome back
indoor seating at 50% capacity!
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Where to cool off and - Enjoy! - during the Summer heat

Warm, sunny days in the Pacific NW are jokingly considered to be a rarity for many who have lived in the area for a while.

However, when the heat gets turned up on Summer, head to the Coast and Enjoy the Olympic Peninsula's west side as you cool-off, eat and play!

Lake Quinault LodgeAnother fantastic way to be cool on a warm summer’s day is to head up to Lake Quinault and explore the glacial-carved lake by kayak, paddle-board, rowboat or canoe. Available for an hour, two hours, a half day, or a full day, these watercraft can be rented right next to the scenic Lake Quinault Lodge in Grays Harbor County. This is an awesome experience and nothing is quite as cooling as enjoying the waters flowing down from the Olympics next to the rainforest.

Cool off on a Hike

The Quinault Rainforest - Cooler and almost always damp, the Quinault Rainforest is a great place to head to when the thermometer starts to creep up. Offering numerous trails, including 13 miles of scenic hikes though the cooling rainforest right near the Lake Quinault Lodge, you can’t go wrong escaping the heat here. Need a destination? Start your journey at the Rain Forest Lodge Salmon House Check out the top 10 highlights of driving the Lake Quinault Loop.


OCEAN CREST RESORT Moclips, Washington

Award-winning lodging and dining. "Best Place for Peace and Quiet" - King 5, Best Northwest Escapes. Amazing views!



What does ‘organic’ actually mean?

As of 2015, there were seven approved certifying organizations:

  • Australian Certified Organic (ACO)
  • Bio-Dynamic Research Institute (BDRI)
  • NASAA Certified Organic (NCO)
  • Organic Food Chain (OFC)
  • Safe Food Production Queensland (SFQ)
  • Tasmanian Organic-dynamic Producers (TOP)

In Australia alone.  In the USA the variances of which house-of-organics you align with is tantamount to which mainline house of worship you call home.

We share an insightful Seattle Times by Carrie Dennett to help frame the organic enigma. One powerful quote from Carrie:

Buy as local as you can. Imported organic produce may not be truly organic, and produce that doesn’t travel far tends to retain more of its nutrients. If you have access to a farmers market, it can be a great way to gain a nuanced understanding of how your food is grown while supporting smaller local farms.

Olympic Culinary Loop celebrates food that is: Local, Seasonal and Sustainably produced. Knowing your farmer or added-value culinary producer, (think Matt with Mt. Townsend Creamery, or Jan & Chuck with Hardware Distillery, or Kevin & Roger with Shorts Grass Fed Beef), results in both hyperlocal farm-to-table or producer-to-chef products, it also gives you the first-person personality behind the label. 

And, in our opinion, that is much more valuable than any of a dozen flavors of an "organic" seal of obtained bureaucracy.


Get to know your farmer and the food they provide.


Enjoy Carrie's article:

Pairing Wine and Food – a Primer for the Holidays

Thanks to the "Working Girls" at Olympic Cellars Winery for this "sip"sational primer on pairing holiday foods and the perfect wine! Just in time for our annual listing of just a few of the many delicious Thanksgiving feasts being prepared all around the LOOP. YUM! If you can’t visit Olympic Cellars, and  all the other OCL member wine and cideries this weekend for the annual Harvest Wine Tour, Olympic Cellars has put together a few suggestions and a three pack wine special to help you on your way.  This party pack of Dungeness White Riesling, Cranberry Jubilee and Dungeness Red is specially priced at $50.00.  Click here to order on-line.

On to the Pairing Principals!

Depending on where you are in your wine journey, the idea of pairing wine to food can be overwhelming.  This is especially true during the holidays when preparing a meal for several guests. Match Acidity with Acidity Acidic white wines, like our Madeleine Angevine have a crisp, citrusy tang. They pair well with any simply prepared shellfish, particularly oysters, but also seafood salad and vinaigrette. Acidic red wines, like our Dungeness Red Lemberger taste like a basket of fresh berries.  The acidity cuts through rich side dishes and doesn’t overpower lighter meats. Dungeness Red is delicious with a classic Thanksgiving Dinner. Offset Spice or Salt with Sweetness A slightly sweet white wine helps to cool spicy dishes.  Our Dungeness White Riesling pairs beautifully with Thai curry. Also, salty food like ham will pair well with a sweeter wine.  Think spiral ham glazed with cranberry orange sauce served with our Cranberry Jubilee. Yumm! Pair Light with Light Pork is a lighter meat, so you want to pair it with a medium bodied red wine.  Our 2014 Zinfandel is perfect with roast pork.  As a side note, Washington State Zinfandel is very different from California Zinfandel, which tends to be big and taste of purple fruits.  Washington Zin tends to be a little lighter and taste of red fruits like raspberries. These are dry red wines – not sweet Zinfandel Rose’ which is referred to as White Zin. Big Flavors with Big Red  Big reds, pair with hearty red meat.  A classic pairing is grilled steak with sautéed mushrooms and a Bordeaux Blend.  Our Winemaker’s Signature pairs beautifully with heartier foods. The tannins help balance the richness of a steak dinner allowing the flavors of the wine to shine. Sweet Wine with Dessert  The sugar in the dessert and the sweetness in the wine will balance.   My Sweet Syrah pairs well with anything chocolate, but pumpkin pie might be better with a fruitier white like our My Sweet Angevine or even Cranberry Jubilee.  Sweet Rose’ wine pairs well with creamy, mild desserts. Give Them What They Want If you know that Aunt Julie only drinks sweet, white wine, don’t bother trying to convince her that she will enjoy a full bodied Cabernet Sauvignon with her Beef Wellington.  It just won’t work for her. Pick up a bottle of something you know she enjoys and don’t wine shame.

Local growers encouraged to think outside the plot

Agritourism trend brings weddings, concerts and more to farms

OITFHH1-e1509749748452What is being wrestled with in Massachusetts is mirrored here on theLOOP. Join OCL and stay up todate on pressing B2B issues affecting the growth of Olympic Peninsula's Agri and Culinary Tourism.  Many farmers in Massachusetts are increasingly discovering a new source of revenue and exposure. They are using their farms to host everything from live music performances to obstacle races to wedding receptions. “A lot of people are used to apple picking, pumpkin picking and that sort of thing,” said Brad Mitchell, policy director for the Massachusetts Farm Bureau Federation. “Now, we’re seeing people who want to have their weddings on farms, concerts, charity running races, bachelorette parties at wineries. Fifteen years ago, I didn’t know too many people who’d want to get married on a farm.” Those types of activities, which fall under the umbrella of “agritourism,” give a boost to many farms in Massachusetts. But the growing trend is not without controversy.  

Kathy Charlton signs her new book, "Working Girl: Behind the Cellar Door", at Olympic Cellars.

Former Olympic Cellars Owner Kathy Charlton Authors New Book, Royalties Support Local Charity 


Kathy Charlton, Olympic Cellars’ former owner, is author of book, "Working Girl: Behind the Cellar Door"

Winery to host book signing on October 24  Port Angeles, Wash., October 24, 2017 from 5:30 - 7:30 p.m. –  Join Kathy Charlton, Olympic Cellars’ former owner and original Working Girl, will greet the public and sign her new book, Working Girl: Behind the Cellar Door, on Tuesday, Oct. 24 from 5:30-7:30 p.m. at Olympic Cellars. Royalties from the sale of the book, which shares Charlton’s story of “an entrepreneur’s journey from a bankrupt winery to gold medals,” will support a local charity to be announced at the book signing event. Charlton intends that support for this charity will become part of her legacy.  

“You might want to pour yourself a glass of wine and put your feet up. I’m a Working Girl and have a story to tell you from Behind the Cellar Door,” Charlton laughed relaying a quote from her book. “Seriously though, the winery, its land and historic barn are part of the heritage of the North Olympic Peninsula and Washington State’s wine industry and became my heritage to preserve. My book is part memoir, part business book with a focus on owning and marketing your small business in today’s Amazon driven marketplace.”

Sixteen years ago, Kathy Charlton made a hard-right turn, the new owner of a bankrupt winery, knowing nothing about running a small business, nor wine other than she liked her red wine served cold, sometimes over ice if she was in a hurry. Bucking tradition Charlton rolled-up her sleeves and began to rebuild her winery. Driven by a personal motto of “out of sight, out of mind, out of business,” marketing became her middle name sparking a new passion for off-the-wall guerilla tactics. Women and wine became the platform to reinvent the winery through creative labeling, philanthropic initiatives in support of women, and a series of ongoing unique winery events that piqued the interest of consumers, industry players and the media. “Sipping wines at sunset it wasn’t.” Charlton details battling everything from a leaking septic system that shut the winery down, exploding wine presses, shortchanged bottle inventory and now-legendary lawsuit brought forth by the United States Olympic Committee. How did she do it? Well, that’s where the hard work and yes, the fun began as Charlton takes a winery with little name-recognition and massive quality issues and parlays it into an award-winning operation with double-gold medals to prove it. This in the trenches book captures winery life, the ups and downs, in poignant and sometimes laugh-out-loud stories. It’s real life with a dose of laughter, a few tears and some zany antics to keep things interesting. Throughout Charlton shares her own Working Girl approach to business including her constant focus and passion for her customers, without whom she emphatically exclaims, “There is No Business.”   About Kathy Charlton Charlton worked for the high-tech giant, Texas Instruments, for 25 years. A born entrepreneur, she earned a reputation as a highly effective manager by “making things happen”. Recognized early on for her abilities to get-to-the-bottom of a problem, analyze it and come up with a workable solution – Fast, it wasn’t long before her assignments moved outside her comfort zone of finance into the business sectors. Then in 1999, life threw Charlton a winery! The opportunity to turn the business around and take it in a whole new direction lent itself to Charlton’s skills and experience and set her enthusiasm on fire. She jumped on an early retirement package offered by Texas Instruments in 2001, packed-up her Dallas home, and together with her husband headed north to begin an exciting second career at the age of 51. Charlton was honored when Leslie Sbrocco wrote the foreword for her book. Leslie was voted one of the Top 100 most influential people in the American wine business and is an award-winning author, speaker, consultant and television host. Both ladies focused on women and wine and in 2003 Kathy launched the Working Girl Wines; at the same time Leslie published her first book, Wine for Women, A Guide to Buying, Pairing and Sharing Wine.  

Serving up memorable CX at Olympic Peninsula Tourism Summit - Lunch & Learn

Join Olympic Culinary Loop for a "Lunch & Learn" deep dive into an interactive session directed at providing hospitality pros - be you culinary, lodging, retail, tourism activities, or other - insightful take-aways to improve your whole organization's reputation through a customer experience that's as memorable as our Olympic Peninsula. This "Lunch & Learn" is a special part of the entire 2017 Olympic Peninsula Tourism Summit conference. "Raising the Tide - A Culture of Collaboration" Port Angeles, Washington, THURSDAY & FRIDAY - October 26 & 27, 2017 You are encouraged to sign-up and attend the entire Tourism Summit conference. Yet if you can only attend the "Lunch & Learn" know that your OCL membership is here to help! Deeply discounted, luncheon only, tickets are available on-line. Sign-up today!

Falling into Mushroom Fest!

There are several types of mushrooms found wild in the Northwest and even on the Olympic Peninsula. Locally Chanterelles, King Boletes (Porcini) , Oyster Mushrooms, Morels, Lobster Mushrooms and more are wild harvested. Two great opportunities to learn all about and to taste these seasonal salutes to Fall: [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="343"] Northwest Wild Mushrooms[/caption]

October 13th & 14th - Michael's Fresh Northwest Seafood & Steakhouse 


Lobster Mushroom Bisque
Porcini Mushroom Risotto
Chanterelles & Crispy Bacon
Crab Stuffed Crimini Mushrooms
Cauliflower Mushroom Croquettes
Mixed Pate Bruschetta (Chanterelle & Foie Gras Pate)
Matsutake Mushroom Ice Cream

As always Michael's will be pairing these with tasty ciders, wines, beers, and spirits. Reservations encouraged, 360-417-6929.

15th Annual Mushroom Festival 

Friday, October 20, 2017 - Sunday, October 22, 2017

Lake Quinault Lodge
Mingle with experienced mushroom enthusiasts to share the art and science of mushroom collecting. Guest speakers, guided mushroom walks, oyster mushroom kit workshop, forest health, mushroom identification classes and much more!

Mushroom Festival Event Schedule


Lake Quinault Lodge - Mushroom Dining Events

Bring an appetite for these delicious Lake Quinault Lodge dining events that are featuring mushrooms for our Mushroom Festival. Please note that these dining events are not included in the Mushroom Festival ticket price.

Breakfast Buffet

The buffet will be featuring mushroom specials in celebration of the Mushroom Festival.

Better hold your breath...

"Every 2nd human breath is oxygen produced by phytoplankton. Without phytoplankton, life dies." According to Dr. Boris Worm, marine research ecologist at Dalhousie University and head of the Worm Lab study of marine biodiversity: The planet has lost 40 percent of plankton production over the past 50 years, primarily as a consequence of climate change/global warming.
For a real time example of changing ocean chemistry, professional hatcheries of shellfish in America have already experienced too much ocean acidification. Ocean water intakes for inland shellfish hatcheries killed off shellfish larvae because of excessive acidity. Taylor Shellfish Farms (100 years of farming some of the World’s Best Oysters) Bill Dewey claims: “The rate of change that we’re seeing in the ocean and the changes it’s going to create in our food chain, it’s going to be dramatic and it’s going to be in our lifetime. The things that we’re used to eating may not be available any more, and we’ll need to transition to eating jellyfish or something like that.” (Source: Racing Extinction)

Bon appétit, tonight’s menu: Boiled Jellyfish.

“No one knows exactly how marine life around the world will fare as the seas continue to sour, but fear is spreading. ‘People who are aware are panicked,’ said Dewey, who recently traveled to New York to speak at the United Nation’s first Ocean Conference. ‘The level of awareness is increasing rapidly and the story is getting out there.” (Source: Lisa Stiffler, Investigate West, Climate Change Turns Puget Sound Acidic and Region’s Signature Oysters Struggle to Survive, July 10, 2017). Breath deeply and read the rest of the story.  

The Perfect Pairing - Drink in this Taste Tour of the LOOP

Wine, Cider & Chocolate Tour February 11th & 12th, 2017 // 11am - 5pm February 18th, 19th, & 20th 2017 // 11am - 5pm A scrumptious red wine perfectly paired with just the right chocolate can bring out the romantic in anyone. The Olympic Peninsula Wineries will take that perfect pairing to another level in 2017, bringing together new release varietals and blends created with premium Washington grapes and decadent chocolate delights that will make you a better wine lover!

Be sure you plan your Tour to visit:

Finnriver Farm & Cidery - Finnriver invites you to join us at the Cider Garden this Valentine’s to delight your senses with a tantalizing taste of our sumptuous special release brandy wines, including the limited edition and vibrantly pink Huckleberry Wine. Alpenfire Cider - Help guarantee a successful 2017 harvest at Alpenfire's Organic Late Winter Wassail. Toast our tree's with cider, visit the bonfire and sip hot Lamb's wool cider. Eaglemount Wine & Cider - is excited to partner once again with local Olympic Peninsula favorite Chocolate Serenade. They will pair their artisan wines, ciders, and fruit meads with Jim's delicious hand-dipped chocolates, truffles, and caramel sauce. Featured colorful ciders and wines will bring out your Valentine's spirit, including Raspberry Hopped Cider, Cranberry Mead, Rhubarb Cider, Cab Sauv Dessert Wine, and more! Wind Rose Cellars -  is proud to be hosting local Olympic Peninsula chocolatier Yvonne Yokoda from Yvonne's Chocolates. She'll be on hand both weekends to talk about her chocolates as well as offer tasty samples from the variety of chocolates she produces. We will be pouring some new wines: 2015 Pinot Grigio, 2014 Hunter's Red (Grenache & Cab) 2013 Bravo Rosso (Italian blend) , 2014 Field Blend (Cabernet Sauvignon) and our 2013 Primitivo. Olympic Cellars - will feature new releases of their dessert wines. Sailing Moon Ruby is made from a blend of Portuguese/Spanish grape varietals, including Tempranillo and Souzao. It’s rich and warming and pairs beautifully with cuddling by a fire and enjoying a piece of chocolate. Sailing Moon White is made from locally-grown Madeleine Angevine grapes and fortified with brandy distilled in Port Townsend. Camaraderie Cellars -  Celebrating history with our 25th year of making great wine in a beautiful spot! There will be tastes of older vintages, pulled from our cellar and the debut of our newest varietal, Dolcetto. Favorite savory chocolate tastes from the wood-fired oven and the Cocoa Spiced pulled pork, delicious bittersweet chocolate heart cookies, and some crunchy biscotti.

Delicious and affordable white wines for summer enjoyment

Congrats to Wind Rose Cellars for getting top listing in this great article by By Eric Degerman and Andy Perdue, highlighting wonderful whites to sip this summer! Great Northwest Wine Make some room in your refrigerator because it’s time to keep a few bottles of delicious Northwest white wine and pink wines on hand. There is nothing quite like a chilled, refreshing glass of wine to enjoy on the back deck after a long, warm day, and we have compiled a list of eight affordable white and rosé wines using Northwest grapes. All of these are priced at $15 and below. We tend to look for wines that offer crisp acidity, which means they are more likely to pair well with a wide variety of dishes. Enjoy these versatile wines with fresh seafood and grilled meats, particularly chicken or pork. Ask for these at your favorite wine merchant or contact the wineries directly. Wind Rose Cellars 2015 Rosato, Yakima Valley, $15: Olympic Peninsula vintner David Volmut’s Italian-themed rosé focuses on fruit from Lonesome Spring Ranch. The blend of Dolcetto and Sangiovese offers an alluring strawberry/rhubarb color with aromas to match, including Rainier cherry, nectarine and a rub of dried herbs. The fluid is refreshing with delicate red fruit flavors akin to raspberry, Rainier cherry and cranberry. (12% alc.)

A plan to nibble of the LOOP in just one day

Often visitors get on the Olympic Peninsula with a hope of seeing, doing and tasting it ALL... in just one day! While there's nothing - inherently wrong with fast dining - we do encourage you to savor the flavors, and ponder the personalities that make the Olympic Culinary Loop so delicious. Still a midwestern Taste Tourist friend of the LOOP recently wrote:
We have only one day to visit the peninsula from Seattle. Please recommend the best route to help us enjoy even a bite of the Peninsula. Thank you! Carolyn R.
  Only one day to nibble on the thinnest slice of the Olympic Peninsula. Grab your current Culinary Adventure Map, watch out for Carolyn, and dig-in! OCL CA MAP button
From Seattle:

Entry onto the Olympic Peninsula Option A:

Enter either Whidbey Island to Port Townsend ferry (north) 
1) Elevated Ice Cream & Chocolate Company (map #74)
2) Drive through Fort Worden State Park (map #80)
3) Grab bread at Pane d'Amore Artisan Bakery (map #77)
4) Sip beer at Propolis Brewing (map #66)
3) Sample cheese at Mt Townsend Creamery (map #65)
4) Gather farm fresh supplies at either SpringRain Farmstand (#57) or Chimacum Corner Store & Farmstand (#56)
5) Sip Cider at Finnriver Cidery (map #55)

Entry onto the Olympic Peninsula Option B:

or enter via Seattle to Bainbridge ferry - crossing Hood Canal Bridge - skipping stops 1-5 above
6) Stretch and eat with Chef Dan at Port Ludlow Resorts Fireside Restaurant (map #54)
7) Bite into the best smoked meat & cheese deli creations at Gear Head Deli (map #53)
8) Enjoy a bite and view at the aptly named "Pleasant Harbor" Marine galley / pub (map #50)
9) Slurp the 'Hood' on the beach at Hama Hama Oyster Co. (map #49)
10) Sip some of the 'Sound' at Hardware Distillery Co. (map #48)
11) Take a break or indulge in a full spa treatment at Alderbrook Resort & Spa (map #43)
12) Stop in at Mosquito Fleet Winery  (map #42)
Exit at Gorst Hwy 3 at Hwy 16). Head either a few miles north past Bremerton Naval shipyard and take Bremerton to Seattle ferry back into downtown Seattle, or travel SE through Port Orchard, Gig Harbor and across Tacoma Narrows Bridge to Tacoma - SeaTac - Seattle.
Either a 12 stop EXTRA full day or a simply FULL 6 stop day. With nearly 100 culinary adventure points to see and taste all around the Olympic Peninsula you'll have to make plans to come back and visit, again, and again!

“Healthy Ocean Healthy You!” Lift a fork to Get Into Your Sanctuary Day on the Olympic Coast!

unnamedThe Olympic Culinary Loop knows that our delicious Olympic Coast Cuisine has environmental stewards to thank just as much as skilled chefs! Saturday June 25 our NOAA partners with the Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary  have a full day of education, adventure and activities planned. All weekend long we'll be featuring Olympic Culinary Loop sustainable dining experiences for to feel as good about the wise sustainable seafood sourcing decisions on your plate as your platelet does about the delicious cuisine being savored! Some of the members you won't want to miss tasting include:   Full Get Into Your Sanctuary details on-line Instagram photo contest! To enter, post a photo by June 29 of yourself on Instagram enjoying one of our national marine sanctuaries, geotag it, and tag it with #VisitSanctuaries.

#2 - A dozen great reasons to re-new or join the LOOP!

#2 - Taste Tourist!

TasteTourist-Culinary-tourismThe LOOP is a wonderful place to welcome visitors hungry for fresh, seasonal, local Olympic Coast Cuisine all year long! We call them "Taste Tourist" and they simply 'eat-up' all the personalities and special festivals and culinary events happening all around the LOOP. We're adding AR (Augmented Reality - really!) to our Culinary Adventure Map. This will add additional content and drive smart phone carrying "Taste Tourist" directly INTO your operation. Note: AR integration will be limited to 2016 Corporate members only. OCL will get and guide the "Taste Tourist" onto the LOOP. Don't miss out on welcoming them to your business! Enter the Day 2 drawing and you have the opportunity to win! Sign-up or renew your OCL membership today and you're already a 'winner' by joining the LOOP! (And you're still able to win our Grand Prize! Good Luck!) Sign-up at the Associate, Industry or Corporate package levels today, knowing that you're among the first in queue for listing in the BIGGER and BETTER than ever 2016 Culinary Adventure Map as you enjoy all the membership and current popularity of the digital Culinary Adventure Map, (PDF Map version formatted for instant home printing and downloaded daily, and the always up-to-date mobile app.) Three ways to join or renew:
  1. Mail in your membership. Sign-up today!
  2. Or join on-line today! (Save with a single payment today or subscribe to low-cost monthly installment payments.)
  3. Still have questions? Let us know. We'll quickly contact you and answer your questions.
(Festivals or Seasonal Culinary Special Events, details and Sign-up here) [easy-pricing-table id="2808"] New members will be asked to provide business directory listing information. Renewing members are encouraged to explore added exposure and marketing benefits from upgrading current membership level.

WHAT's HOT - Culinary Forecast

The forecast is "delicious" all around the LOOP.
No need to wait until 2016 to eat-up the National Restaurant Association's culinary forecast. Olympic Culinary Loop is serving up the YUM right now!
The National Restaurant Association recently presented their culinary forecast for 2016.
What's Hot2016 Top-20
                  Here's some LOOP members setting the trend today!   1) Taylor Shellfish, Hama Hama Oysters, SpringRain Farm 2) Turnip the Beet, Fort Worden, 7 Cedars, Farm's Reach 3) Nash's, Finnriver, Elk Meadows 4) Olympic Culinary LOOP! 8) Shorts Beef 9) Taylor Shellfish, Hama Hama Oysters 10) Elevated 15) Finnriver, Nash's 17) Pacific Pantry  

Chard - 2-ways to Yum!

Nash is growing lots of delicious Chard!

It's the "season of plenty" in the Sequim-Dungeness Valley, and every week brings a new fruit or vegetable to our tables. This month, chard makes its grand entrance. A highly nutritious and gorgeously showy vegetable, chard has a lot to offer both for visual appeal and for our overall health. According to The World’s Healthiest Vegetables, chard ranks high in total nutrient richness, second only to spinach, being full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Here are a couple of ways, one easy, one a little more involved, to enjoy fresh summer chard from the Sequim-Dungeness Valley and Nash's Organic Produce Stand!   3- Minute Chard 1 lb. chard, chopped 1 medium clove chopped garlic 1 tsp. fresh lemon juice 3 Tbsp. extra virgin olive oil Salt and black pepper to taste Optional Additions: 6 kalamata olives 1/2 cup feta cheese 1 tsp soy sauce Chop garlic and let sit for 5 minutes. In a large pot, bring 3 qts. water to a rapid boil before adding chard. Cut off tough, bottom part of chard stems. Add the chopped leaves to the boiling water. Do not cover. Cook for 3 minutes; begin timing as soon as you drop the chard into the boiling water. Place in colander and press out excess water. Transfer to serving dish and toss with rest of ingredients while it is still hot. Using a knife and fork, cut chard into small pieces for better flavor. Recipe from:   Stuffed Chard Leaves If your chard has gotten a little wilted, don’t throw it away. Use it in this wonderful recipe! 16 chard leaves ½ cup chopped green onions 2 ½ cups cooked brown rice 1 cup feta cheese ½ cup cottage cheese 1 egg, beaten ½ cup chopped fresh parsley ¾ cup raisins 1 teaspoon chopped fresh dill ¼ teaspoon grated lemon zest Salt to taste ¼ teaspoon freshly ground pepper 2 tablespoons oil Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Remove the ribs from the chard leaves and set aside. In a medium bowl, mix together the green onions, rice, feta, cottage cheese, egg, parsley, raisins, dill, lemon zest, salt, and pepper. Lay the chard leaves with the underside up and place 2 Tbsps of the filling of each leaf, one-third of the way up from the bottom of the leaf. Fold over the sides of the leaf and roll up into a “square” packet. Place seam side down in a greased casserole dish. Do the same for all the leaves and brush lightly with oil when all the square packets are in the casserole dish. Cover and bake for about 30 minutes. You can bake any extra leftover filling and serve as a side dish. Serves 4 to 6 people. Recipe from The City Gardener’s Cookbook, Recipes from Seattle’s P-Patches

Boys [and Working Girls] in the Boat - Olympic Cellars Connection to Olympic Gold

There's nothing like a good glass of wine to help wind a story into an epic experience.Kathy - Working Girl WG-header-2012.jpg Original Olympic Cellars "Working Girl", Kathy Charlton, invites readers to connect the historical (and sometimes hysterical) dots from:
  • Rowing Gold at the 1936 Berlin Olympics,
  • A near salad bar at TGI Friday’s survival story!
  • Best seller "Boys in the Boat's" connection between University of Washington and Sequim.
All to illustrate how dedicated collaboration: be it making wonderful wine, or beating all odds to win Gold , depends on tenacity and teamwork!
“Great crews may have men or women of exceptional talent or strength; they may have outstanding coxswains or stroke oars or bowmen; but they have no stars. The team effort—the perfectly synchronized flow of muscle, oars, boat, and water; the single, whole, unified, and beautiful symphony that a crew in motion becomes—is all that matters. Not the individual, not the self.” - George Pocock 
So pour a nice glass of Olympic Cellars wine, (I always try to keep a bottle of their "Handyman Red" on hand!) and  read Kathy's great post before you read - or re-read - Daniel James Brown's Boys in the Boat              A great summer adventure awaits!           Read Kathy's "Boys [Girls] in the Boat" post:  

"Healthy Ocean = Healthy You: Get In Your Sanctuary Day" all around the LOOP

Celebrate Great Outdoors Month™ by eating delicious Olympic Coastal Cuisine, reverently prepared by some of our best Olympic Culinary Loop chef's! In partnership with the Olympic Coast chapter of the National Marine Sanctuary network, OCL encourages you to dine with delicious awareness on June 27 - 28 at these member restaurants:
  • Kalaloch LodgeHazelnut Pan Seared Halibut with Toasted Hazelnut, Seasonal Vegetables, Potato Bacon Chive Cake, Oregon Shrimp Cream Sauce
  • Ocean Crest ResortCharbroiled Wild Salmon au Poivre with Maple-Balsamic Glazed Strawberries
[caption id="attachment_3076" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Salmon-Au-Poivre1 Ocean Crest Resort's - Charbroiled Wild Salmon au Poivre with Maple-Balsamic Glazed Strawberries[/caption]
  • Nourish Sequim - Fresh Dungeness Crab Melt with mushroom, spinach, creamy leek sauce, Brazilian cheese bread, served open faced with choice of side
  • Savor Seabrook - Front Street will be filled with great local artists and vendors selling handmade goods, fresh seafood including crab, oysters, and salmon, wine, and live music through the day
Savor Seabrook Olympic Culinary Loop Ad 2015


(Note: Whether -  sanctuary caught or not, we like to promote fishing in our Olympic Coast sanctuary since we encourage sustainable use of our marine resources here at OCL and in partnership with the Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary)   GetInYourSanctuaryPostcard

Charbroiled Wild Salmon au Poiver with Maple and Balsamic Glazed Strawberries.

Ocean Crest Resort's Charbroiled Wild Salmon au Poivre with Maple-Balsamic Glazed Strawberries was just published in Sunset's "Eating Up the West Coast:The best road trips, restaurants, and recipes from California to Washington" Yum! .  ocean-crest-resort-logo Ingredients: 1oz Pure Maple Syrup 1oz Balsamic Vinegar 6ea 8oz filet of Wild Salmon skinned Olive Oil Spray Salt and Pepper 6 Strawberries sliced Preparation: 1.      Mix maple syrup with balsamic vinegar and set aside. 2.      Preheat grill to medium. 3.      Spray flesh side of salmon with olive oil, season with salt and pepper, and place on the grill skin side up. While on the grill, spray skin side of salmon with olive oil and season.  Grill for approximately 5 minutes (Cooking times depend on thickness of cut as well as temperature of the grill and desired doneness). 4.      Remove salmon and from grill and plate. 5.      Preheat sauté pan on HI on stove top. 6.      Place strawberries in pan, add maple-balsamic mixture and toss to warm and coat strawberries. 7.      Serve strawberries and sauce on top of salmon. Salmon-Au-Poivre1

Kia's Skillet Cornbread

Thanks to Kia Armstrong of Nash's Organic Produce for sharing your delicious cornbread recipe Kia's Skillet Cornbread Recipe: This is super simple to make, and can be altered in lots of different ways, depending on your mood! 1 cup Nash’s Cornmeal 1 cup Nash’s White Wheat Flour (or Triticale Flour or Red Wheat Flour) ½ teaspoon salt 4 teaspoons baking powder 1 Tablespoon raw sugar 1 egg 1 cup raw milk ¼ cup melted butter Combine wet ingredients and mix them into thoroughly combined dry ingredients. Slather butter or bacon grease into 8” cast iron pan, and bake batter at 350 degrees for about 30 minutes. Variations: -Add a teaspoon each of chilli powder and ground cumin to the dry mix. -Grate or dice chunks of cheese and gently fold into batter before putting into pan. -Gently fold into the batter roughly chopped fresh cilantro, basil or parsley. -Gently fold into the batter about a cut of chopped peppers, leeks, onions, green onions, corn kernels or other veggies. -Use coconut oil instead of butter -Top the batter with thinly sliced colorful peppers for a beautiful presentation.

Media Mentions

Places and people around the LOOP dishing up great media coverage! Contact us if you know of an OCL member or event in the news that isn't listed here: June 20, 2015 NOAA's Olympic Coast National Marine SanctuaryGetInYourSanctuaryPostcard "Get into Your Sanctuary: Healthy Oceans = Healthy You"  June 27 - Get Into Your Sanctuary Day at Olympic Coast Location: Kalaloch Lodge Details: Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary celebrates Get Into Your Sanctuary Day with "Healthy Ocean Healthy You!"at Kalaloch Lodge. Activities will include yoga on the beach (9:30am), a beach ecology walk (11:30am) and a presentation about our southern resident orca whales by NOAA Fisheries Lynne Barre (3:00pm). Visitors can also enjoy sustainable seafood meals around Olympic Peninsula at Kalaloch Lodge and other Olympic Culinary Loop locations. National marine sanctuaries also encourage travelers and community members to explore sanctuaries on this day by adding the hashtag #visitsanctuaries. Anybody can share their experience and participate in the campaign. For more information contact

  June 19, 2015 Thurston Talk Westport Winery Wins in Michigan and Texas Submitted by Westport Winery 2013 Mermaid Poster - Westport WineryWestport Winery earned three medals at the recent Tasters Guild International Wine Competition in Michigan. Captain Grays Gewurztraminer, crafted with grapes from Red Willow Vineyard, earned a gold medal. Mermaid’s Merlot, a blend of Merlot grapes from Two Blondes and Connor-Lee Vineyards, earned a silver medal. And Duckleberry Grunt earned a bronze. At the Texsom International Wine Competition in Dallas, Bordello Blonde earned a silver medal. This wine is an off-dry blend of Riesling and Gewurztraminer from Red Willow Vineyard. When you visit Westport Winery Garden Resort be sure to explore the unique sculpture garden, lavender labyrinth, musical fence, 9-hole executive golf course, giant chess set, outdoor scrabble game, and grape maze, all located on the corner of Highway 105 and South Arbor Road halfway between Aberdeen and Westport. You will see why this has been voted Best of the Northwest Wine Destination four times. Their award-winning wines are exclusively available at the resort. The tasting room, gift shop, produce market, plant nursery, bakery and gardens, are open daily from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. The restaurant is open for lunch daily from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. and for dinner on Friday and Saturday from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. For more information contact Westport Winery Garden Resort at 360-648-2224 or visit the website at

June 18, 2015, Peninsula Daily News

U.S. OPEN GOLF: Port Ludlow director of golf rubs shoulders with tour professionals at Chambers Bay
By Michael Carman
UNIVERSITY PLACE — Yes, Francesco, people do climb that “big mountain.”Letting inquisitive Italian pro golfer Francesco Molinari know the name of Mount Rainier was just part of Port Ludlow Golf Director Vito DeSantis' responsibilities at Monday's U.S. Open practice round at Chambers Bay.DeSantis and Debbie Wardrop, general manager of the Resort at Port Ludlow, shared afternoon starters duties for the practice round on the 468-yard par-4 10th hole.They also announced the first tee Wednesday afternoon.Starters introduce the players as they tee off and begin their rounds. DeSantis said the opportunity to serve as a starter came around within the past month. “I reached out to the USGA and [U.S. Open Championship Director] Danny Sink when he arrived a few years ago and said, 'Hey, I'm a local golf professional and anything I can do to be involved with the U.S. Open, I will do, from sitting on boards to picking up trash,'” DeSantis said. “I wanted to be as close to the action as possible, since it could be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="350"]Click here to zoom... Port Ludlow Director of Golf Vito DeSantis served as the afternoon starter on the 10th tee at Monday's U.S. Open practice round at Chambers Bay Golf Course. Photo - Debbie Wardrop[/caption]



“There's no guarantee the U.S. Open will be back.”

DeSantis lives in Gig Harbor, where Sink relocated his family when planning for the massive event began. “I saw Danny at Rotary meetings and other golf events and reminded him,” DeSantis said. “I had invited him to Ludlow to show him the course and resort and offer the property as a location for the USGA if anyone needed hotel rooms.” DeSantis said Sink and his wife Lindsay took him up on the long-standing offer just this past month. “He and his wife stayed and enjoyed the property in the last month or so, and out of blue sent an email to Debbie and I with the chance to be a practice round starter,” DeSantis said. “It took us about two seconds to say yes. “So, it wasn't dumb luck but being in the right place at the right time, and we are certainly grateful for the opportunity.” Besides introducing players to fans, the pair also controlled a device that connected with the USGA's scoring system, inputting which players were teeing off and heading out on the course. “They basically had a printed starting time list that was made up who-knows-when,” DeSantis said. “But the handheld device was up-to-the-second correct. “Any players deciding not to play, the device knew instantly and could communicate that back out.” Sometimes, though, you're a former U.S. Open winner not on the tee sheet such as Graeme McDowell. “He came over as a single after a foursome had gone off, with another set ready to go, and we asked him if he was looking to play,” DeSantis said. “Debbie and I are looking at each other like, 'What do we do?' And Graeme said, 'I'll just go out and sandwich them.' “We popped him into the device and sent him out.” DeSantis said he was surprised at how many golfers were seeking local knowledge on course setup. “With the dual tee boxes on No. 10, they were asking if they [USGA officials] would have [them tee off] back here a lot,” DeSantis said. “Bill Haas was really neat. He was asking about the No. 9 hole that has the elevated tee box and the lower teeing area.” Haas told DeSantis that the lower tee shot looks to be the easier of the two vastly different tee shots because drives from the elevated tee would be more susceptible to wind on the way to the hole. “It's pretty lax and cordial between the players,” DeSantis said, “asking about each others families and what they've been up to.” Masters winner Jordan Spieth was popular during an interview session that ran long and pushed back his tee time with 15-year-old amateur Cole Hammer and amateur Cody Gribble. “We are standing back there with the crowd starting to build and the excitement — the buzz growing — and Jordan turns to Gribble and asks where he wants to tee off,” DeSantis said. “Gribble said he had no idea, and Jordan said he had played from the back tees a few times. “So, the amateur turns to Jordan at the last minute and says, 'Let's play the forward tee.' “The crowd starts to boo and hiss and Jordan looks over and says, 'Way to piss off the hometown crowd.'” Spieth was jokingly referring to the home-course advantage his caddie, Gig Harbor's Michael Greller, is bringing to the championship. “Michael showed up on time with the bag and had to wait for the media session with Jordan to finish,” DeSantis said. “Michael asked him what was the deal with the delay, and Jordan joked and said, 'Well, half the questions were about you.'” DeSantis was thrilled with his luck and the experience. “I got to see what they were playing in their bags,” DeSantis said. “What irons, woods, hybrids, putters they are using. “It was a blast.”

June 7, 2015, Thurston Talk By Margo Greenman 

Sip Spirits and Slurp Oysters Along the Hood Canal

Summertime is about taking it slow and enjoying the moment. In the Pacific Northwest, this is especially true. During the nine months of the year that don’t make up the summer season, locals pine for the sunny days when they can slip on their flip flops and return to the beach sans raincoat. But blue skies and sunscreen aren’t the only things that characterize this special time of year. The food and drinks of the season are, for many, just as important as the long, warm days.

Nearby Hood Canal is an oasis for all things summer. With miles upon miles of beaches, myriad options for outdoor adventures — both on the water and in the woods — and an over-the-top selection of fresh seafood, handmade wines and craft spirits to enjoy, locals and visitors alike can drink in the season in more ways than one.

[caption id="attachment_81250" align="alignright" width="225"]hood canal oyster You haven’t eaten like a local until you’ve sunk your teeth into a Hama Hama oyster. (Photo courtesy of Olympic Culinary Loop.)[/caption]


Steve Shively, Membership and Marketing Director for the Olympic Culinary Loop — a unique group celebrating Olympic coast cuisine throughout the four counties united by the Olympic Peninsula — says there are countless ways for visitors to experience the flavors of the region.

After a long day exploring Twanoh State Park or traversing the trails at Lena Lake, Hood Canal-goers will be eager for rations. When hunger strikes, Shively says there’s something for every appetite. Visitors can sink their teeth into the local flavors of oysters, clams, geoduck and more at Hama Hama Oyster Saloonor take their tastebuds on a culinary excursion to the Carolinas without ever leaving the Hood Canal at Smoking Mo’s, which features slow hickory smoked barbecue and traditional Southern sides.

“Along the ‘Hood,’ visitors certainly aren’t going to go thirsty,” says Shively. With Walter Dacon in Shelton, the Stottle Winery Tasting Room in Hoodsport and Mosquito Fleet in Belfair, options for sumptuous red and refreshing white wine varietals are numerous around the Hood Canal. For something a bit stronger,The Hardware Distillery Co. in Hoodsport is the region’s resident craft spirit producer, offering everything from gin and vodka to more unique finds like its hard hitting honey mead.

But, it’s not just the quantity or even the quality of options available for sipping — and slurping — that make the region a foodie’s wonderland, it’s the care local food and beverage producers take to make their products extra special that sets the Hood Canal apart.

When Chuck and Jan Morris, owners of The Hardware Distillery Co., learned that Nash’s Farm in Sequim was growing Olympic Peninsula grown rye, the couple saw an opportunity to create a 100 percent Olympic Peninsula-produced spirit. The only thing missing was the oven for malting the essential Washington grain. “That’s where Hama Hama Oyster Co. gets into the bottle,” says Shively.

[caption id="attachment_81248" align="alignright" width="300"]hood canal oyster When Chuck and Jan Morris learned of an Olympic Peninsula farm growing rye, they saw the opportunity to create 100 percent Olympic Peninsula spirits. (Photo credit: Dan Driscoll.)[/caption]

After learning about Chuck and Jan’s mission, brother and sister Hama Hama duo, Adam and Lissa James, agreed to let the spirited distillery owners malt the Sequim-grown grain in the same oven Hama Hama has been smoking its oysters in for decades. The result? A Hama Hama-style hooch, complete with what Shively describes as an “oyster nose” finish.

Straight from the farm to the glass, the whiskey, which is currently aging to perfection, isn’t just an example of a unique collaboration, it’s part of an entire movement in the region to create hyperlocal, 100 percent Olympic Peninsula-made products.

For Shively and everyone at the Olympic Culinary Loop, this is a big deal, because it’s a modern day version of the historic traditions the region was once known for. “Sustaining the local history of a native tribal preparation technique for seafood or reintroducing a long forgotten heirloom varietal seed or root vegetable are some of the everyday extra steps that make our members stand apart — far apart — from those who simply cook with a commercial can opener and whatever gets shipped in on a big-rig factory farm truck,” says Shively.

With an entire food and beverage movement centered around Olympic Peninsula local, the Hood Canal area and its neighboring towns all have something unique to offer to hungry visitors of the region.

[caption id="attachment_81251" align="alignright" width="300"]hood canal oyster The Hardware Distillery Co.’s collaboration with Hamma Hamma Oysters is a rye whisky with an “oyster nose.” (Photo courtesy of Olympic Culinary Loop.)[/caption]


Of course, after indulging in all there is to eat and drink, visitors will need to rest up. With ample options for lodging around the Hood Canal, visitors will find more than just a comfortable bed. Four a 4-star luxury stay, Alderbrook Resort and Spa offers lush accommodations, gourmet nosh and top-of-the-line spa treatments, all available on-site. Want to kick things up a notch? Load up the RV for a backwoods stay at Skokomish Park, then head to nearby Lucky Dog Casino where great entertainment and food are just a few of things available on the menu.

Whatever type of day trip or weekend getaway you seek this summer, frame your adventure around the local foods and beverages that are so abundant along the Hood Canal. For more “appetizing itinerary” inspiration, visit the Olympic Culinary Loop online.


May 27, 2015,  Thurston Talk

Westport Winery Wins 2015 Best of the Northwest Wine Tour

[caption id="attachment_80670" align="alignleft" width="215"]Winemaker Dana Roberts gives a tour of Westport Winery. Winemaker Dana Roberts gives a Backstage Wimemaker’s Tour at Westport Winery. Photo by Mike Coverdale[/caption]


For the fifth time Westport Winery won the King 5 Evening Magazine Best of the Northwest Competition. This time they won the Best Wine Tour category. The fun and interesting Backstage Winemaker’s Tour is offered every Saturday and Sunday at 1 p.m. with Director of Winemaking Dana Roberts. Additionally, guests are invited to do their own self-guided tour every day through the winery’s many display gardens that include over 40 sculptures by local artists. Extensive signage is provided to make this a truly memorable and fulfilling experience. When you visit be sure to explore the resort’s unique sculpture garden, lavender labyrinth, musical fence, 9-hole executive golf course, giant chess set, outdoor scrabble game, and grape maze, all located on the corner of Highway 105 and South Arbor Road halfway between Aberdeen and Westport. You will see why Westport Winery was voted Best of the Northwest Wine Tour and Destination. Westport Winery Garden Resort’s award-winning wines are exclusively available at the resort. The tasting room, gift shop, produce market, plant nursery, bakery and gardens, are open daily from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. The restaurant is open for lunch daily from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. and for dinner on Friday and Saturday from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. For more information contact Westport Winery at 360-648-2224 or visit the website at  


May 22, 2015, Peninsula Daily News May 20, 2015, Port Townsend Leader Port Townsend festival Saturday, Sunday to pay tribute to artisan food PORT TOWNSEND — Food enthusiasts can partake of artisan foods and beverages Saturday and Sunday during the second annual Port Townsend Artisan Food Festival. Tastings, classes, demonstrations and an all-day food tour are planned. “Eat, Drink, Learn, Make” is the theme of the festival, which will take food festival participants to creameries, wineries, farms and restaurants in search of the best artisan meal ingredients and sources in East Jefferson County. The area has a few surprises for those who routinely shop at the big Seattle farmers markets, said Will O'Donnell, director of Jefferson County Farmers Markets. “We have one of the greatest concentrations of artisan food producers in the state,” O'Donnell said. At the source  Many of those producers sell their goods at the big markets, he said, but those who appreciate good food can do even better at the source. “Jefferson County is like Washington state's own little Vermont; we have more cheese makers and cider makers than we know what to do with,” he said. Farmers market  The Port Townsend Farmers Market, now in its 23rd year, is hosting the festival in partnership with Seattle-based Sasquatch Books and Cedar Root Folk School. The market, which is open from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. each Saturday on Tyler Street between Lawrence and Clay streets, will offer an extra location in front of the Port Townsend Community Center at 620 Tyler St. for special guest vendors, including a brand-new cheese maker, Chimacum Valley Dairy. Jennifer Adler, a nutritionist, whole foods advocate and author of Passionate Nutrition, will sign books at the market while she talks about how to work more foraged foods into a healthy diet. Cedar Root Folk School will host experiential, food-related classes all day Saturday at the Port Townsend Community Center. All classes are $20 per person Preregistration is preferred at, but if space permits, last-minute registrations will be accepted at the door. Classes lacking sufficient preregistrations may be canceled, O'Donnell said. ■ 9:30 a.m. — “Hard Cider Demo” by Finnriver Farm & Cidery. ■ 10:45 a.m. — “The Art of Pickling” by Mama's Harvest's Kayla Boyd. ■ Noon — “Cheese and Yogurt Basics” by Rachael Van Laanen, co-owner of Mystery Bay Farm. ■ 1:15 p.m. — “Kimchi and Fermented Foods” by Marko Colby of Midori Farm.  ■ 3:45 p.m. — “Culinary Herbology” by chef Arran Stark. Sunday tours  On Sunday, the free, self-guided Artisan Food Tour will feature 10 food, cider and wine producers. Maps to the tour locations will be available at Saturday's festival locations. Tour locations are: ■ Port Townsend Food Co-op, 414 Kearney St., Port Townsend; opens at 8 a.m. ■ Mt. Townsend Creamery, 338 Sherman St.; tours on the hour between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. ■ Lullaby Winery, 274 Otto St., Suite S, Port Townsend; tasting room open from noon to 5 p.m. ■ Alpenfire Cider, 220 Pocket Lane, Port Townsend; tasting room open from noon to 5 p.m. ■ SpringRain Farm and Orchards, 187 Covington Drive, Chimacum; tours on the hour between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. ■ Chimacum Corner Farmstand, 9122 Rhody Drive, Chimacum; open from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. ■ Finnriver Farm and Cidery, 142 Barn Swallow Road, Chimacum; live music and tasting room from noon to 5 p.m. ■ Marrowstone Vineyards, 423 Meade Road, Nordland; tasting room open from noon to 5 p.m. ■ Eaglemount Wine and Cider, 2350 Eaglemount Road, Port Townsend; tasting room open from noon to 5 p.m. ■ Hama Hama Seafood, U.S. Highway 101 in Lilliwaup; fresh shellfish and tastings. More information on the festival can be found at  

May 22, 2015, Peninsula Daily News PORT TOWNSEND - Cabbage presentation  PORT TOWNSEND — Edible education about cabbage will be presented at Food for Thought tonight. The lecture and meal will be from 6:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the Fort Worden kitchen shelter, 210 Battery Way. Tickets are $35. Chef Arran Stark will demonstrate cooking methods and techniques. Wes Cecil will provide a tour through the history and influence of cabbage. A barbecue dinner with cabbage accents in several courses will offers tastes of the history of cabbage as it passed from Asia with the Celts to the new world.  Craft wine and beer will be available.  Cecil is a 16-year professor at Peninsula College’s Port Townsend site. He received his doctorate in English from Indiana University. Stark serves as chef and dietary director at Jefferson Healthcare hospital in Port Townsend. Tickets are available at For more information, see “Food for Thought PT” on Facebook.

May 22, 2015 - Peninsula Daily News Peninsula Men’s Gospel Singers to perform annual benefit concert Saturday PORT ANGELES — Old-fashioned gospel, the Little Brass Band and a couple of sing-alongs are all part of the Peninsula Men’s Gospel Singers’ annual Benefit Concert — the last of the season — Saturday night.  Admission is by donation to the 7 p.m. event at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, 301 E. Lopez Ave. Proceeds will benefit three local charities: The Answer for Youth (TAFY); the Captain Joseph House Foundation and the Salvation Army in Port Angeles.  As for the repertoire, it will include a few numbers from the Peninsula Men’s Gospel Singers’ spring concert in March. The audience met these songs with such enthusiasm, member Michael Craig said, that they’re coming back for an encore.  Along with the men’s gospel group, director Michael Rivers also is bringing back the Crabfest Revival Choir, a small ensemble originally formed for the Dungeness Crab & Seafood Festival’s Sunday revival in Port Angeles every October. The Little Brass Band, a subset of the men’s gospel choir, will bring its saxophones and trombone into Saturday’s mix too.  The program will go from “Soon and Very Soon” and “What a Friend We Have in Jesus” to “This Little Light” and “Just a Closer Walk with Thee,” among other hymns. Then come the solo numbers: “Draw Me Close to You” from pianist Penny Hall; “Eagle’s Wings” from first tenor Dan Cobb and “Love Was When” by baritone Michael McBride. While the choir takes a summer break from giving concerts, it will be working on a new CD. Featuring live concert and studio recordings, it’s slated for a September release.  At Saturday’s concert, fans will have a chance to order the CD as well as make contributions toward the cost of its production.  To learn more about the choir, a nonprofit organization, visit


  More LOOP Press to impress!  

LOOP press

Don’t miss being a part of MORE of this great press thanks to the Culinary Adventure Map:

Travel writers and FAM tours love having the ENTIRE Olympic Peninsula detailed in one LOOP!
This JUST In! Thanks to the Culinary Adventure Map – These brand new stories such as these hit the press regularly:
 Enjoying Hard Ciders in Washington’s Olympic Peninsula  – NW Wine, Brews & Spirits Editor Nancy Zaffaro sips cider in PT

 10 Foodie Havens That Double As Great Places To Retire

    More proof that the map keeps on giving delicious returns on investment.  Don’t miss being on the 2015 Map. Sign-up Today! Thanks to our four county regional tourism partners, the Culinary Adventure Map has been served up and has been feeding great press!  Here’s just some of the Good News! A) Following the successful OCL Wine Reception & “Cooking Up Business Knowledge Luncheon”this past spring at Little Creek Resort & Casino, keynoter and accomplished travel writer SuePress-ChimacumCornerStore Frause, @suefrause, toured the eastern edge of the LOOP via an early release copy of the new Culinary Adventure Map.  Then she wrote about it! Nearly a dozen OCL member locations from Port Townsend to Kamilche were featured in her wildly popular – and viral – article, posts & Tweets. Of all the delicious stories and sights Sue featured: Chimacum Corner FarmstandQuilcene Village StoreGeoduck Restaurant & LoungeHama Hama SeafoodFinnriverFireside Restaurant at The Resort at Port Ludlow.  (And we know she started at the Ravenscroft Inn. Join OCL and I’ll see if we can get her to update her still popular article!) Thanks to her good news scores of map requests and full article views have helped OCL members kick-off the peak season of Peninsula culinary tourism!  Yum!  Read all about it. B) Press-WinePressNWWine Press NW Magazine features a cover article “72 Hours in the Olympic Peninsula”  where writer Andy Perdue and photographer Eric Neurath followed the LOOP featuring: Walter Dacon Wines,  Hoodsport WineryMosquito Fleet WineryWestport Winery,  Marrowstone VineyardsWind Rose CellarsOlympic CellarsCamaraderie CellarsHarbinger Winery, Cideries: Alpenfire and Eaglemount  and Finnriver . Where to eat: Bella ItaliaAlderbrook ResortAlder Wood BistroSilverwater Café. Where to stay: Bishop Victorian HotelManresa CastleLake Crescent LodgeFort Worden! (Whew! You of course are encouraged to eat and experience the LOOP as a slightly more leisurely pace!)Press-WinePressNW2-pageLayout C) The uber trendy South Sound Magazine (demographics: 30,000 subscribers, age 25+, with House Hold Income of $150,000+) a  five-page  – yes 5! equivalent ad value at $3,250/page – full-color Press-SSMagLayoutphoto spread of the Culinary Adventure Map! Where did photo journalist Christine Cox get her story lead?  Here’s what Christine herself says; “… The Culinary Loop Tour was amazing, educational and so much fun. It was a very impressive tour…  Thanks again for the opportunity.” Christine highlighted: Michael’s Seafood & SteakhouseHama Hama OysterOlympic CellarsAjax CafeElevated Ice CreamFinnRiver CideryChimacum Corner FarmstandAlpenfireNash’s Organic Produce Pane d’ AmoreOlympic Cellars This articles success provided a dedicated follow-up coverage of Eaglemount Wine and Cider in the March issue of South Sound Magazine (In just two months Eaglemount Wine & Cidery enjoyed many lifetimes worth of Sunset Mag. page impressions!) Thanks to the Culinary Adventure Map, all of our visiting travel writers are served up delicious story ideas and essential details which translate into stories about the Olympic Peninsula – as the Good News regarding YOUR business is spread all across the globe! Right now – you’re working your craft, and we’re working ours. We started the year featured in New Zealand’s Gourmet Travel, this past July’s “Outside Magazine” features OCL members as must taste stops for their “10 Perfect Escapes“,  we’ve recently hosted German and Japanese writers, and Sue Frause is back again – currently touring, Tweeting and writing as she eats her way through the NW corner of the LOOP! Don’t be left off the Map that everyone is writing and reading about!  Sign-up Today! Press-MagArray
A lovely gathering and a great opportunity to share ideas. finnriverThank you for all you do!  I look forward to our next Olympic Culinary Loop gathering.  – Crystie Kisler, Farmwife • Co-founder • Finnriver Farm & Cidery
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Delicious Easter Eat's you'll want to Hop to!

happy_easter_2014-t2Here are some Olympic Culinary Loop Leader edibles where you won't have to hunt delicious goodness. Enjoy!

  Westport Winery

Westport Winery's spring and summer menu. Yum! In the spring we can add some of our favorites back on the menu while creating a few new delights to keep it interesting! Westport Winery will be offering Easter Brunch in addition to their regular lunch menu on Sunday, April 5 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Our special brunch includes Benedictine Quiche (chock full of Cougar Gold cheese) with Tarragon Aioli, Tomato Basil with Italian Sausage Soup, our Homemade Oatmeal Rolls with Freezer Jam, Hot Coffee or Tea, and a Mimosa, with award-winning sparkling wines blended with freshly-squeezed orange juice. We are happy to make substitutions too! One of the best things about living on Washington’s coast is the casual relaxed atmosphere. Westport Winery is no exception. We do encourage you to make reservations since seating is limited. Call 360-648-2224.

 The Lodges of Olympic National Park and Forest

Easter Sunday is just around the corner! Join the fun at Lake Quinault Lodge with our annual Easter egg hunt and Easter brunch in the historic Roosevelt Dining Room!      

  Kalaloch Lodge

The food! It goes without saying that anytime someone else does the cooking, it tastes just a little better. Kalaloch chefs are working hard to make sure that our hopping Easter menu won't disappoint. We'll be having two specials that day; Free Range Braised Lamb Shanks and Fresh Neah Bay Halibut. The lamb shanks will be served with creamy bleu cheese polenta and shiitake mushrooms. The Neah Bay Halibut is going to be served with a creamy parmesan risotto and sautéed asparagus, topped with a lemon drizzle. Also, please note that if either of those choices are not hopping for you for whatever reason, we are also offering the full regular menu as an option as well.  

 Sweet and Salty FroYo

The Sweet & Salty Flavor Kitchen whipping up some great Easter Flavors!!  Today try a sample of these Epic Flavors:
  • Strawberry Cupcake (my 2 fav's together in one flavor)
  • Easter Peanut Butter (I thought it sounded better then just plain Peanut Butter)
  • Springtime Lemon ( No Whistling after tasting this)
  • Berry Patch (oh yea it's that time again.)
  • Classic Chocolate (Classy and good)
  • Creamy Vanilla (enough said)Come into Sweet & Salty today serving Cups of Awesome until 9pm."Life's better with froyo"

 Kokopelli Grill

Almost Easter, twice a year Kokopelli Grill offers their famous brunch. Easter and Mother's Day. Reservations recommended!

  Nash's Organic Produce

 Some great tips on getting more vibrant, natural colors! Nash's eggs are on sale at the Farm Store right now too, time to stock up.

  7 Cedars Casino

Salish Room Easter Sunday Buffet!
 9AM - 3pm
Adults $20
Children (6-12) $12

  Nourish Sequim

Sunday, April 5th, enjoy Easter dinner at Nourish and leave the cooking to us!


  Pane d'Amore

What's on your Easter Menu?

   Elevated Ice Cream Co. & Candy Shop

 We have everything you need to gather and send an Easter basket to a friend, student, family member. Plus we're handcrafting our own chocolate eggs this year at Elevated Candy Co.! Adjacent to Elevated Ice Cream, 631 Water Street.

Don't forget to make your Easter Brunch reservations...just call the Fireside, they will get you all taken care of...360.437.7412.
Sunday April 5, 2015 Brunch offered from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. (Regular breakfast menu offered from 7 a.m. to 11 a.m.)
Brunch pricing: $39 for adults $19 for children ages 6 to 12 (Ages 5 and under are free)
Menu:PortLudlow(Fireside Restaurant)v2
  • Fresh Baked Muffins and Banana Bread
  • House Made Jam and Marmalade
  • Fresh Seasonal Fruit Display, Devonshire Cream Eggs Benedict with Mushroom, Spinach, and Hollandaise Sauce, On Grilled Challah Bread
  • Cheesy Potato Croquette,
  • Fresh Herbs and Gruyere
  • House Made Biscuits and Sausage Gravy
  • Apple-Wood Smoked Bacon, Cascioppo Sausage
  • Made to Order Omelets, Ham, Shrimp, Mushrooms, Peppers, Tomatoes, Onions and Cheese
  • Fresh Seasonal Salads Chicken Marsala,
  • Shiitake Mushrooms, Fontina Sweet Marsala Wine Sauce
  • Slow Roasted Niman Ranch Ham
  • Theo’s Chocolate Decadent Bites,
  • Fruit Tarts
  • Dave’s Famous Carrot Cake,
  • Kahlua Mousse,
  • Crème Brulee

  Alderbrook Resort and Spa

Where's the egg? Please join Alderbrook on Sunday at noon for our waterfront Easter egg hunts! Children under 5 years are welcome to hunt on our Cottage Lawn and children between 5-10 years old can hunt on our Waterfront Lawn! Complimentary family photos will be available on our Waterfront from 10AM-3PM!
Easter egg coloring will be available to kids of all ages on Saturday, from non-4PM. Both hotel and non-hotel guests are welcome to these complimentary activities. Please call us at 360.898.2145 for more information.
BRUNCH: Served from 8AM-3:30PM Cost: adults-$49, children 10 & under-$16, children 3 & under-complimentary (includes non-alcoholic beverage)MENU: COLD SELECTIONS mixed green salad caesar salad pesto pasta salad snow crab claws alderbrook oysters poached tiger prawns house-made gravlax house-smoked trout fresh fruit baked brie HOT SELECTIONS bacon & sausage alderbrook clams sautéed scampi prawns yukon gold potatoes eggs benedict smoked steelhead benedict tillamook white cheddar tortellini tomato basil bisque house-made biscuits sausage bread pudding country gravy cinnamon apple dumplings cinnamon roll french toast CARVING STATION slow roasted prime rib cedar plank columbia river steelhead roast leg of lamb DESSERT coffee cake & carrot cake petite croissants chocolate-dipped strawberries handmade sugar cookies chocolate brownies chocolate & vanilla cupcakes CREPES & GRIDDLE assorted fruit filling & chantilly cream huckleberry waffle OMELETTE BAR assorted meat, cheese, vegetables Chef de Cuisine, Adam Hagen

Culinary Kick-Off with Super Bowl Specials around the LOOP!

Here’s a mash-up of some of the MANY delicious Super Bowl specials being offered by Olympic Culinary Loop foodies all around the Peninsula! How are you going to be eating and expressing your 12th Man pride this weekend?!?! Go Hawks!  

  Anne Maries Cafe'

This week's Lunch specials are:
Monday: Russell Wilsons Magical minestrone soup with Grilled cheese sandwich. Tuesday: Legion of Shroom soup with Tom Brady's Cow patties. Wednesday: Beast Mode barley soup with Bacon, cheddar & pear sandwich. Thursday: Jon Ryan's tomato soup with 12th man Egg salad sandwich. Friday: NOT New England clam chowder with Tuna sandwich.
Go Hawks!!!!!


  next door gastropub

Next Door Gastropub is doing something that we've never done before at the pub...reserving tables for the big game!! We are offering 4 Superbowl Table Packages to the first groups who call to reserve their prime seats for the Superbowl. Each package costs $150 and looks like this: * Your own "themed" table * 4 of the best seats in the house * Full Big Screen TV & Projector visibility * 16 Wings of your choice * 1 appetizer bowl of fries with add-ons * A pitcher of Hawk One Lager * A "Shot of Hope" for each guest at kickoff * Discounted Superbowl square purchases * Complimentary party favors
In addition to table packages we will be offering Superbowl Inspired food and drink specials, a fun and lively staff to keep you fed and watered throughout the game and the best (and loudest) fans in PA to cheer along with as we WITNESS THE BOOM!!! We're goin' BIG this Sunday and there's room for you to come with us!! To purchase one of our Superbowl Table packages call now 360-504-2613


  The Bishop Victorian Hotel

Still making plans for the Superbowl Weekend and want to avoid the Seattle crowds? We have a few suites still available at the Bishop Victorian, so grab your 12th Man gear and come on over to the other side!

 Grove Street Brewhouse

Hand knit washable Hawks stocking hat for sale @ The Grove. $40. GO HAWKS!!

  Chevy Chase Beach Cabins

Treat that special someone to a quiet and relaxing weekend in one of our studios (7 or 10) and still get home in time to support our SEAHAWKS!! Or hang around and take in the game at one of the many great places in PT that will be playing the big game! In honor of our Seahawks and the 12th man there will be a 12% discount special on a two night stay in cabin 7 or 10 . Give us a call at 360-385-1270 or email us at ‪#‎gohawks‬ ‪#‎seahawks‬‪#‎chevychasebeachcabins‬ ‪#‎porttownsend‬ ‪#‎12thman‬

Looking for a place to watch the Game? Come on down to the Red Lion!! We'll have delicious food, fabulous drinks, and even a kid friendly zone!! See you at TWELVE!!! ‪#‎GoHawks‬
 Alright all of you 12's - Share your best Twelfie with us on this RL Facebook page, and be entered to win $25 in food and drinks at the Crab house!!! Let's see your Blue and Green!

Join us for the exciting matchup between the Seahawks and Packers! Kick off is at 12:05. We'll be opening our doors at 11:30. Banh mi sandwiches from across the street go great with beer!

Are you ready for some football! All you can eat bbq buffet is $12 game day!! Projector is up, hawk shots are chillin' and Lucille is smokin'!!!  
 Cafe' New Day ·
Two things you need to know about this Saturday and Sunday, the 17th and 18th! Ask if this Superbowl deal is being offered this Sunday: To celebrate the game, anyone who comes in decked out in the colors of their football team gets 10% off their meal. *THE BEAST BURGER* - Our way to celebrate our Seahawks. This New Day take on the blue and green takes our juicy Rayonier Valley grass fed beef patty and surrounds it with a stellar team of house-made blue cheese, bacon, grilled green apple, spring mix, tomatoes and red onions. Comes with your choice of chips.      

  The Resort at Port Ludlow

Only 6 days left to take advantage of the 12th Man Super Bowl Golf Special AND the temperature at Port Ludlow is hovering around 60 degrees today! What are you waiting for?
    Alderbrook Resort and Spa
Enjoy access to our Super Bowl pool & restaurant parties, fan gift & a $50 dining credit!  12th Man Super Bowl Stay  package special.  
  Kalaloch Lodge
02/01/2015 /// Come Watch With Us At The Kalaloch Lodge! Go Seahawks!

finnriver  Finnriver
Super Bowl cider suggestion: Finnriver Dry Hopped mixed with our Habanero cider. ‘Hot Hopped’ cocktail suggested by friends at theThe Resort at Port Ludlow. Enjoy the game and may goodwill prevail on the field and beyond!  
We will be closed on Sunday so our employees can enjoy the Super Bowl! Go Hawks!

  Olympic Cellars Winery

We will be closed on Sunday so our employees can enjoy the Super Bowl! Go Hawks!

Coffee, Tea & Coco for Christmas please!

Warm up this winter (or anytime) with these wonder Olympic Culinary Loop drinks. Enjoy!

Spiced Holiday Tea

Star anise, cinnamon, and passion fruit nectar add a special twist to this holiday tea. (Inspired by Grovestreet Brewery & Tea House

Ingredients 2 cups water 3 tea bags (unflavored black tea) 4 star anise 1 3 inch cinnamon stick 1 cup passion fruit nectar 3 tablespoons honey 2 tablespoons lemon juice Directions In a medium saucepan bring water to boiling. Add tea bags, anise, and cinnamon stick. Reduce heat. simmer, uncovered, for 3 to 5 minutes. Discard tea bags and cinnamon stick. Stir in nectar, honey, and lemon juice. Heat through. Pour tea mixture into four heat-proof cups, floating a star anise on top of each. Makes 4 servings.  

White Hot Chocolate

A cup of this creamy, spicy hot cocoa drink makes coming in out of the cold even more of a treat (Inspired by Tinderbox Roasters & coffee houses)

Ingredients 3 cups half-and-half or light cream* 3/4 cup vanilla-flavor baking pieces or vanilla-flavor candy coating, chopped stick cinnamon 1/8 teaspoon ground nutmeg 1 teaspoon vanilla 1/4 teaspoon almond extract Slivers of vanilla-flavor candy coating (optional) Ground cinnamon (optional) Directions Combine 1/4 cup of the half-and-half or light cream, vanilla baking pieces or chopped candy coating, stick cinnamon, and nutmeg in a medium saucepan; whisk over low heat until vanilla baking pieces or candy is melted. Remove stick cinnamon. Add remaining half-and-half or light cream. Whisk until heated through. Remove from heat. Stir in vanilla and almond extract. Serve warm in cups or mugs; top with slivers of vanilla-flavor candy coating and sprinkle with cinnamon, if desired. Makes 5 (6-ounce) servings.  

Spiced Cappuccino

Enjoy an Italian drink that starts with espresso. If you don't have an espresso machine, you can improvise and brew this coffee in a drip coffeemaker (Inspired by Sunrise Coffee Company!)

Ingredients 1 cup hot brewed espresso 1/4 cup flavored liquid nondairy creamer, such as amaretto, Irish creme, or French vanilla dash ground cinnamon 1/2 cup vanilla ice cream dash ground cardamom Directions Stir together the hot espresso, creamer, and cinnamon in a glass measure. Pour into 2 mugs. Add a scoop of ice cream to each and sprinkle with cardamom. Makes 2 (6-ounce) servings.

Kate McDermott’s Cranberry Pie Filling

There's always a reason to be thankful!

Originally Posted on 

cranberry squircle

Cranberries aren’t just for Thanksgiving relish anymore — they make a tasty and vibrant pie filling for your post-turkey dessert spread.

Enough fresh cranberries to fill a pie pan to 1/2″ below the rim (about 2.5 – 3 cups) 1 cup sugar 2 gratings of fresh nutmeg A few squeezes of fresh orange juice or a dash of Grand Marnier 1 tablespoon organic corn starch Pinch salt Bottom and top pie crusts Pulse 3/4 of the cranberries in a food processor briefly to get a variety of sizes of pieces. Combine with the 1/4 whole berries. Mix with other ingredients. Place in an open pie crust and dot a little butter on top. Top with a whole crust or better yet, a lattice crust. See for instructions on doing the crust.

Fall Focus on a FULL Harvest of Happenings around the LOOP

Fall is in the air!  Love this vote for a new Crayola color: October!OctFavColor1374299_10151910809109140_1716309387_n Besides drinking in the fall colors here's a quick trip of what's happening around the LOOP! As you'll see there's PLENTY to eat, see and do!  Enjoy!  

 Elevated Ice Cream Co. & Candy Shop

October 8 - Hope to see you here for NY pastry chef, Fran Costigan's booksigning of Vegan Chocolate: Unapologetically luscious and decadent dairy-free desserts. She'll be here Wed., Oct. 8, 4:30-6:30 pm in the Candy Shop, 631 Water Street.
Photo: Hope to see you here for NY pastry chef, Fran Costigan's booksigning of Vegan Chocolate: Unapologetically luscious and decadent dairy-free desserts. She'll be here Wed., Oct. 8, 4:30-6:30 pm in the Candy Shop, 631 Water Street.

yummm... Seafood Sauce! Take home our new locally sourced and locally made Crab Festival Seafood Cocktail Sauce - 12oz Bottle $9 Try a sample at the Clallam Canning Co booth #37
Photo: yummm...  Seafood Sauce!<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
Take home our new locally sourced and locally made<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
Crab Festival Seafood Cocktail Sauce - 12oz Bottle $9<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
Try a sample at the Clallam Canning Co booth #37

Hot off the Crab pot! Updated Cooking Demo line-up for this weekendsDungeness Crab & Seafood Festival. OCL is drooling to emcee this great line-up: SATURDAY

12:30: Cynthia Nims (cooking consultant and author ). Her demo is green goddess crab salad and shaved fennel with crab and oranges 1:30: Chef Steven Van Zelfden (Lake Crescent Lodge) 2:30: Bill Ranniger (executive chef Dukes Chowder House, Seattle) his demo is Dukes award winning clam chowder 3:30 John Moeller ( The White House Chef from Lancaster, Pa.) his demo is grilled shiitake mushrooms with Dungeness crabmeat and herbs and a roasted red pepper sauce.
SUNDAY 12pm: Bill Ranniger (Dukes Chowder House) his demo is Dungeness un-crab cakes. 1pm: Chef Tom (Nourish in Sequim) his demo is breaking down a fish, start to finish 2pm: John Moeller (White House chef) his demo is a weathervane scallop dish plus a salmon dish 3:30: Chef Josh Barr (Sous chef, Kokopelli ): his demo is Spanish Mushroom Omelet bites plus a Northwest bounty with a Spanish flaire.




Celebrate the fruits of Autumn at Finnriver's World Apple Day festival. Sunday 10/12, 12-6pm. Live music, country dancers, caramel apples, orchard tours, apple pizza and more!

  Olympic Culinary Loop

October 21, Noon to 1:30PM
Everyone is invited to dine on a combo of wonderful food and great conversation at OCL's October 21 "Lunch & Learn". Early Bird sign-up savings end soon. So sign-up today!
Hello OCL friends and fans, You are invited to the following event: HARVESTING DELICIOUS BUSINESS ALL YEAR LONG
Event to be held at the following time, date, and location:
Tuesday, October 21, 2014 from 12:00 PM to 1:30 PM (PDT)Alchemy Wine Bar 842 Washington St Port Townsend, WA 98368
Attend Event  
Share: Facebook Twitter LinkedIn
Share this event on Facebook and TwitterWe hope you can make it! Cheers, Olympic Culinary Loop

 Westport Brewing Co

QUART GROWLER BLOWOUT!!!!!Now every Tues, Wed, and Thurs, get 3 stamps on your Growler Club Card when you buy and fill 2 quart growlers!*Quart growlers are 2 full pints, perfect for that simple drink after work, or share a pint with a friend! They also act as great water bottles when not filled with beer! They tend to hold their carbonation better then 1/2 gals and their compact size fits more easily in coolers and trailer fridges!

  Wishkah River Distillery

Humptoberfest - October 25, 3 - 11 PM

  Ocean Crest Resort

We are in fall menu development, and these Sunchokes (aka Jerusalem Artichokes) are most likely being paired with sea scallop. Yum!

  Kalaloch Lodge

The main lodge holds much of the Kalaloch Lodge history, like this painting above the fire place. Next time you come in take a second check it out, its one of our favorite's.

October 16 
 "Small Vineyards -  A Taste of Toscana Italia" Wine Dinner

 Quinault Beach Resort and Casino

October 11, 2PM - 9PM


  Camaraderie Cellars

October 17-18-19
Camaraderie Cellars has commissioned a play! "Vignettes" will make its debut the weekend of October 17-18-19 at the Port Angeles Community Playhouse, 1235 E. Lauridsen. This delightful comedy, written by our friend Rebecca Redshaw, showcases how wine shared with family and friends can be a connection and support through life's ups and downs. Tickets are $15 and can be purchased at Port Book & News,, and at the winery. Hope to see you!

  Wind Rose Cellars

October 13, 20, 27
New Monday Happy Hours: 4-6pm. What's the DEAL? $2 off glass pours and $2 off our tasty flatbreads and paninis. Come on it!  

  Alpenfire Cider

Alex and Michael putting the last bottling of Glow for 2013 and the first bottling of our Champagne style, yet to be named, very limited release (444 bottles) rose' champagne, into stillage bins for slow bottle conditioning.                              

  Kitsap Tours

 Happy fall!


  Jefferson County Farmers Market

October  12, noon - 2PM
Brother Townsend is rocking the market from 12-2 on Saturday. Meredith and friends are opening 10-12.

  Nash's Organic Produce

Jay has been busy planting cover crop seed and putting fields to bed for the winter ahead. In these pics, he is loading up the seeder with a blend of our farm-grown Diana Fava Beans, Triticale and Vetch. Crop rotations and cover cropping techniques improve the long term health of the soil we steward!                    

  Stottle Winery

2014 Stottle Harvest! Filled 40% new French oak barrels with 2014 6Prong Malbec and Marcella Merlot today. Another beautiful fall day!


  Sirens Pub

Sirens Seafood Bar's fresh and hot pots of our local bounty from the water. Truly an experience!
SIRENS 12 shirts are in!! $22 come and get yours while they last. Wear yours to watch the game here and get Happy Hour prices on your drinks.


  Kokopelli Grill

November 2, 4-7PM
Fall Wine Dinner is here. Sunday November 2nd. 4 to 7pm. Spanish themed with 7 courses and 9 wines. This event is pre-paid. Call the restaurant for tickets.


  Red Lion Hotel Port Angeles Crab House

Check out our fantastic daily specials!!! We've got somethin' for everyone each day of the week! What's YOUR day?? (some restrictions may apply -- please ask your server for details...)                              

  The Resort at Port Ludlow

October 24, 6PM
We are pleased to announce our upcoming Brewmasters Dinner, featuring Hood Canal Brewery and CB Nuts. Join us on October 24th for an evening of fantastic food and delicious beer. Make your reservations today, space is limited!

  Alderbrook Resort and Spa

Every Thursday in October from 4:30-6PM, guests and community members can learn how to forage for and cook wild mushrooms! Complimentary to hotel guests, $10 for non-hotel guests, RSVP not required

  Blondies Plate

October 9
This Thursday Blondie’s will be is hosting its weekly flight night. This week Darci will be pouring wines from Zerba Cellars, the 2011 Pacific Northwest Winery of the Year. The flight will include Zerba’s Barbera, Cabernet Franc, and a Malbec. So please join us this Thursday and enjoy some of these fantastic wines! Cheers!
 Tonight we have Nash's Organic Rainbow Chard, sauteed in Olive Oil & Garlic, with Goat Cheese, Toasted Pumpkin Seeds & Balsamic Drizzle.......yes please!

  next door gastropub

Hawk Pocket!! Homemade Painted Hills Natural Beef meatballs + house marinara sauce + mt Townsend cheese curds in a flatbread pocket!!

  Tinderbox Coffee Roasters

Get your self a Caramel Banana Bread latte! Its especially awesome with white coffee! $3.50/16oz
 Throwback Thursday presents you with . . . Pumpkin Spice Latte, $3.50/16oz! Make it a Great White Pumpkin (add white chocolate and caramel) for $.50 more. Decadence! Have a marvelous day.

  Nourish Sequim

Goulash special today...try it with a pint of Kolsch from Our local Fathom & League Hop Yard Brewery yum! German specials all week for Oktoberfest

 Hama Hama Oysters

Fall is the wonderful around these parts. Oysters are firming up, water is cooling off, warm days, frosty nights and savory fungi fruiting in those hills — at Hood Canal.


  Ravenscroft Inn

Fall is the perfect time to explore mountain biking opportunities in Port Townsend. We have the closed roads of Fort Worden, varied levels of trails at Anderson Lake, Gibbs Lake, the Larry Scott trail with many single-track side trails. Enjoy the crisp air all day then pamper yourself back at the Inn.


  Cellar Door

Officially switching to winter jazz hits as of today! Come catch electric blue sun six to nine! Always free!
Also, we release our barrel aged rye negroni! It's pretty boss.


  Michael's Fresh Northwest Seafood & Steakhouse

October 17-18  - Mushroom Fest
If you fancy yourself a connoisseur of mushrooms, then you wont want to miss this fantastic fungi feast!  There will be Chanterelles, Porcinis, Lobser mushrooms, Oyster mushrooms, Criminis, Cauliflower mushrooms, Shiitake, "Chicken of the woods," Hedgehogs, and Lion Manes.
Reservations are strongly recommended

  Cafe' New Day

Take a trip with us to the southern side of our continent: Introducing Cafe New Day's Mexican inspired specials!Available only for a limited time, these dishes are sure to please:

Fireside Restaurant's Farm Dinner Series

Since Fireside's Chef Dan Ratigan uses local farms' products, it was logical to start a Farm to Table Dinner Series where each evening is focused on specific farms and what they produce. Two dinners are left in this series. The first takes place at Finnriver Farm and Cidery where they grow, ferment and create traditional ciders, contemporary hard ciders and fruit-based brandy and port-style wines. The second takes place at Fireside with Red Dog Farm, 23 certified organic acres of 150 varieties of vegetable and berries. Mystery Bay cheeses will share the spotlight at this dinner. Farmers will be on hand to talk about their farms as you savor Chef Dan's six-course farm-specific menu.

The Fireside Restaurant is located inside the Resort at Port Ludlow on the Olympic Peninsula, just a few minutes past the Hood Canal Bridge. The Finnriver dinner takes place on August 29 and Red Dog on September 19. Both start at 6 p.m. Cost is $59 for each, with optional wine pairings for $25 per person. Reserve your spot by buying tickets for Finnriver and for Red Dog. Questions? Call Port Ludlow Resort at 360-437-7412.

Dungeness Crab & Seafood Festival

If it takes more than the festival name to grab you, you're not a true Northwesterner! Who can resist sweet Dungeness crab? Or a 9,000 foot tent called Kitsap Bank Crab Central? Especially when it houses an old-fashioned crab feed with whole crabs, fresh corn and cole slaw. Add 15 local and regional restaurants serving crab cakes to Northwest paella to seafood gumbo, along with vegetarian and non-seafood items for real NW folks who don't like seafood. More? Northwest beer and wine, live music, chef demo stage, chowder cook-off, and family-friendly activities. Did we mention admission is free? Go!

The Dungeness Crab & Seafood Festival's 13th annual event takes place over three days-Friday-Sunday October 10-12. Hours are Friday 12:30-10 p.m.Saturday 10 a.m.-10 p.m.,Sunday 10 a.m.-5 p.m. It all takes place at the Port Angeles City Pier right on the downtown


Pistachio Salmon from Lytle Seafoods Oyster Shack

Kathy Lytle of Lytle Seafoods Oyster Shack shares this recipe for the "Best Ever for Salmon!"  (Of course they recommend that you "Come and See Us" for their "still doin' the wild thing":  Alaskan Copper River Salmon and local caught Sturgeon, King Salmon.

Pistachio Salmon 

1 Cup chopped Pistachio nuts
1/2 cup brown sugar
3 Tbsp. fresh lemon juice
1 tsp. dill weed
Mix it up in a bowl, spread over the salmon fillet.  Bake 400, 15-20 min.  Do not over cook!    Delicious!!!!!

Dungeness Crab Cakes - Recipe from Westport Winery

Kim Roberts of Westport Winery shares this seasonal recipe from the coast.  Adding this tip:

"Best paired with Willapa WhitePinot Gris -- or Riesling while listening to 'Wanted: Dead or Alive by Bon Jovi' "


Crab Cakes 

Finely dice

1 c celery

1 c onion

1 c carrot

1⁄2 c garlic

Saute in garlic butter and cool.


In a bowl, mix together:

7 eggs

1 lemon zest and juice

2 T Worcestershire sauce

1-1/2 T parsley, chopped

7 green onion, chopped

2 T salt

2 T Old Bay


Combine with the sautéed ingredients and add:

3 lb fresh Dungeness crabmeat, picked over for shells and cartilage

4 cups Panko

Let sit 1⁄2 hour.

Travel expert finding her "new favorite" place to stay in Port Townsend

Ravenscroft (1)Olympic Culinary Loop's fav Travel Writer, Sue Frause , recently raved about her stay at OCL's Ravenscroft Inn. Read all about it and then book your next Port Townsend "basecamp" adventure at this lovely - foodie friendly - B&B! "As often as I visit Port Townsend, I never tire of the waterfront town on the Olympic Peninsula. Fortunately, it's just a ferry ride away from my home on Whidbey Island. So whether it's a day trip to catch lunch and a movie at the Rose Theatre or spending the weekend, I'm a happy traveler. Good restaurants, shops, museums and outdoor activities never leave me wondering what to do. 

Recently, while exploring the Olympic Culinary Loop on the peninsula, I started my four-day adventure in Port Townsend at the lovely Ravenscroft Inn. I found it to be the perfect fit and my new favorite place to stay in PT

     "Dave and Carolyn Petro bought the Ravenscoft Inn and totally refurbished it, reopening it in July 2012. The eight spacious rooms and suites in the Charleston Single style inn all have private bathrooms, in-room espresso makers, bathrobes and complimentary high-speed WiFi. There are no TVs or phones in the rooms, but scenic views include Port Townsend Bay, Mt. Rainier, Admiralty Inlet and Mt. Baker. Rooms start at $125." Read Sue's full story  

Rounding the LOOP! Great things Growing in Grays Harbor County!

Of the 4 counties comprising the Olympic Culinary Loop. Grays Harbor County boasts the most scenic coastal Pacific settings combined with a plate full of delicious places to eat and experience from Lake Quinault - down the coast to Westport - and through Hoquiam / Aberdeen towards Olympia theres LOTs to see and taste!

Download onto your phone, or print off at home, or pick-up – just about ANYWHERE – a current copy of the Culinary Adventure Map and get ready to explore as you dine well in Grays Harbor County!

Here’s what’s happening right now at a handful of our most active Grays Harbor County OCL members:

 The Lodges of Olympic National Park and Forest

There are some places so blissfully disconnected from the modern world that they seem to stand suspended in time. Lake Quinault Lodge is one such place - a grand and rustic lodge built in 1926 that welcomes guests with warmth, hospitality, and a sincere feeling of home-away-from-home comfort.

Take advantage of our Bed & Breakfast Package:

  • One night lodging for two
  • Breakfast for two
  • Valid year round

Check for availability today!


 Ocean Crest Resort  

We're so excited to hear when the new Ocean Crest Resort dining room will again be opened. They are excited too! Here's a recent post from Jess ("The Culinary Madman!") regarding progress:  "We don't know yet... There are still deliveries to be made, things to be built, inspections to pass, etc... There is a LOT going on and more to be done." "Here are some new pics. Look at the Bar and Host Station, both have a Live Edge Cedar Slab Top"
Ocean Crest Resort's photo.
Ocean Crest Resort's photo.
Ocean Crest Resort's photo.
Ocean Crest Resort's photo.

 Voss Acres Produce Market

Happy Father's Day from Voss Acres ~ ! Corn on the Cob will be $.49 each and Watermelon will be $.49 per pound today! Cheers to all Dad's!
Voss Acres Produce Market's photo.
Voss Acres Produce Market's photo.

 Quinault Beach Resort and Casino

If you are out clam digging this weekend, stop in for FIVE CLAMS on us! (free play, that is) Just bring in your Clam License on any day that there is a dig on Ocean Shores beaches.
Photo: If you are out clam digging this weekend, stop in for FIVE CLAMS on us!  (free play, that is)  Just bring in your Clam License on any day that there is a dig on Ocean Shores beaches.

 Grays Harbor Farmers Market

Spooners Strawberries are here at Grays Harbor Farmers Market in Hoquiam!The first strawberries of the season, and they are sooooo good!We sell them for the same low price as direct from the Spooners stand; $22.00 per flat, $12.50 per half flat, $2.50 per single
Add Nancy's FRESH buttermilk shortcake... YUM!

 Tinderbox Coffee Roasters

Slow down. Sip. Pause. Ponder. Smile. Sip again . . . at Tinderbox Coffee Roasters

Photo: Slow down.  Sip.  Pause.  Ponder.  Smile.  Sip again . . .


(Alas this wonderful wine dinner has passed. But you're encouraged to stay in touch with Redivia and attend any of their upcoming specials!) "Only a few tickets left for this weekend's wine dinner with Paul Gregutt of Waitsburg Cellars and Rediviva. We will get to be some of the first to taste his new releases....which we already tried and are sooo goood. Join us this Saturday in Seabrook Washington!"
Photo: Only a few tickets left for this weekend's wine dinner with Paul Gregutt of Waitsburg Cellars and Rediviva. We will get to be some of the first to taste his new releases....which we already tried and are sooo goood. Join us this Saturday in Seabrook Washington!

 Westport Winery

IF you are heading to the beach and need a snack for the road stop by Westport Winery to stock up on delicious cheese, chocolate and charcuterie. Or just stay for lunch (11-4) or dinner (4-8) in our award-winning restaurant and bakery.
Westport Winery's photo.
Westport Winery's photo.
Westport Winery's photo.

 Westport Brewing Co

Pre-sales on tickets for this event at the Westport Brewing Co. Save and support!

Rounding the LOOP! Catching up with Clallam County

MapCvrImageTilt+ShadowOf the 4 counties comprising the Olympic Culinary Loop. Clallam County boasts some the most densely concentrated market basket of delicious places to eat and experience in both Port Angeles and Sequim! Download onto your phone, or print off at home, or pick-up - just about ANYWHERE - a current copy of the Culinary Adventure Map and get ready to dine well in Clallam County! Here's what's happening right now at a handful of our most active Clallam County OCL members are up to:

 The Lodges of Olympic National Park and Forest - Lake Crescent Lodge Restaurant has been designated a 3 Star Certified #Green Restaurant!  They did this by implementing 77 steps in Six Environmental Categories: Energy, Water, Waste, Food, Disposables, and Chemicals. Learn more at

 Camaraderie Cellars - Invites YOU inside with wine and a tasting room full of new friends!
Photo: Chilly outside but not inside with wine!
 Red Lion Hotel Port Angeles Crab House -  Be it for a wedding, sea kayaking or delicious dining. Visitors are regularly rewarded with beautiful evening light at the Red Lion Port Angeles!
Photo: A beautiful evening at the Red Lion Port Angeles!
 Kokopelli Grill - is preparing for their next winemaker dinner! Thanks Michael and Candie for making everyone feel at home! They have as much fun hosting and cooking as we do eating!
 Michael's Fresh Northwest Seafood & Steakhouse - You just can't beat the classics! Yum! Steak Oscar!
Beef tenderloin topped with Dungeness crab meat, pan roasted cauliflower and mashed baby red potatoes all drizzled with Bernaise.
Photo: Beef tenderloin topped with Dungeness crab meat, pan roasted cauliflower and mashed baby red potatoes all drizzled with Bernaise. Voila-Steak Oscar!<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
You just can't beat the classics!
 Bella Italia - Tuesday's Tastings are always a great way to survive the work week! Recent Tuesday Tasting  #101 featured OCL member Lullaby Vineyards- Hosted by Virginie Bourgue!
 Cafe' New Day - Here your eyes and ears are fed as well as your taste buds! On-going "artist in residence" program combined with LOTS of live music make Cafe New Day a brand NEW experience every time you dine! Here's a recent combo: Have a perfect new day with John Manno on Harp today from 11-2pm.
Photo: Have a perfect new day with John Manno on Harp today from 11-2pm.
 Olympic Cellars Winery - Join us! This Sunday, June 1 at noon, we will be hand bottling our new Sailing Moon Ruby Dessert Wine. Greg is looking for 10ish volunteers to help. It should take about two hours and volunteers will have the first opportunity to purchase this limited release Port Style wine. Call the winery at 360-452-0160 to sign up.
 Blondies Plate - Tonight Chef Carlos has prepared Pork Roulade stuffed with Umami Pesto, Crusted and Deep Fried to make the most incredible crunchy coating around delicate Pork with a Savory punch!!
Photo: Tonight Chef Carlos has prepared Pork Roulade stuffed with Umami Pesto, Crusted and Deep Fried to make the most incredible crunchy coating around delicate Pork with a Savory punch!!
 Nourish Sequim - offers your daily serving of YUM! Here's a sampling:
  • Open Mic Wednesday evening featuring Food Related songs come and join the fun from 6.00 ...
  • This week's Dine-at-Home menu offers you some tasty options...moving towards lighter foods while still offering a beef stew for the days when our Sequim sun is not shining. As always all fish and shrimp are wild caught, meats are pasture raised and local. Try the almond lemon cake, it is a new recipe, based on the Almond carrot cake that everyone enjoys. If Nash's strawberry's are ready we will include them in the scones..."if".
  • Sunday Brunch with Chez Jazz June 1st reserve your table now to avoid missing them, We are filling up fast 11.30 - 1.30
  • Chefs at play (daily!) in the herb garden
    Nourish Sequim's photo.
 Alder Wood Bistro - Some of today's wood-fired delights…
Country Loaf, Focaccia, Apple Pie and Nash’s loaf w/Theo’s coco nibs
Photo: Some of today's wood-fired delights…<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
Country Loaf, Focaccia, Apple Pie and Nash’s loaf w/Theo’s coco nibs
 Nash's Organic Produce - Fresh from the field; Come on down! Strawberries, amazing spinach, asparagus, all going fast!!! Check out our Grab bags for only $6.50.. First berries of the season coming atcha this weekend at our Farm Store, select farmers markets and produce, grains, and flours on your plates or on the racks at the following fine PNW establishments this weekend. Many thanks! We're so lucky to have such amazing food communities right here in the PNW. Michael's Fresh Northwest Seafood & Steakhouse Nourish Sequim Bastille Cafe & Bar Stoneburner Tilth Preston Hill Bakery Agrodolce GoodFood World!
Photo: I didn't get a chance to snap a photo this morning, but it looked pretty much like this, but with a little more drizzle.  First berries of the season coming atcha this weekend at our Farm Store and select farmers markets!

Dockside Grill on Sequim Bay - As I type this, Josh Souza is filleting FRESH HALIBUT from the Strait of Juan de Fuca (less than an hour old) for your meal at Dockside Grill. It doesn't get fresher than this!!

Mother's Day Bounty all Around the LOOP

Spring is here! And with Mother's Day this month, (hint-hint May 11!), don't miss the opportunity to celebrate Mom as discover delicious dining specials.
The Olympic Culinary Loop is pleased to highlight an ever GROWING list of members cooking up something extra special for this Mother's Day. (Note: Advance reservations are strongly encouraged as many of these drool-worthy banquets will sell-out fast!)


Join us for our special Mother's Day -Three Course Brunch- at Rediviva! Reservations are strongly suggested, and available If you haven't been to one of our rare Rediviva brunch events yet, you're missing something pretty special! Make your reservations before it books up!
Join us for our special Mother's Day -Three Course Brunch- at Rediviva! Reservations are strongly suggested, and available at </p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>If you haven't been to one of our rare Rediviva brunch events yet, you're missing something pretty special! Make your reservations before it books up!

  Kokopelli Grill

It's almost Mother's Day and we have a special Brunch planned. Brunch begins at 10 am to 3pm. Dinner begins at 4pm. Reservations recommended. Also our Winemaker Dinner is almost sold out. We will close the restaurant on Sunday the 18th for this event. Cheers from Candy and Michael
Kokopelli Grill's photo.
Kokopelli Grill's photo.


We're celebrating Sunday, May 11th with a Mother's Day Cider Brunch at the Bad Habit Room! 9am-2pm. Bad Habit Room will be serving their delicious brunch menu paired with our craft ciders, sparkling Champagne-style cider and custom cider cocktails. All are welcome!

   The Resort at Port Ludlow

Spoil mom with brunch at The Fireside this Mother's Day! Our blog has a recap of our Easter brunch so you can see what delicious treats will be on the menu! Reservations available by calling 360.437.7412   Brunch is served! Need a LAST minute gift for mom? We can help! Gift certificates can be bought for The Inn and/or Golf Course at the front desks of both. Spoil mom with a round of golf or a dinner at The Fireside.
Photo: Brunch is served! #fresh #easter #delicious

Bon Appetit Fort Worden - THE COMMONS

May 11 @ 10:30 am - 1:30 pm | $21.95

Join us for Sunday Brunch this Mother’s Day and enjoy an abundance of local, fresh and sustainable goods. Carving station herb crusted Cape Cleare salmon with morel mushrooms, leeks and tarragon smoked pit ham with plum chutney Omelet station made to order omelets with baby shrimp, onions, peppers, ham, avocado, tomato, blue cheese, pepperjack, Tillamook and more!

  Farm's Reach Cafe

Sunday for Mother's Day we are offering a special limited menu. All mamas get a flower with their breakfast!
Limited menu includes: Piece of quiche made with Spring Rain eggs, side of potatoes, fresh cut fruit salad and your choice of orange juice or coffee for $13. (For those that are gluten free we are offering a veggie egg scramble.) Can't wait to see you all!

  Westport Winery

Lots of Mother's Day baskets available at Westport Winery. All under $39. Wine club members receive a 10% discount on all plants. Remember we also have tons of individual plants and potting soil if you want to make your own creation. Lots of luscious baskets and pretty plants in the nursery for Mother's Day. If you'd rather get her wine, cider, scarves or a gift basket we always gift wrap for free at Westport Winery.

  The Lodges of Olympic National Park and Forest

Sunday, May 11, 2014 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM, Lake Crescent Lodge Your Mother’s Day tradition starts here, on the shores of beautiful Lake Crescent! Indulge in a relaxed atmosphere where you and your special guest of honor, your mother, can enjoy creative Pacific Northwest fare at our scrumptious Mother`s Day Brunch. When: May 11, 2014 from 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM Where: Lake Crescent Lodge Starting May 2, call for reservations: 360.928.3211

  Smoking Mo's

Have you made your reservations for Mother's Day yet??? We still have room. Buffet served 11am-3pm. Call soon (360) 462-0163.

  Blondies Plate

Bring the mom in your life to Blondie's Plate for Mother's Day dinner! We have some spectacular specials including Halibut, Rack of Lamb & Filet Mignon!

 Farm's Reach Cafe

Sweet Mother's Day cookies 

 Olympic Cellars Winery

A Gift for Mother’s Day Designed by Moms
You can purchase glasses or cups individually. And, with Mother’s Day just a couple of days from now, we packaged an “ I love you, Mom” gift which includes the following for $19.99.Now You Can Speak coffee mug, How’s Your Day stemless wine glass, & A Glass Heart. Your gift to Mom is all wrapped up and ready to give her a smile.

Nick and Tara Greeley – the Craft of Roasting Coffee at Tinderbox

Meet Nick and Tara!  This great article is written and not video. But the story and these two awesome personalities, Nick and Tara of  Tinderbox Coffee Roasters,  are too wonderful not to share with you!   Thanks to writer By Chelsea Royer and the "Grays Harbor TALK" for this story:  In the Northwest, coffee is a culture unlike anywhere else in the US. I love the fact that even in a place as remote as Grays Harbor, I have access to the warmth of a hand-crafted espresso. Thanks to Nick and Tara Greeley, you can find a cozy nook and a cup of coffee as close to the ocean as Westport. Nick & Tara tinderbox coffee

Though both in the medical field, the Greeley’s have had a twenty-year-long coffee journey that began with a stovetop espresso maker and continues as an obsession. For years they jotted down ideas, sampled espresso from different shops, and thought about what they would do if they ever had the opportunity to open a coffee house of their own. It was in the most unexpected fashion that their dreams were finally realized.

“I was working in the ER and ran into a mental health professional named, Ben. He had just come off a 24-hour shift and was looking pretty ragged, so I asked him, ‘Are you ready for your second career yet? Maybe you should try opening a coffee shop.’

Read the rest of the story here and then answer the 3 content quiz questions below in the MESSAGE box and be entered to win an OCL  prize package drawn at random from all correct “Personalities Around the LOOP” entries.

Nick & Tara quiz: (Tip: simply cut-n-paste questions into Message box, add your answers and press SUBMIT. Good luck!)

  1.  Besides coffee what other profession are Nick and Tara involved in?
  2.  What month and year did they open Tinderbox?
  3.  What three senses are they using when craft roasting their delicious coffee?
[bestwebsoft_contact_form] Personalities Around the LOOP is a series of video postcards (and now great articles!) highlighting some of the unique people that make-up the delicious Culinary Adventure found all around the Olympic Culinary Loop!

Olympic Peninsula: 53 tasty stops on Olympic Culinary Loop's adventure map

Drool-worthy news! Accomplished travel writer Sue Frause, @suefrause, toured the LOOP last as part of Spring Olympic Culinary Loop's educational gathering in Shelton. She toured the eastern edge of the LOOP, visiting nearly a dozen OCL member locations from Port Townsend to Kamilche. Of all the delicious stories and sights she featured: Chimacum Corner FarmstandQuilcene Village StoreGeoduck Restaurant & Lounge, Hama Hama Seafood, Finnriver, Fireside Restaurant at The Resort at Port Ludlow Read the full article and enjoy as you get your own Culinary Adventure Map and plan your own Olympic taste tour today!    

Hop to these Delicious Easter Events!

happy_easter_2014-t2The LOOP is Springing full of fresh Easter color and tastes. From big Easter Brunches to super spring specials, you will be a happy Bunny when you hop all over the Olympic Culinary Loop this Easter!        

Fort Worden

 Nourish Sequim

The Resort at Port Ludlow

   Elevated Ice Cream Co. & Candy Shop

Bunny. April 20. Everything you need: Foiled Eggs, Chocolate Rabbits. Chicks.  Petit Fours. Hollow Sugar Eggs. Cellophaned Candies. Jellybeans. And our own Elevated Candy Co. yummy chocolate fudge eggs in four flavors and organic chocolate bunnies in foil. 

    Alderbrook Resort and Spa

Celebrate Easter with a delightful brunch! The Easter Bunny will be making appearances throughout the day-in particular at our Easter egg hunt and family photos!
Brunch will be served from 8AM to 4PM  Family Photos: 11AM-2PM (lobby) Egg Hunt: 1-2PM
Please call our Restaurant at 360.898.5500 for reservations as space is limited. Full Details

  Port Townsend Chocolate Company

Many Bunnies, Chicks and Ducks looking for new homes!! The solid chocolate kind of course. We also have foil wrapped eggs - perfect for baskets or that annual Easter egg hunt. Happy Easter PT!!! Come in and fill your baskets with our artisan chocolates.                              

 Stottle Winery

Looking for something to do this weekend? The Stottle Tasting Room in Hoodsport will be open 11am - 5pm Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Stottle Winery in Lacey will be open 12-6pm Friday & Saturday. Come join us!  

  Brinnon, Washington: The 'Heart of the Hood'

Bring the kids to your Quilcene Fire Station on Saturday at 2:00pm for an Easter Egg Hunt. Be there a little early so they don't miss out.                              

 Pumpkin Patch Sequim

The 35th Annual Newsradio 1450 KONP Easter Egg Hunt at the Pumpkin Patch Sequim April 19th registration at 8:30am Kids under 8 years old Over 4,000 eggs!! Lots of Toys and Prizes!  Harbinger Winery Easter Egg Hunt tonight at Harbinger! Come join the fun from 5-7 and be a kid again! There are prizes in every egg!  

Press Release: Olympic Culinary Loop Hosts a Business Knowledge Lunch—“Cooking Up Business: One Bite at a Time”

For Immediate Release – March 28, 2014 Contact:               Steve Shively, Membership Services Director, Olympic Culinary Loop 360-440-7006 | Olympic Culinary Loop Hosts a Business Knowledge Lunch—“Cooking Up Business:  One Bite at a Time Port Angeles, WA—Join the Olympic Culinary Loop (OCL) at the Salish Cliffs Golf Club, 91 W. State Hwy. 108, Shelton, WA, near Little Creek Casino/Resort, for a Business Knowledge Lunch about “Cooking  Up Business: One Bite at a Time” on April 15, 2014 from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Register online at or call 360.440.7006. At the end of this multi-course educational meal, featuring a panel of tourism experts, attendees will have the knowledge and confidence to dig in to the task of improving their business’ bottom line through strategic storytelling and messaging tips. Panelists include: Keynote presenter Sue Frause is a well-known travel/food writer and photographer who writes three blogs, regularly having her words and images appear in print. Her popular site, “Eat | Play | Sleep,” chronicles Sue’s adventures, along with tips and trends in the travel world. She’ll share actionable insights on how to better tell your business’ story to a hungry marketplace. Louise Stanton-Masten, executive director for the Washington Tourism Alliance (WTA), will update us on the successful passage of SHB 2229 and WTA’s continuing efforts to support tourism marketing and promotion throughout the state from five key tourism industry areas: lodging; food service; attractions and entertainment; retail; and transportation. Jan Morris, co-owner of The Hardware Distillery Company, was featured recently in a USA Today article, “Boomer entrepreneurs bet nest eggs on dreams.” You’ll gain insights into the passion behind the distillery’s success and their launch of a new culinary business in the state’s infant distilled spirits industry. “We’re looking forward to an exciting presentation on culinary tourism from regional experts offering tips and information that will boost your business IQ in this important industry,” said Diane Schostak, Olympic Culinary Loop president. “If you’re a food lover, farmer, wine aficionado, shellfish grower or simply interested in the culinary and agri-tourism movement happening across the Olympic Peninsula, we would love to have you join us.” Come early and join the OCL board of directors, members and culinary friends for a reception at Walter Dacon Winery Monday, April 14th from 6-8 p.m. Reservations are requested. Little Creek Resort is offering lodging discounts for participants. Golf packages for Monday afternoon are also available. The Olympic Culinary Loop was created in 2009 and exists to define, promote and celebrate the Olympic Peninsula’s unique culinary experience. Its purpose is to educate consumers, and ultimately establish the region as a niche destination to enhance economic development and the area’s tourism product. Its membership is comprised from Clallam, Jefferson, Mason and Grays Harbor Counties. For more information, go to


Personalities around the LOOP - Chuck & Jan of The Hardware Distillery

[caption id="attachment_1834" align="alignleft" width="197"]Jan and Chuck Morris of Hoodsports Hardware Distillery Jan and Chuck Morris of Hoodsports Hardware Distillery[/caption] Meet Jan and Chuck! View their brief video postcard: (Special thanks to Greg Brotherton of Quilcene Village Store for filming and producing this segement!)
 Answer the 3 content quiz questions below in the MESSAGE box and be entered to win an OCL  prize package drawn at random from all correct “Personalities Around the LOOP” entries.
  Jan & Chuck's quiz: (Tip: simply cut-n-paste questions into Message box, add your answers and press SUBMIT. Good luck!)
  1.  What's brewing in their basement?
  2.  What's Jan's favorite spirit?
  3.  What do you get when Jan & Chuck distill Mead?
[bestwebsoft_contact_form] Personalities Around the LOOP is a series of video postcards highlighting some of the unique people that make-up the delicious Culinary Adventure found all around the Olympic Culinary Loop!

Personalities Around the LOOP - Don & Vicki of Camaraderie Cellars

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="120"] Don & Vicki of Camaraderie Cellars[/caption] Meet Don & Vicki of Camaraderie Cellars! View their brief video postcard:
Answer the 3 content quiz questions below in the MESSAGE box and be entered to win an OCL  prize package drawn at random from all correct "Personalities Around the LOOP" entries.
Camaraderie Cellars quiz: (Tip: simply cut-n-paste questions into Message box, add your answers and press SUBMIT. Good luck!)
  1.  Story behind the name Camaraderie?
  2.  Most people tell time in years, Don instead counts what?
  3.  Besides grapes what other art form shows-off Don's talents?
[bestwebsoft_contact_form] Personalities Around the LOOP is a series of video postcards highlighting some of the unique people that make-up the delicious Culinary Adventure found all around the Olympic Culinary Loop!

How to pair Wine & Chocolate

2014WineAndChocolateThanks to the good girls (and Greg) at Olympic Cellars Winery - home of Working Girls Wines - they bring us this primer to help better understand the delicious art pairing Wine & Chocolate. Pairing wine and chocolate is a match made in heaven for the foodie and wine connoisseur wrapped in one. Just as with wine, chocolate presents a complexity of flavors and textures, with the potential for subtle changes with each new batch of chocolate.
  • Pair chocolate and wine according to the darkness of the chocolate. As with food, the general rule is that the darker the chocolate, the darker the wine. So, reds are ideal for dark chocolate.
  • If pairing with white wine, look for fruity and intense varieties, to match the eclectic mix of bitter and sweetness, fruitiness, sometimes nuttiness, and occasional acidity to be found in chocolate.
  • Also, look for wines with soft, rounded tannins to pair with chocolate. The smoothness of the wine is an important element when pairing with the smoothness of chocolate.
  • Full-bodied wines tend to pair with strong, intense, and heavy chocolates and chocolate desserts.
  • If tasting chocolate and wine together, obey the wine rule of tasting from light to dark. Start with the light milk and white chocolates, and move to the medium intensity chocolate, ending finally with the very dark and bitter chocolates.
  • Match the wines in ascending order of weight and darkness.
  • Most importantly, experiment a lot and make up your own mind as to what matches well and what does not when marrying wine and chocolate.
Put your new talents to the test! Join all 9 Olympic Peninsula Wine (and Cider) members for two weekends of Red Wine & Chocolate!

Cooking up Valentine's Love around the LOOP

The excuse to enjoy a great meal is here! Head to the Olympic Culinary Loop to dine in Valentine style this month.  But hurry! Many of the delicious offerings are limited and most require RSVP's. Enjoy these great culinary experiences with someone special!  

 7 Cedars Casino

Valentine's Weekend at 7 Cedars
Saturday (2/13) 8:30pm: The Double Down Burlesque Revue Tickets on sale now: $35/person ($25 TR Card)
Saturday (2/13) 4pm-10pm: Sweethearts Buffet Sunday (2/14) 3pm: Paint & Sip - Paint & Drink Wine! All supplies provided. Tickets on sale now: $30/person. Sunday (2/14) 6pm: David West's "Eternally Diamond" - Neil Diamond Tribute No Cover Charge!

We are booked solid for Valentine's Dinner, but there's still tonight, tomorrow and small availability tomorrow night. Be sure to call 360-683-7510 for any spots left.

Thank you all for voting Dockside as #1 Seafood on the Olympic Peninsula! This weekend featuring giant prawns stuffed with Dungeness crab and lemon butter sauce! Simply amazing for your appetizer. Veal Martinique with avocado, Swiss cheese and shallot and sherry demi-glace served with local Red Dog Farms organic roasted celeriac root and sunchokes and garlic pasta tomatoes and Parmesan. AMAZING!!

 Nourish Sequim   

You don't want to miss out on this romance inspired day at Nourish!

Make your reservations now! 797-1480

Blondies Plate

It's Valentine"s weekend and we have reservations still available!! Chef Carlos has put together a phenomenal menu that includes Short Rib, Oysters, Crab Cakes, 32 oz Rib Eye Steak, Banana Leaf wrapped local Steelhead & much more! The desserts are decade and paired with the perfect liquor! 360-683-2233

Wind Rose Cellars

Looking for Love? Wind Rose  might be able to kindle some of that this Saturday night. Join them for some great local talent!
 Visit them during Red Wine & Chocolate Festival!
Live Music Three Fools for Love @windrosecellars - is at Sat Feb 13 at 7:00P - Join us for Valentines day. "Three Fools for Love" is a jazz Trio headed by Linda Dowdell (keyboard), Ted Enderle (bass) , and Ed Donahue (trumpet.)  Sequim WA

One of this Valentine's weekends special desserts. Upside down Cherry Cornmeal Cake with lemon lavender Crème Anglaise
Alder Wood Bistro's photo.

Check out Caveman Cookout that Olympic Nature Experience is hosting tomorrow at the Dungeness Rec Area. Fun for the whole family, and local food too, they'll be roasting sausages fro Pacific Pantry. Good times for a great cause!
 13 FEB - 10 AM · Dungeness Recreation Area, Large Group Campsite

What a terrific week here on the Dungeness Bay- feeling like spring as we mow the field and prune the rose bushes- finally removing that last flower from fall. The sunrises and sunsets are spectacular and the stars amazing. Hey Alaskan friends... if you need to see some green, c'mon down!
'Clearing out fall's trimmings as new growth begins next to the house.'
'Trumpeters enjoying the fresh sprouts of winter wheat.'
'Sunrise over historic Cline barn from the back yard'
'Sun setting on the Dungeness Bay tonight.'

What a wonderful way to say, "I love make my heart soar." than with a hot air balloon ride. Of course, we are having some rain this weekend so how about a "raincheck"? Gift certificates available! We also have a fun time performing weddings from the balloon for those who want something different. Check out our   for more information on our wedding packages

Victor's Lavender's photo.

   George Washington Inn

It's getting close to Tea time! Register for George Washington's Birthday Tea, Feb. 20, on our website!
Come celebrate George Washington's birthday in style at George Washington Inn in Port Angeles, WA. George will join us as we celebrate his 284th birthday on Saturday, February 20th.

Admiralty Distillers New Release Brandies!

Come by the tasting room to sample new Marc Brandy: a delicious barreled version and a very limited quantity from a 2014 Lullaby Viognier which will only be available at the distillery. Plus the Apple eau-de-vie is bottled! We'll be open Feb. 20 and 21 from 12-5 p.m.

  Olympic Cellars Winery

Join us for Red Wine & Chocolate. We are releasing our new White Port made from locally grown Madeleine Angevine grapes. Pair it with Yvonne's white chocolate for a truly decadent treat.
Olympic Cellars Winery's photo.

Happy Valentine's Day!
 Dungeness Crab & Seafood Festival's photo.

Valentines is coming up soon. We will be running this menu the whole weekend. Reservations recommended. See you soon
 Add this savings coupon all February long!
Kokopelli Grill's photo.
We LOVE Valentine's Day here at Michael's! Along with our regular menu, we'll be offering a special menu for the Feast of Venus on both Saturday, February 13th and Sunday February 14th! Our reservation book is filling up fast for Valentine's Day weekend, so get your reservations in now! 360-417-6929

 Bella Italia Bella Italia Tuesday Tastings #137

Bella's next Tuesday Tasting, That's Amore - Valentine's Wines for Lovers, is all about our shared love...of good wine! On Tuesday, February 9th, 2016, Matt McCleary (Noble Wines Ltd.) will share 5 lovely wines that will complement whatever you have planned for Valentine's Day. These wines represent the best of the best wine regions in Italy...topped off by the incredibly lush Tenuta Sant Antonio Amarone Selez 2011! We'll  have plenty of these Valentine's Wines available for immediate purchase, so that you can share them with your loved one on February 14th...or sooner!
Join us for excellent wines, great food, and good friends!
Bella Italia's photo.Bella Italia's photo.

  Bedford's Soda's

Don't forget your Bedford's Ginger Beer for your Holiday Moscow Mule's!
Bedford's Soda's photo.

 Camaraderie Cellars

Red Wine & Chocolate event: Feb. 13-14-15-20-21
11 AM to 5 PM Debut of 2013 Tempranillo pairing with the fabulous pulled pork with cocoa spice rub.
Camaraderie Cellars's photo.

Do you need to send a helpful hint to a certain someone that a romantic weekend at Lake Crescent in one of our charming and historic Roosevelt Fireplace Cabins would be the perfect Valentine's Day gift? Tag them below....
Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, these cabins offer a warm and luring fireplace - perfect for settling in and reading a book - and lake or mountain views that are indescribable. All Roosevelt Fireplace Cabins are located along the shores of Lake Crescent
Looking for that perfect Valentine's Day gift? Present your sweetheart with a cozy weekend at Lake Quinault Lodge.
Join us for a special weekend (Feb. 19 & 20) celebrating the local flavors of the Olympic Peninsula within the beautiful surroundings of the historic and grand Lake Quinault Lodge.

Kalaloch Lodge's photo.

 Ocean Crest Resort

We are preparing the February Fan Special, is anybody planning on coming for Valentine's Day, President's Weekend, or The Chocolate on the Beach Festival?


Little Creek Casino Resort

The way to a man's heart is through his stomach...
Little Creek Casino Resort's photo.

Stottle Winery's photo.
Stottle Winery
Wine & Chocolate at Stottle Winery - this weekend! Saturday & Sunday - Feb. 13th & 14th - 12pm - 5pm. Join us Stottle Winery Tasting Room in Hoodsport for Wine & Chocolate tasting this weekend.
Just $12 for tasting 5 amazing wines and delicious hand made chocolate truffles. Bring your sweetheart, bring a friend, or just treat yourself. More info at:

 The Resort at Port Ludlow

You don't just have to celebrate Valentine's Day on the 14th. Celebrate all month long with weekday specials & packages, every day can be Valentine's Day...
The Resort at Port Ludlow's photo.

Thank you Beecher's Cheese for suggesting a great Valentine's Day gift!
Beecher's Handmade Cheese's photo.
We've decided to give you all an early Valentine's Day gift: pairings of alcohol and cheese! First up is Seastack from Mt. Townsend Creamery,  with the Ginger Honey Wine from Sky River Winery. Your date won't see this move coming.

 Elevated Ice Cream Co. & Candy Shop

Love is in the air.....or maybe it's just the smell of chocolate! Happy Valentines Day!
Elevated Ice Cream Co. & Candy Shop's photo.

 Fort Worden
Join FreddyPink at their upcoming performance of The Queen of Hearts Ball and the addition of two iconic brass musicians to their “Dream Team” horn section—Trumpeter Andy Omdahl and saxophonist Rich Cole.
Presented by Fort Worden and Key City Public Theatre, the Queen of Hearts Balls begins at 7PM on Saturday, Feb. 13, at the Fort Worden Commons. ADVANCE TICKETS are $59. Buy yours today!!! Call 385-KCPT or go online to

Super Bowl Specials around the LOOP!

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="181"] Go Seahawks![/caption] Here's a mash-up of some of the MANY delicious Super Bowl specials being offered by Olympic Culinary Loop foodies all around the Peninsula! How are you going to be eating and expressing your 12th Man pride this weekend?!?! Go Hawks!       Red_Lion_Hotels_Logo0446 Red Lion Hotel Port Angeles Crab House We're 12-ing here at the CrabHouse and we want you to join us! Chef has provided amazing specials to help you cheer on our Hawks this Super-Sunday! A few items in our line-up: • $9.95 - Dark Ale Mustard Burger • $5 Beer Braised Bratwurst - Topped with Dijon Bistro Mustard and Sauerkraut. Add French Fries $2 • $12 - Clam Strips, Popcorn Chicken, Toasted Cheese Ravioli, Siracha Hot Wings, Sweet Potato Fries, Onion Rings and Served with Cracked Pepper Sauce, Ranch and Cocktail Sauce • $12 Seahawk Chili Cheese Nachos - Crisp Corn Tortilla Chips with Chipotle Chicken Chili, Sliced Olives, Pico Salsa, Green Onions, Cheddar and Jack Cheese and Cilantro Sour Cream • $10 Coors Light Pitchers We've got Hawk-themed beverages and our normal Happy Hour starting at 3pm.   Pourhouse It's Game Day! 3:30 kickoff! We're pouring Port Townsend C-Hawks IIPA and Pelican Seahops Pale Ale for the occasion. We'll be projecting the game on a 100" screen. Enter to win a weekend getaway to Pacific City, Oregon. GO HAWKS!!   smokingMos Smoking Mo's  SUPER BOWL All U Can Eat BBQ Buffet Only $15 including non-alcoholic beverage. Starts at 3pm SUNDAY 2/2/14! Menu includes Pulled Pork, Ribs, Chicken Wings, Baked Beans, Mac and Cheese, Tater Tots, Coleslaw, Chips, Dips and Blue Pride Cobbler! Happy Hour Bar Prices 2-5pm. Accepting reservations now! Go Hawks! If you're hosting a Super Bowl Party at your house, let us handle all the cookin' for you! We'll be smoking a load of wings Sunday morning. Call to reserve yours! 50 Wings for $30. First come, first served. We'll be happy to pack BBQ by the lb or let us make the whole meal for you with a 4 or 5 Meat Combo big enough to feed a crowd. Call ahead to guarantee your order. If you're still looking for a fun place to watch the game, join us at Mo's! Taking reservations now. (360)462-0163.
  Chevy Chase Beach Cabins
12% Discount this weekend on all open cabins...  Seahawks and Swans! The Meadow House is available this Superbowl weekend and is our only spot with cable TV...and right now it also has beautiful trumpeter swans in the pond! We also have a few other lovely spots available - you can cozy in and ignore the game hype or stream it. GO HAWKS!!   Cafe' New Day Omelette show down Sunday at Cafe New Day! (Oh No! Denver wins by $1!)          
 Mt. Townsend Creamery
What can we do to make your Sunday party planning easier? Oh, wait, I know! How about a 12th Man pre-ordered platter of 3 Mt Townsend Creamery cheeses, 2 kinds of Salumi salami and crackers? Beer-washed cheese would be appropriate, don't you think? And how about some curds? Give me a call at 360-379-0895 ext 1 to order today. ~ Shannon    Alderbrook ResortAlderbrook Resort and Spa     Join us for the ultimate Alderbrook Resort and Spa Superbowl party!  For only $12 we're offering an all-you-can-eat buffet of football fare, $5 Seattle Seahawks shots, draft $3 Bud lights and will be giving away tons of Seahawks SWAG! We're bringing in several additional TVs and will be showing the game throughout our entire restaurant! Stay with us on Sunday for rates starting at $112 to receive the buffet for 2 on us! Minors are welcome to join the party on the Restaurant side-so bring the whole family! Call us at 360.898.2200 with promo code 12TH MAN or book online
finnriver  Finnriver
Super Bowl cider suggestion: Finnriver Dry Hopped mixed with our Habanero cider. 'Hot Hopped' cocktail suggested by friends at theThe Resort at Port Ludlow. Enjoy the game and may goodwill prevail on the field and beyond!   Kalaloch Lodge The 12th Man is loud and proud at Kalaloch! We featured some delicious Seahawks-themed specials during the championship game last Sunday, including CenturyLink Field's signature "Beast Burger", which was a big hit. We couldn't have been prouder of our local team and are looking forward to cheering them on the Superbowl! Check out our blog for more details ( and we hope to see you on Feb. 2nd for the big game! GO HAWKS!!
shortslogo Short's family farm
Superbowl Grill party beef special offered up by Short's family farm. Be sure to save a plate for us! Yum! We are now offering a $100 Winter grill pack which includes 6 lb of T bone steak 6 lb of your choice of 1/4 pound or 1/2 pound hamburger patties and 1.3lb of top sirloin Special this weekend only 12% of 4 blocks of ground beef. Super (Bowl) added special for this weekend: a) show up in your Seahawks gear 3% off your entire order b) use the password "Bronco Buster" for a half pound of pepperoni with perches (does not include grill pack or whole,  1/2  &  1/4's)    next door gastropub   Join us on Sunday Next Door for the Superbowl Party we've all been waiting for! Along with featuring the game on our big screen and projector, we will be offering many Hawks inspired specials, 12th Man Pale Ale on Draught all day, and some BIG giveaways!!! The tension will be heavy as two of the pub owners will be in the audience--one a Seahawks fan and the other a Bronco! It only seems natural that someone will be getting a PIE IN THE FACE at the end of the game :) The heat is on at NEXT DOOR GASTROPUB!! (But you may want to bring your jackets, we might just open the door!!)

 Sirens Pub   It's official! Sirens now has 2 big TVs, so everyone can see our Seahawks beat the 49'ers this Sunday. Plenty of spots and fun 12th Man Specials, maybe even Skittle Vodka Shots!!

  Port Townsend Brewing Company
Last keg of C-Hawk Imperial IPA has been tapped! Come on in to the tasting room and raise a glass! C-Hawk Imperial IPA. ABV is 8.5% ... GO HAWKS! Join us in the tasting room for a pint!     Harbinger Winery The Twelfth-man special: Today, Saturday, and Sunday Harbinger will be offering a special to get you all ready for the big game!! 2 glasses of Bolero for $12 and growler refills for $12. Go ‪#‎Seahawks‬ !!  
 Ajax Cafe
Squaaaaaawk Go Hawks Live TV Broadcast - Super Bowl Party! At the Ajax Cafe! We will be opening early for the pre-show and broadcasting live Super Bowl XLVIII. Featuring special Squaaaaaawk Go Hawks cocktails, Hawk Ale, and special buffet. Kick off is 3:30 PT! Bring your noise makers and join the party!
SOLD OUT  BUT...WAIT, We're having SUPERBOWL "GO HAWKS" SALE this Sunday for 12 noon on (Open till at least 7:00) 12% OFF all BEER purchases WHEN YOU MENTION THIS facebook POST!!! * (some restrictions, see store for details)

 Pane d'Amore   Don't forget to call and reserve your game day goodies! 

Port Townsend 360.385.1199 Bainbridge 206.780.1902 Sequim 360.681.3280

There will be lots of Seahawk Specialties to be had!

 The Lodges of Olympic National Park and Forest  Join us on Super Bowl Sunday at Lake Quinault Lodge! We’ll be watching the game on the big screen in our ballroom and serving up a special menu. Go Hawks

 Michael's Fresh Northwest Seafood & Steakhouse  Go Seahawks!! Win or lose, come celebrate after the Super Bowl at Michael's!
   Wishkah River Distillery $20 but we have a very limited supply. Hurry into the distillery this week to get yours before the big game While you're here pick up a bottle of vodka and learn how to make "Skittles Vodka" for Sunday's big game! #gohawks

Elders of organic farming share stories, secrets and anxieties

Enjoy this interesting and important article from an elite gathering of our "founding fathers" of sustainable farming, including OCL's own Nash Huber Reprinted of a NY Times article as featured in the Seattle Times.
“I’m 72. I love what I do, obviously, I can’t keep doing it.” But young people “don’t have the financial resources to make it happen,” he said, with land in his area going for $26,000 an acre. “And they don’t have the knowledge yet.” - Nash Huber
BIG SUR, Calif. — Among the sleek guests who meditate and do Downward Facing Dog here at the Esalen Institute, the farmers appeared to be out of place. They wore baggy jeans, suspenders and work boots and had long ago let their hair go gray. For nearly a week, two dozen organic farmers from the United States and Canada shared decades’ worth of stories, secrets and anxieties, and during breaks they shared the clothing-optional baths. The agrarian elders, as they were called, were invited to Esalen because the organizers of the event wanted to document what these rock stars of the sustainable food movement knew and to discuss an overriding concern: How will they be able to retire, and how will they pass their knowledge to the next generation? Michael Ableman, a farmer and one of the event’s organizers, said the concerns were part of a much larger issue, a “national emergency,” in his words. Farmers are aging. The average age of the American farmer is 57, and the fastest-growing age group for farmers is 65 and over, according to the Census Bureau. During their meetings, some of the farmers worried that their children would not want to continue their businesses and that they might have to sell their homes and land to retire. Esalen is the birthplace of the human potential movement and a stunningly beautiful spiritual retreat overlooking the Pacific Ocean. When they were not in conference, the farmers wandered among floating monarch butterflies through Esalen’s farm and garden, rich with Calypso cilantro, tatsoi and flamboyant orange marigolds. ~~~ Weeds and crops When he was younger, Bob Cannard, 61, sprayed DDT and malathion, he said, and he passed out “many times” while working for his nurseryman father. Now Cannard lets weeds grow in harmony with his crops and is the main herb and vegetable grower for Chez Panisse in Berkeley, a temple of organic cuisine. Ableman climbed out the window of his parents’ house when he was 16 and ran away. He was soon managing a 100-acre orchard, and then a 12-acre farm in Southern California, which grossed close to a million dollars. He now farms on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, and travels to Vancouver to oversee urban farms he developed for people coping with addiction and mental illness. They are paid to work the land, and they sell their food to 30 restaurants and at six farmers’ markets. Amigo Bob Cantisano’s dreadlocks dangle below his knees; he is tie-dyed down to his socks. Cantisano, 63, is the only one of the group at Esalen who has regular contact with industrial organic farmers. Some of them are Republicans in cowboy hats, he said, but they overlook his nonconformist appearance. He consults with companies like Sun-Maid, Sunkist and Earthbound Farm on how to improve yields and practice better sustainable agriculture. Morton, who sells seeds through his Wild Garden Seed catalog, discovered at age 6 that food could be free but digging was hard. As a teenager, he said he “came to the realization that seed was the key to wealth and independence.” Some related their marketing tips. Coleman, who sells his produce to 10 restaurants, said the endive variety called Bianca Riccia da Taglio would not sell until he renamed it. “Within two weeks, every lobster salad was sitting on a bed of golden frisée,” he said. When farmers changed the name of Mandarin Cross tomatoes to tangerine tomatoes, sales soared. A farmer who had trouble selling her misshapen potatoes labeled them “Ugly Potatoes” and cut the price. They sold. Retirement And many came looking for answers to the conundrum of retirement. Some have put their farms into land trusts; others said they had tried to negotiate similar deals but failed. Like other family farmers around the country, some are finding that their children do not want to carry on their work. Dru Rivers of Full Belly Farms in the Capay Valley in California was one of the few farmers whose children had returned to the farm, with their own ideas. A son is doing farm weddings and dinners. A daughter is operating a summer camp and running farm tours. In true hippie style, Rivers said: “I don’t want to die with one thing to my name. I want to give it all away. We have to do that to regenerate.” So she will give the farm to her children. Norbert Kungl, 58, who farms in Nova Scotia, is concerned about the future of his land, which he says produces enough income for only one family. “I can’t find a cushion,” he said. “What options do I have other than selling to the highest bidder, which I do not want to do? These are questions that I have no answer for.” Willey, 65, said he had called a family meeting with his three children. “We made clear to them we have a very profitable business,” he said, but none was interested in carrying it on. He understands why. “Farmers often work seven days a week and as many hours a day as the sun is up,” he said. “Young people looking into agriculture are not willing to make that drastic a sacrifice.” Huber, who owns 25 acres and farms more than 600 acres on the northern Olympic Peninsula in Washington state, said, “I think we’re looking at models that don’t work anymore.” “I’m 72. I love what I do,” he said. “Obviously, I can’t keep doing it.” But young people “don’t have the financial resources to make it happen,” he said, with land in his area going for $26,000 an acre. “And they don’t have the knowledge yet.” (Read the full article at: )


LEHANI’S COFFEHOUSE AND DELI/PORT TOWNSEND CHOCOLATE COMPANY   After twelve years of serving the residents and visitors of Port Townsend, LEHANI’S paused to refurbish and refresh their coffeehouse, deli and chocolate company at 221 Taylor Street, Port Townsend. “Twelve years of doing what we do has given us a level of mastery that we are proud to offer our community. Lehani’s new space is a better reflection of our passion and imagination.  We’ve seen our vision become a reality, and we couldn’t have done it without our community here on the Olympic Peninsula. Our re-opening celebration is our way of saying thank you to all the people who have supported us over the years,” say co-owners Lynn Hamlin-LeMaster and Bill LeMaster. Lehani’s proudly invites the community to pop in and see the renewed space during Gallery Walk, on February 1st.  Lynn and Bill will be in attendance as well as local artist, Luke J. Tornatzky, whose artwork is on display. Complimentary chocolate and coffee will be served from  5:30 to 7:00 p.m. Lehani’s Coffeehouse and Deli, in Port Townsend, is an ongoing love story. Husband and wife team, Lynn and Bill LeMaster, own the business and spend their days working side by side. The Coffeehouse is a reflection of their relationship, and also of their individual passions. Bill has always loved cooking healthy and imaginative foods, and Lynn has a passion for chocolate and coffee. They combined these pursuits to create Lehani’s Coffeehouse and Deli, which is also the proud home of Port Townsend Chocolate Company.  “It’s not just the two of us who are star-crossed,” says Lynn Hamlin-LeMaster, “the coffee bean and the cacao bean also make a perfect couple.” The love story doesn’t end there. Upon arriving in Port Townsend twelve years ago, Lynn and Bill quickly fell in love with this community and with the natural beauty that surrounds us here. “We have always striven to make Lehani’s a truly LOCAL business.” To Lynn and Bill that means that all produce, oils, spices and dry goods are purchased fresh, from local farmers and the Food Co-Op. It means that dairy products, free range eggs and chicken come from North West farms. It means that customers are getting fresh, organic food, and that everyone who walks in will find something good to eat. “We always have vegetarian, vegan and gluten free choices. It’s part of how we honor the diversity in this community.” Lynn and Bill also participate in town events, donate to local organizations, and are members of the Main Street Alliance and the Jefferson Chamber of Commerce. “We utilize local businesses and craftspeople for everything, from printing, to re-modeling our kitchen.”

Ocean Crest Resort... An ocean oasis

Update: Read this great follow-up article published April 2014 in the Grays Harbor Talk  Enjoy this great interview with Jess and Sarah of Ocean Crest Resort as they recall family history, creation of  The Culinary Madman™ and eager anticipation of their re-opened dining room Spring 2014.  reprint care of Seattle DINNING!  

Ocean Crest Resort... An ocean oasis

A bluff, a tree-filled ravine, the unending ocean. You, being treated like family, relaxing in your rustic-beach room with a view and fireplace. It's no dream, it's Ocean Crest Resort, about three hours from Seattle and 18 miles north of Ocean Shores.


Barbara Curtright bought the one bedroom home and four cabins in 1953, moving in with her four children. Ocean Shores was still a ranch, and the Washington coast was not a tourist destination. To be in the AAA guide, there had to be six rental units, so the garage was converted, and a sixth cabin built. Guests came for Saturday night, but the family wanted them to stay longer, so they began serving complimentary clam chowder around a campfire on Friday nights. Barbara had acquired the previous owner's recipe for the chowder. The unchanged recipe has been shared over the years, and won two blue ribbons at the Ocean Shores Razor Clam Festival.


Barbara's husband Jess suggested they open a restaurant. Not crazy about the idea, she relented, only if it was by reservation. In 1963, in a small town, no one thought this was a good idea. Yet they cantilevered a dining room from their house over the bluff. By 1964, they had to open a second dining room. The house and restaurant have been the nucleus of the resort ever since. When people made reservations, they also placed their dinner order. This allowed the family to grocery shop. They offered 5-6 items plus clam chowder, dessert, coffee. Everything was produced from Barbara's home kitchen. "Things have changed so much," laughs Jess Owen, one of Barbara's grandsons and assistant general manager of the resort. "No Health Department, no commercial kitchen."


Ocean Crest was the first resort on the Washington coast to stay open year round. "Other owners were snow birds," recalls Jess. As Jess's wife Sara says, "It wasn't just about the restaurant, it was about entertainment as well." Grandpa would smoke salmon on the bluff, wearing a buckskin jacket and Indian headdress and bring the salmon into the restaurant to beating drums. "It was a whole different time," recalls Jess. He thinks they may have been the first restaurant on the mainland to serve steak and lobster. His grandparents had visited Hawaii and came home saying it was good, but wanting to use higher quality ingredients. The first menu priced the meal between $4 and $5. At one time, part of the restaurant was the Gold Room and was black tie.


"The idea is that you come and stay with our family," says Sara. "At Grandma's house, hospitality was old school, and still is today. Every Curtright worked at the resort, at least until they went to college." Jess started at the restaurant at age 11. At 15, his parents moved to Eugene where his high school had a very advanced computer lab. He did an internship as a computer systems operator and was offered a job in Tennessee. Deciding to stay in the Northwest, he worked at the resort for a few years, then returned to Eugene for business school. He met Sara in Eugene; they talked about him wanting to help run the family business. She agreed, as long as she had a commitment. They married in 1996 and headed to the resort in February 1997. They have worked every position in the resort.


Staffing changes led Jess into the kitchen, where he found a passion and talent. "I had no culinary training, but spent most of my life in the kitchen." Winemaker dinners were based on the wine, and he would stress about creating menus to complement the wines. "Jess would walk around muttering 'potatoes!' or 'shrimp, I like shrimp!' kind of like Rain Man," laughs Sara. "We began calling him The Culinary Madman™." His dishes sound crazy, but people love them. To go with an elk dish, he matched the side dish with the huckleberry sauce rather than the elk and developed white chocolate whipped potatoes. He paired chai halibut with Syrah, cooking it in parchment and serving over braised fennel and apples. He's made chocolate chip crimini cookies with espresso panna cotta, and a chocolate soup ('like a liquid brownie' sighs Sara).


"We started the winemaker dinners because of our wine list. It was ridiculous for a small town, but we had over 400 wines, including Quilceda Creek verticals back to 1998. Our wines are primarily Washington and we've won numerous awards," says Jess.


Many famous people have dined at Ocean Crest, including Joe Namath, John Wayne, Anthony Geary, Greg Nichols, Maria Cantwell, John McCain, Ted Nugent, and Apolo Ohno. In 1974, the San Francisco Chronicle named it The Best Restaurant North of San Francisco.


The restaurant fun ended on June 20, 2011, when a suspected electrical fire burned down Barbara's home and the restaurant. "We lost family history, photos, original menus, computers. They let it burn for three days because the bluff was sliding from all the water. We had to remove 11 trees, and rebuild the stairs to the beach," says Sara. "We worked for two years getting help with permitting, insurance, contractors. We miss our guests and look forward to reopening the restaurant in spring of 2014. We'll have to learn a new flow in the restaurant. We take wine and food seriously. Once we've got it, we'll re-start the winemaker dinners."


The exterior will still have multiple sloping rooflines; the interior will be completely different. It will have the same view through the trees to the ocean, "Very Swiss Family Robinson," says Sara. Seating capacity will be about 70 with the bar and dining room. Eventually, they'll have a small outdoor dining area.


The resort and spa have remained open. There are 45 rooms in different configurations: ocean view, partial view, no view; studios, one and two bedrooms; no kitchens, kitchenettes, full kitchens; a duplex ¼ mile away with ocean view and adjoining door for large groups; pet-friendly rooms. The Cedar Serenity Spa is open 365 days a year with hot tub, tanning bed, heated pool, sauna, exercise room, massage.


When it's time to truly relax in a gorgeous setting, it's time to make your way to Ocean Crest Resort.


Ocean Crest Resort
4651 SR 109
Moclips, WA 98562


Photos courtesy of Ocean Crest Resort


Connie Adams/January 2014


Personalities around the LOOP - Michael at Fairwinds Winery

[caption id="attachment_1521" align="alignleft" width="120"]Michael Cavett of Fairwinds Winery, Port Townsend Michael Cavett of Fairwinds Winery, Port Townsend[/caption]
Meet Michael Cavett of Fairwinds Winery! View Michael's brief video postcard:
Answer the 3 content quiz questions below in the MESSAGE box and be entered to win an OCL  prize package drawn at random from all correct "Personalities Around the LOOP" entries.
  Michael at Fairwinds quiz: (Tip: simply cut-n-paste questions into Message box, add your answers and press SUBMIT. Good luck!)
  1.  Story behind the name Fairwinds?
  2.  How many years has Fairwinds been in business?
  3.  What's Michael's advice for the east-side grape growers?
[bestwebsoft_contact_form] Personalities Around the LOOP is a series of video postcards highlighting some of the unique people that make-up the delicious Culinary Adventure found all around the Olympic Culinary Loop!

After near death, a winemaker finds new life

  [caption id="" align="alignleft" width="365"] A terrible plane crash gave Harbinger's Sara Gagnon new perspective on what was important to her.[/caption] Enjoy this reprint of Seattle Times profile of Sara from Harbinger Winery! Out of Sara Gagnon’s experience of surviving a small-plane wreck that killed the pilot, Harbinger Winery was born. By Andy Perdue, Special to The Seattle Times SARA GAGNON knew she was in trouble when the plane’s windshield hit her in the face.   It was August 2004, just before wine-grape harvest was to begin, and Gagnon was riding in a Cessna 182 from her hometown of Port Angeles to Boeing Field on a cloudy, rainy night. In the plane was co-worker Tammi Hinkle, and in the pilot seat was friend Barry Koehler.   They barely made it 10 miles out of town when they came through a cloud bank and everything went wrong.   “We clipped the top of a ridge and went down into the trees at about 150 miles an hour,” Gagnon remembers. “It was full speed. The plane disintegrated around us, and I was pretty sure that was it. I was unlucky enough to not lose consciousness, so I get to remember.”   Koehler died in the crash, and Gagnon and Hinkle, both badly injured, were left stuck all night in a remote area of Olympic National Park, wondering if they would be found, because Koehler hadn’t filed a flight plan. “It was a pretty wild night. I was afraid to fall asleep because I didn't want to wake up dead.” They were found the next morning and hiked out of the forest. Gagnon, who had returned to Port Angeles from Seattle four years earlier to follow her passion for winemaking, was the head winemaker at Olympic Cellars in nearby Sequim. She was having a blast in the job and also had discovered a love for kayaking that moved her to become a professional guide.As she recovered from a fractured sternum, cracked pelvis, broken nose and concussion, Gagnon came to a hard-earned conclusion: Life is too short to not follow your dreams. “That really shifted my perspective and made me realize that I wanted to go do my own thing. So I finished up harvest at Olympic Cellars and moved on.” Out of her near death was born Harbinger Winery. In the decade since, Gagnon has built Harbinger into a 3,000-case winery. West of Port Angeles on Highway 101, it is the northwestern-most winery in the continental United States. She shares the winery building with Hinkle, with whom she co-owns Adventures Through Kayaking, putting both her passions under one roof. As a result of the harrowing plane crash, Gagnon is stronger mentally and physically. Whether she’s in the cellar making wine or working the tasting room, she takes on life in a gentle, Zen-like manner, living for the moment rather than for the paycheck.  

Personalities Around the LOOP - Dave at Harbinger Wine

[caption id="attachment_1473" align="alignleft" width="210"]Dave of Harbinger Winery Dave of Harbinger Winery[/caption] Meet Dave of Harbinger Winery! Video Dave's brief video postcard: Answer the 3 content quiz questions below in the MESSAGE box and be entered to win an OCL  prize package drawn at random from all correct "Personalities Around the LOOP" entries.   Dave at Harbinger quiz: (Tip: simply cut-n-paste questions into Message box, add your answers and press SUBMIT. Good luck!)
  1.  Story behind the name Harbinger? (Hint!)
  2.  Wine won Best In Show at Sunset Magazine Wine Competition?
  3.  Piece of equipment being borrowed-back?
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Itinerary: Jefferson County - Take a bite out of the Olympic Culinary Loop!

Olym Cul Adven cover thumbItinerary: Take a bite out of the Olympic Culinary Loop! Travel the LOOP in 3, 4 or more daily bites. Or take your time and discover more seasonal treasures and tastes around every turn.  To whet your appetite for adventure you can follow this sample itinerary, reverse the order, or make up your own… the delicious discoveries are endless. Visit for current events and additional Culinary Adventure ideas.   Whet your appetite with this Jefferson County culinary sampler: Jefferson Go: Quilcene, Port Ludlow, Chimacum, Port Townsend Ferry to additional adventure! See: Trendy neon signs and organic goodies in a timber town, Quilcene Village Store and Gas, Quilcene, 360- 765-0090, or the hippest place to strut your Carharts at Chimacum Corner Farmstand,, Chimacum, 360-732-0107 Do: Finnriver Farm apples and Dented Buoy pizza Chimacum, WA , 360-732-4337, 360-732-4084 Or we dare you not to say "Cheese!"" at Mt. Townsend Creamery, Port Townsend, , 360-379-0895 Dine: With the strangest hats on your head and the best tastes in your mouth - Ajax Café, Port Hadlock, , 360-385-3450 Or succumb to the freshest Ice Cream & Chocolates at Elevated Ice Cream Co., Port Townsend,,  360-385-1156 Stay: In the lap of luxury at The Port Ludlow Inn and Resort, Port Ludlow , 360-437-7412 Ask: A local expert at Port Townsend Tourism, , 360-385-2722

Itinerary: Clallam County - Take a bite out of the Olympic Culinary Loop!

Olym Cul Adven cover thumbItinerary: Take a bite out of the Olympic Culinary Loop! Travel the LOOP in 3, 4 or more daily bites. Or take your time and discover more seasonal treasures and tastes around every turn.  To whet your appetite for adventure you can follow this sample itinerary, reverse the order, or make up your own… the delicious discoveries are endless. Visit for current events and additional Culinary Adventure ideas.   Whet your appetite with this Clallam County culinary sampler: Clallam Go: Olympic National Park - Hurricane Ridge, Sol Duc, Lake Crescent, Port Angeles, Sequim’s farmland See: Your food grow at Nash's Organic Farm and Produce Store, Sequim, , 360-681-6274 Do: Gourmet lunch fixin's at The Red Rooster Grocery, Sequim , 360-681-2004 Or dine on bread alone - Pane d' Amore, Sequim , 360-681-3280. Dine: Taste Twilight at Bella Italia, Port Angeles,  360-457-5442 Stay: Sol Duc Hot Spring Resort, Port Angeles, , 360-327-3583 Ask: A local expert at Olympic Peninsula Visitor Bureau, Port Angeles, WA , 1-800-942-4042

Itinerary: Gray's Harbor Co. - Take a bite out of the Olympic Culinary Loop!

Olym Cul Adven cover thumbItinerary: Take a bite out of the Olympic Culinary Loop! Travel the LOOP in 3, 4 or more daily bites. Or take your time and discover more seasonal treasures and tastes around every turn.  To whet your appetite for adventure you can follow this sample itinerary, reverse the order, or make up your own… the delicious discoveries are endless. Visit for current events and additional Culinary Adventure ideas.   Whet your appetite with this Gray's Harbor County culinary sampler:   Go: Lake Quinault, Moclips, Westport, through Hoquiam – Aberdeen along Washington’s wild coast See: Seastacks and stacks of sweet potato pancakes at the coast and Lake Quinault Lodge, Quinault, WA , 360-288-2900 Do: Razor clamming and sculpture gardens at Westport Winery, Aberdeen , 360-648-2224 Dine: Drink your grains, malt and juniper at Wishka River Distillery, Aberdeen, , 360-612-4756 Or get great fresh fare, razor clam sausage and more at the Grays Harbor Framers Market, Hoquiam, WA , 360.538.9747 Stay: Overlooking Sunset Beach, Ocean Crest Resort, Moclips,, 360.276.4465 Ask: A local expert at Grays Harbor Tourism, Elma, WA , 800-621-9625    

Itinerary: Mason County. - Take a bite out of the Olympic Culinary Loop!

Olym Cul Adven cover thumbItinerary: Take a bite out of the Olympic Culinary Loop! Travel the LOOP in 3, 4 or more daily bites. Or take your time and discover more seasonal treasures and tastes around every turn.  To whet your appetite for adventure you can follow this sample itinerary, reverse the order, or make up your own… the delicious discoveries are endless. Visit for current events and additional Culinary Adventure ideas.   Whet your appetite with this Mason County culinary sampler Go: Experience the Hood Canal, Lake Cushman, Dosewallips, Brinnon to Shelton See: Oysters freshly shucked, then slurped at Hama Hama Oyster Farm, Lilliwaup, WA 888-877-5844 Do: Drink in the Hood! Walter Dacon Wines, Shelton,  360-426-5913 Or the Hardware Distillery Co., Hoodsport, WA  206- 300-0877 Dine: Beer ~ Tea ~ & Revelry at Grove Street Brewery, Shelton, , 360-462-2739 Stay: Indulge at Alderbrook Resort & Spa, Union, WA , 360-898-2200 Ask: A local expert at Mason-Shelton Chamber,, 360-426-2021

More Local Than Ever

[caption id="attachment_1405" align="alignleft" width="300"]AWB Porchetta Nov. 2013 (1) Yum! Alder Wood Bistro's Elwha Farms Porchetta (slow-roasted pork) with gold beet gnocchi, yellow foot chanterelles, romanesco, and blackberry gastrique[/caption]
Alder Wood Bistro is more local than ever. Over 85% of the new Fall Menu boasts ingredients sourced from within a 25 mile radius of the restaurant.  From pork and lamb in Port Angeles to Nash’s vegetables, freshly ground flour in Sequim to mixed greens, beef & chicken from Chimacum – the local economy is at work.
“We strive to learn, grow and improve what we are doing and how we are doing it for the benefit for our local community." states Jessica Schuenemann, co-owner of Alder Wood Bistro. “We live in an amazing place and we want it to thrive!”
Alder Wood has for some years now been known as the “local and organic” restaurant here on the North Olympic Peninsula. In 2006 when they first came on to the scene there wasn't the network of resources that exists today. However due in part to the efforts of owners Jessica and Gabriel Schuenemann the availability of locally raised and harvested food to our community is more robust than ever before.
Changing seasonal menus is the key factor that allows the bistro to integrate the freshest ingredients from the local market giving the customer the very best options our local market has to offer.
Alder Wood invites you to taste the local bounty, knowing your money is going to your neighbor farms and local families that enrich our community.  November and December feature hearty roasted pork and braised lamb, a bounty of winter squashes, yellow foot chanterelles and porcini, hearth-fired apple pie, Johnston's winter squash risotto, and cedar-planked black cod to name a few.
Gift certificates are wonderful for the holidays!
Please see their website for hours, menus, and more information.  
Alder Wood Bistro
Gabriel & Jessica Schuenemann 139 W. Alder Street Sequim, WA 98382 Tuesday - Saturday, 4:30pm - 9:00pm 360.683.4321360.683.7177 fax

Olympic Peninsula Wineries Harvest Winery Tour, features Winemaker Dinner & Lodging Special

Harvest Winery Tour & Scarecrow Contest, November 9, 10, and 11, 2013
Tasting Room visits 11 a.m. - 5 p.m., Winemaker Dinner at Nourish Sequim 6 p.m. Saturday, and weekend long "base camp" lodging specials in Sequim! Add up to a great fall celebration.
The Olympic Peninsula Wineries will put their creative grape & apple juices to the test at this year's annual Harvest Wine Tour, with  a full Harvest of events and happenings! The $30.00 ticket for the self-guided tour can be purchased at participating wineries during the event.  Tickets entitle participants to a commemorative wine glass and complimentary wine tastings at each winery during the event weekend.
A tasting fee of $5.00 per winery will apply to non-ticketed visitors.  Get your ticket stamped at all eight wineries and be eligible to enter our gift basket drawing.
Visitors can vote for their favorite scarecrow while tasting the best of the vintage.  Each winery will display its own artistic interpretation of the "Wine Scarecrow" for visitors to enjoy.
Saturday night features a limited seating winemaker dinner at Nourish Sequim. This Farm-to-Fork special culinary celebration will sell out soon. RSVP on-line today.  (If you miss out on Saturday's dinner Nourish will be featuring a Harvest Wine & Cider special Sunday Brunch 10AM - 2:30PM.
The Holiday Inn Express & Conference Center of Sequim will the the Harvest Trail's lodging "base camp" for the weekend offering special rates for November 8,9,10 and 11 of only $119.00 plus tax for a standard room.  As well I would like to offer a package of room nights plus tickets for the tour
Three day $30.00 Harvest Wine Trail tasting room tickets for the self-guided tour can be purchased in advance on-line or at participating wineries during the event.  Tickets entitle participants to a commemorative wine glass and complimentary wine tastings at each winery during the event weekend.
Learn more about this great offering and every month worth of delicious Culinary Adventure on the Olympic Culinary Loop by reading each monthly issue of the "Fresh Sheet".

Kalaloch Lodge’s Creekside Restaurant host Beerlovers Dinner

Fall is upon us and the Storms are coming in. Come enjoy some storm watching from the windows of our Creek Side Restaurant overlooking the Pacific Ocean. We have some great deals on room packages starting this month.
Come join us for our Pike Beer Dinner on October 26th. Chef Ashley Miller will create a five course dinner paired with a variety of Pike Beers. Details are on our
Keep up to date with all the delicious Culinary Adventure Details each month in the Olympic Culinary Loop's "Fresh Sheet"!

Dinner and a Show “Murder at Cafe Noir” at Red Lion

The Red Lion Hotel Port Angeles Presents:  Dinner and a Show "Murder at Cafe Noir". The Olympic Peninsula's only resident Murder Mystery Dinner Theater Company, Murders on the menu, is please to announce its first public Performance. Saturday, October 17 at 7pm Ticket Price $45 per person Advanced reservations required Looking for a night out on the town?  We have slashed our room rates by 40% for this event! Please call (360) 417-5710 for reservations and more information. Call for your tickets today! Find this and other Culinary Adventure calendar activities on-line! Read about all the monthly "Fresh Sheet" culinary adventures offered across the Olympic Peninsula each month.  

Skip the Bus, enjoy Crabfest from the Sea!

All agree that the Annual Dungeness Crab Festival is King! (The American Bus Association has named the Dungeness Crab & Seafood Festival one of the Top 100 Events in North America, and Coastal Living Magazine named the Festival one of the Top 10 Coastal Events!) However you can steal away to a semi-private Don't miss the tastiest event of the season, the 3rd annual sunset crab dinner cruise! Saturday, October 12th 6-8:30pm, only $60 per person Ticket price includes a yummy crab dinner that starts with a small crab cocktail appetizer, followed by delicious crab lasagna, bread, salad and one non-alcoholic beverage.  And, as always, our no-host bar.
Call 360‐452‐6210 to book your Sunset Crab Cruise reservation with Expeditions NW today!

Dungeness Crab & Seafood Festival – Home Of The Dungeness Crab!

October 11-13, 2013 Featuring Graham Kerr and our First Annual Chowder Cook-off!

Get Ready…Here Comes The Crab!  Taste the bounty of the Olympic coast and savor the riches from our sparkling blue waters, magical forests, and organic farms at the 12th Annual Dungeness Crab and Seafood Festival.  “Crabfest” is the annual celebration of our region’s diverse bounty - the seafood, agriculture and maritime traditions, and the breathtaking coastal environment that is home to the Dungeness crab. This amazing food Festival takes place downtown at the Port Angeles City Pier, Gateway Center, and Red Lion Hotel overlooking the beautiful Strait of Juan de Fuca and Victoria, B.C.. Hours are Friday 4pm-9pm; Saturday 10am-9pm, and Sunday 10am-5pm on Sunday. Admission is free and the big top tent provides covered seating.

Winemaker Dinner at the Ajax Cafe, October 17

Thursday, October 17th at 6:00 "DJP Selections - Taste of Washington" Join us this month for our monthly winemaker dinner as we welcome back Dave Pruwitz & Katy House of DJP Selections.  We will be showcasing some of their terrific limited-production wines from artisan winemaker from Washington.  Also, we are pleased to welcome back Hanako Myers & Marko Colby of Midori Farms, a small certified organic producer and processor farm located at the edge of Port Townsend. Mark you calendar and join us for antoher fun evening? $55 per person Cal l360-385-3450 for Reservations Full Culinary Adventure calendar of events on-line at Read about this and other monthly Culinary activities in each issue of the Olympic Culinary Loop "Fresh Sheet"  

Ninja Knife Skills and 3-Course Gourmet Lunch at Ludlow!

Hands on cooking class with Chef Dan! Bring your favorite culinary tools or borrow ours. Class is from 11:00am – 12:30pm with a 3 course lunch to follow. Class and lunch is $49.00 Reservations required. Purchase tickets at: Maximum 24 guests Full event details at: Read about this and other Olympic Culinary Loop activities at this month's "Fresh Sheet"


[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="300"] SAVORING CHIMACUM VALLEY, photo by Resort at Port Ludlow[/caption] The Fall 2013  issue of  Northwest Travel Magazine.  Continues to celebrate our compelling and inspiring details on the Olympic Peninsula Culinary events! This time savoring Chimacum Valley! Yum! Read all about it!  

Harbinger is officially "Outstanding"!

Harbinger Winery of Port Angeles received an “Outstanding” rating by the Great Northwest Wines for its 2009 Sangiovese! Read all about it:   Andy Purdue, writer for the Seattle Times describes Harbinger’s 2009 Sangiovese as “open up with aromas of oak, black cherry, black olive, and cola, followed closely with rich flavors of cherry, vanilla, and a sprinkling of coca.” (Yum!) Join winemaker Sara Gagnon for tasting, and purchase, of the 2009 Sangiovese at Harbinger Winery, 2358 W. Highway 101. Tasting room is open daily 11AM – 6PM.

Busy miracles do indeed happen on the LOOP!

A “typical” day on the Loop as reported by one of OCL’s hardest working Farmers Market operators, Barbara Bennett Parsons of Grays Harbor Farmers Market “August 29 - This morning I arrived at the market, a frantic day planned.  I'm hosting 200 people for breakfast tomorrow morning.  Lord!  A live radio broadcast from the Market for 4 hours, and we'll be feeding everyone who comes.  A busy day to prep for, right? I walked in and a PBS film crew was setting up inside!!! Total serendipity.  It was pouring rain, they were with one of our mushroom foragers, and the camera man asked if there wasn't a place to set up out of the rain for the interview of, get this, my favorite cookbook author- Langdon Cook!  My guy said 'the Farmers Market' and so it was.  I rushed around setting the stage, getting stuff for everyone, making connections. Asked at the end what their plans were.  From there I contacted the one of the best chefs on our coastline, Andy Bickar, former chef of Ocean Crest, who is building a restaurant in Aberdeen, arranged for a professional kitchen to use for him to prepare a meal, arranged for fresh tuna off the boat- tomorrow the 'meal' portion of the of segment will be filmed.  After I've started the day at 4am, been radio co-host for 4 hours, made pancakes for 200 people, and then loaded my tables in the van to take over to set up for the Big Meal!!  At least I'll be getting fed very, very well” Stay tuned for the PBS show "Food Forward", slated for a Spring 2014 airing. Updated - media coverage   

Seattle DINNING! Breathtaking beverages around Puget Sound

Olympic Culinary Loop Seattle DINING! partners with the Olympic Culinary Loop because, frankly, we think you're crazy if you don't head to the Peninsula and enjoy the area and all it has to offer. This group is made up of people who grow, harvest, catch and serve the local bounty (like Quilcene oysters at left). If you live there or are visiting and want to cook at home or take something to your motel or a beach, there is much to choose from. Pane d'Amore Artisan Bakery can supply your bread--16 different kinds and many pastries. Mt. Townsend Creamery can start or end a meal with their amazing cheeses made from local milk. Pick up mussels from Kamilche Sea Farms or oysters and clams from Hama Hama Oyster Co. The Wild West store stocks 99% of their items from the Peninsula from fish and shellfish to mushrooms to greens to berries. Thirsty? Grab some organic hard cider from Alpenfire Orchards, seasonal Northwest gin from The Hardware Distillery Co., or wine from any number of producers. For sweet cravers, think Elevated Ice Cream or the Port Townsend Chocolate Company. Trust us on this--you've got to get on the Loop!

 Get your Olympic Culinary Loop map here and start planning your food route! For more information, go to

Seattle Wine Awards recognize Peninsula quality

Congrats to Peninsula producers for bringing home LOTS of hardware at the 2013 Seattle Wine Awards — WA State's Premier Wine Recognition Program. Look at this impressive list: Category: Fortified Dessert Styles Double Gold NV Finnriver Spirited Apple Wine, WA Silver 2010 Eaglemount Winery & Cider Malbec Dessert, WA Bronze NV Finnriver Black Currant, WA Bronze 2010 Mosquito Fleet Griffersen Reserve, CV Category: Sparkling Wine Silver NV Finnriver Artisan Sparkling Cider, WA Category: White Proprietary Blends Silver 2011 Camaraderie Cellars Trinquer, CV Category: Pinot Gris/Grigio Double Gold 2011 Westport Winery Fleur de Lis Pinot Gris, Airport Vyd. Category: White Varieties Gold 2010 Westport Winery Maritime Moscato, WA Category: Red Red Proprietary Blend (Priced $20.01 – $35.00) Double Gold 2008 Eaglemount Winery & Cider Eaglemount Red, WS (Priced $20.01 - $35.00) Gold 2010 Westport Winery Jetty Cat, CV Category: Red Bordeaux Styles (Priced $35.01 & Up) Double Gold 2009 Camaraderie Cellars Grâce, CV (Price $20.01 – $35.00) Bronze 2010 Mosquito Fleet Meritage, CV Category: Cabernet Sauvignon (Priced $35.01 & Over) Double Gold 2010 Mosquito Fleet Cabernet Sauvignon, WWV (Priced $20.01–$35) Double Gold 2009 Camaraderie Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon, CV (Priced $20.01–$35) Silver 2008 Eaglemount Winery & Cider Cabernet Sauvignon, WS Category: Cabernet Franc Gold 2010 Mosquito Fleet Cabernet Franc, CV Category: Malbec Bronze 2010 Eaglemount Winery & Cider Malbec, WA Bronze 2010 Harbinger Winery Malbec, WS Category: Red Rhone Style (Priced $35.01 & Up) Silver 2009 Walter Dacon Wines GSM, CV (Priced $20.01 – $35.00) Silver 2009 Harbinger Winery El Jefe, RH Category: Merlot (Priced $20.01 – $35.00) Silver 2009 Camaraderie Cellars Merlot, CV Category: Syrah (Priced $35.01 & Up) Silver 2009 Walter Dacon Wines C'est Syrah Beaux, CV (Priced $35.01 & Up) Silver 2008 Walter Dacon Wines C'est Syrah Magnifique, CV Category: Red Varieties (Priced $20.01 – $35.00) Gold 2009 Harbinger Winery Barbera, CV (Priced $20.01 – $35.00) Gold 2010 Mosquito Fleet Petit Verdot, CV (Priced $20.01 – $35.00) Bronze 2010 Wind Rose Cellars Barbera, CV

Updated Culinary Adventure Map

It's here!Olym Cul Adven broch cover 4-13-01-1 The updated and extra delicious Taste Trail around the Olympic Peninsula is what you've been waiting for! Watch here for enhanced Culinary Adventure Map features, including:
  • Mobil App!
  • Enhanced on-line reviews
  • More
Enjoy eating your way around the LOOP!

Winemaker Dinner Ajax Cafe, March 21 6PM

ajaxJoin the Ajax Cafe for our monthly winemaker dinner, March 21 at 6PM as we welcome Kyra Baerlocher of Kyra Wines, Moses Lake, Washington. Kyra's wines are made from estate vineyards on the Wahluke Slope AVA and other Columbia Valley AVA vineyards. Kyra's award-winning wines will be paired with another fabulous dinner prepared by Chef Jon and his crew. Reservations:  360-385-3450

Olympic Culinary Loop Launches 2013 with New Membership Director and Website

Port Angeles, WA—The Olympic Culinary Loop (OCL) has recently launched a new website designed for passionate foodies from the ground up. It’s optimized for mobile, meaning you can travel and taste your way around the Olympic Peninsula with information about food destinations on your Smartphone or tablet. The website was generously designed and donated by the Owen Marketing GROUP. “We’re pleased to begin 2013 with a new Membership Services Director and a new website,” said Ken Wilson, President of the OCL. “The year is off to an excellent start with these two additions to our marketing efforts. We welcome visitors and industry professionals alike to contribute photos, submit ‘taste-trail’ travel tips and raves on our new website, and invite everyone to follow us on Twitter, Facebook and other social media forums.” Steve Shively was recently hired as the organization’s new Membership Services Director, transitioning from a founding board member to a contracted staff position. He brings over 25 years of commitment to offering authentic recreational opportunities, including a passion for local food. Primarily focusing on lodging and hospitality for various parks and retreat center operations on the west coast, he’s been keenly aware over the years of the opportunity to offer more than “just a meal” to his guests. At the core of this hospitality is providing education and entertainment that’s representative of the area. Shively will be growing and servicing the Loop’s four-county member base, developing campaigns and programs to grow its membership. He is reaching out to members to participate in the 2013 Olympic Culinary Adventure map, a centerpiece of the spring marketing program for the Olympic Peninsula. “I look forward to helping both our culinary industry and ‘taste-trail’ travelers to celebrate the bounty of the Olympic Peninsula in a delicious new way,” said Shively. The Olympic Culinary Loop was created in 2009 and exists to define, promote and celebrate the Olympic Peninsula’s unique culinary experience. Its purpose is to educate consumers, and ultimately establish the region as a niche destination to enhance economic development and the area’s tourism product. Its membership is comprised from Clallam, Jefferson, Mason and Grays Harbor Counties. For more information, go to

Jefferson County names Farmer's Market Director top young professional

Olympic Culinary Loop congratulates Will O'Donnell! PORT TOWNSEND — The recognition of outstanding citizenship is a local tradition dating back to 1949, but this year’s event added a component designed to single out outstanding achievement by the younger generation of businesspeople. Young Professional of the Year O’Donnell was recognized for his bringing the local farmers market from a home in a parking lot to one that is recognized as one of the largest and best in the region. “I feel so blessed to live in Jefferson County and Port Townsend,” O’Donnell said. “It’s such a beautiful place, where people are inspired, innovate and take risks and to dream big. “We have so much community support, and it is all thanks to you.” Full story -

Join Olympic Culinary Loop in Grays Harbor County for a "Chat-n-Chew" gathering February 4th

Join us Monday, February 4, 12:15 at the Grays Harbor (Hoquiam) Public Market as we take a break, enjoy some local edibles and discuss Olympic Culinary Loop membership opportunities and new directions.  W'll even give you some great opportunities to get an early jump on your Valentine's shopping! Please share your  RSVP for this "Chat n Chew" event.  Everyone's encouraged to  join us! Additional details at  

Oyster Heaven on Earth

by:Lissa James, Hama Hama & Kathy Charlton More than any other food, oysters evoke place. Their flavor and texture depend on salinity, minerals, temperature and plankton. Oysters grown downstream from loamy soils taste different from those grown in gravel estuaries. A Washington State tour focused on mollusks might take you from clean-tasting Hood Canal to earthier Willapa Bay to sweet Totten Inlet. The U.S. imports nearly 80% of its fresh seafood, but here in Puget Sound the shellfish is still our own. We live in one of the last oyster heavens on earth, where a family with a bucket and a license can go harvest wild shellfish from the sea. And our shellfish industry is generally considered a poster child for a green economy: clean water allows shellfish farmers to create jobs, and their hard-working crops help keep the water clean. In few other industries are the environment and economics so immediately and deeply connected. In regions around the world, oysters have been systematically overharvested and polluted out of existence; Washington came close to losing our own oyster operations about a century ago, thanks to the twin problems of overharvesting and massive pulp mills and the related pollution. Now that farmers can grow oysters from seed, overharvesting isn’t an issue. But pollution still is, and even our generally healthy local oysters face problems. Ocean acidification may seem like an abstract concern, but its impacts are already being felt in shellfish hatcheries.

Culinary Adventuring

by:Braiden Rex Johnson Do you remember the stage play or movie, “A Trip to Bountiful,” which was based on the 1953 televised play by Albert Horton Foote, Jr.? It was about an elderly woman who yearns to return to her roots in the small town of Bountiful, Texas. A recent press release reminded me of the movie version I saw years ago starring Geraldine Page, and pitched “a new kind of ‘trip to bountiful’”–the Olympic Culinary Adventure. Winding through four Olympic Peninsula counties, the Olympic Culinary Adventure route leads foodies on “a trip to bountiful” in the true sense of the word–to a region alive with farms, produce stands, fisheries, creameries, bakeries, wineries, cideries, and authentic farm-to-table experiences. I’ve written about my experiences wining and dining on the Olympic Peninsula for The Seattle Times Pacific Northwest magazine, for the Northwest Notes blog, and profiled Camaraderie Cellars in Pacific Northwest Wining & Dining. So I heartily recommend a visit to this unique region of Washington state. And with the weather warming (we hope–enough of “June-uary already!”) as we head into summer, now is a great time to take your taste buds on tour! A project of the Olympic Peninsula Visitor Bureau, the Jefferson County Tourism Coordinating Council, and the Olympic Culinary Loop Association, the Olympic Culinary Adventure is designed to put culinary travelers in touch with the people who grow, harvest, catch, and serve fresh Olympic-Coast cuisine.

Gramm Kerr Day 3 - Adventure Con't

by:Graham Kerr Our Culinary Adventure on the Olympic Peninsula continued with a very full two days using the Resort at Port Ludlow as an extremely comfortable and warmly hospitable base. FINNRIVER FARM AND CIDERY, Chimacum Here you will meet Crystie Kisler and should you have that pleasure, you will have a perfect prototype of the sort of politician who would get close to a 90% approval rating (nobody is perfect)! I intend to return and learn from the special people at Finnriver. They greatly value their land and continuously try to make every decision to make a living while doing nothing that does harm to the soil and the river that runs through their property.We took away a bottle of their Black Currant Brandy and used it to macerate some mixed dried fruit, serving the entire compote over some great vanilla yogurt -- fantastic! You will find a champagne method cider that won a Double Gold award and great fruit in season at Finnriver. You might guess that I am a fan! RED DOG FARM, Chimacum Yes, they do have a reddish dog! They also have a self-service produce stand that works on the honor system. Everyone on this young persons’ farm is hard at work apparently having fun growing and harvesting some truly fabulous food off some quite recently acquired land. That said because nobody is available to take your money . . . you simply tot-up your own bill, pay-up and leave happy . . . and best of all, it works! Isn't that refreshing in our tough old world?

Whole New Slice of Life

by:Graham Kerr My wife Treena and I have completed the equivalent of 28 loops around the world in a succession of culinary adventure tours over the past 52 years. You need to know this piece of relatively useless trivia in order to fully understand the enormity of my next statement. Only once have we ever had such an eye-opening experience as we are currently having on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State, and that was in Reggio Emilia in central Italy back in 1966. The present day peninsula is a whole new slice of life in the making. There is no doubt that we are in the midst of considerable change. Issues of the economy, health and the ecology press into every thinking person’s mind but somehow in the sheer speed at which we live, we can only give them a passing nod. That is, unless you give yourself a real break and drive out onto Highway 101 as Treena and I are now doing, and go North in a back-to-the-future trip you shouldn't miss.

Graham Kerr Day 2 - Adventure

by:Graham Kerr My wife, Treena, and I are now home in Mt. Vernon and have already booked our return visit to the Olympic Peninsula in mid-December this year. It was there or Hawaii, so you can see how impressed we are with our own backyard! When very much younger we used to ride elevators (called lifts) in London department stores and listen to the attendant call out what could be found on each floor. I feel much the same as I try to cover the many visits we enjoyed on our recent Olympic Culinary Adventure! At TAYLOR SEAFOOD, near Little Creek outside of Shelton, we met with Gifford (Marco) Pinchot III. This man is both a mine of information on the ecology in general and the way that foresters can work together with fishermen. It has not always been so promising!Marco cooked us the best mussel dish I have ever eaten . . . anywhere. Huge, succulent in prime season, garlic, olive oil, basil sundried tomatoes and the pan deglazed with Chateau Ste. Michelle's Sauvignon Blanc, which we drank out of china cups in their carpark! If you want a speaker sometime, try to get Marco -- he is excellent. It's a short drive to the ALDERBROOK RESORT, located right on the Hood Canal. We stayed there about 20 years ago and were amazed at the transformation. This is luxury in the grand European style with the benefit of a local staff that greets you as if they own the place.

Graham Kerr Day 3 - Adventure

by:Graham Kerr Our Culinary Adventure on the Olympic Peninsula continued with a very full two days using the Resort at Port Ludlow as an extremely comfortable and warmly hospitable base. FINNRIVER FARM AND CIDERY, Chimacum Here you will meet Crystie Kisler and should you have that pleasure, you will have a perfect prototype of the sort of politician who would get close to a 90% approval rating (nobody is perfect)! I intend to return and learn from the special people at Finnriver. They greatly value their land and continuously try to make every decision to make a living while doing nothing that does harm to the soil and the river that runs through their property. We took away a bottle of their Black Currant Brandy and used it to macerate some mixed dried fruit, serving the entire compote over some great vanilla yogurt -- fantastic! You will find a champagne method cider that won a Double Gold award and great fruit in season at Finnriver. You might guess that I am a fan! RED DOG FARM, Chimacum Yes, they do have a reddish dog! They also have a self-service produce stand that works on the honor system. Everyone on this young persons’ farm is hard at work apparently having fun growing and harvesting some truly fabulous food off some quite recently acquired land. That said because nobody is available to take your money . . . you simply tot-up your own bill, pay-up and leave happy . . . and best of all, it works! Isn't that refreshing in our tough old world?

GH Farmers Market News

by:Barbara Bennett Parsons Thank you so much!!!! Our Autumn Festival/Customer Appreciation Day was a resounding success! The weather was lovely ( not too hot, not too cold), the food was scrumptious, and a good time was had by all. Thanks to the rain 10 days ago, we once again have fresh picked Chanterelle Mushrooms available at $10.00 per lb. At this moment we also are fortunate to have fresh line caught filleted Tuna at $11.99 per pound. If you’re interested in canning, this is the way to go- already skinned and boned, ready to plunk into jars and process. We've been grilling the tuna this week- add a bit of honey and molasses, a splash of hot sauce, and you’re in competition with the best chefs on the country! Honeycrisp Apples and Fuji Apples came in this morning, along with an abundance of other fresh organic produce- our prices for organic food is actually less than grocery store prices of chemically farmed products. As a Farmers Market, it is our goal to ensure healthy, sustainable, and utterly delicious food for our community. It is our stance that every economic bracket is entitled to quality choices for their meals. In our grandparents time, pure unadulterated crops were the norm. We want you to feed your families with the same confidence! Autumn has definitely arrived at the Hoquiam Farmers Market! On her very first day she delivered over one thousand pounds of the prettiest home grown Pumpkins you’ll ever see.

Chanterelle Season

by:Barbara Bennett Parsons For me, the seasons of the year are defined by which foods are ripe for picking. Autumn begins whenever the Chanterelle mushrooms start appearing in the woods. Whatever the calendar says is brushed away like a pesky spider web. Normally that happens in mid-September, but we’re already knee deep in Chanterelles. I’ve never seen such a prolific beginning! You have two choices of how to harvest your mushrooms; either hike yourself over to the Hoquiam Farmers Market to buy them, or pack a picnic lunch and go on an adventure. Like any other wild harvest, there is no guarantee that the spot you think looks good will actually have mushrooms growing. We’ve come to the conclusion that Chanterelles are similar to a vein of gold, following some mysterious path that boggles reason. In other words, you find them where you find them. Sometimes they are scattered beneath a canopy of fir trees, other times sprouting in a maple glade. Hiding under sword ferns is one way they like to escape detection too. Barbara's Chanterelle Mushroom Sandwich One large sweet onion, sliced one large clove Elephant Garlic, chopped Saute in;two tablespoons of cooking oil Sprinkle with one tsp. seasoning salt (Johnny's.)Continue cooking until onions are carmelized. Add;2 cups of sliced Chanterelle Mushrooms 4 slices of crumbled pre-cooked bacon Cook briefly, until 'shrooms are gently sauteed.Turn off heat and sprinkle with grated cheese.

Hoquiam Farmers Market

by:Barbara Bennett Parsons As always, late summer brings a veritable cascade of fabulous food! In ancient times our ancestors realized that they needed to amplify their intake of fresh food in order to exist through the harsh days of winter. Well, Have we ever got the healthy food for you to stock up on! As I write this to you, Gary is unloading his truck with fresh picked corn, peaches, and pears direct from Wenatchee. Gary is our favorite provider of exquisite fruit & corn. He has a place in Humptulips, which is the only reason he is able to bring such great stuff over to us and keep the price affordable. Please stop for a moment when you visit the market and admire our two new improvements; the marvelous, luscious new Barn Red color of our building and the new fence enclosure around the covered porch. The fencing will save us countless hours of hauling produce and products inside, only be hauled out again the next morning. While I pride myself on being strong, there’s a limit to how many 50 pound boxes a woman should have to tote around in one day. Labor Day weekend promises to be exceptionally gorgeous. Stop by the market for your fruit, veggies, pies, bread, sausages, and our happy smiles!

Little Wild Blackberries

by:Barbara Bennett Parsons We need to talk. It has come to my attention that there are human beings living in Grays Harbor who are woefully uninformed about the various types of Blackberries that grow here. I’m not pointing fingers, nor assigning blame. This is a situation can be easily remedied, and I am here to help. Little Wild Blackberry Season begins this weekend. In order to assimilate as a true citizen of the Pacific Northwest, one simply must be properly educated about Blackberries. Otherwise you risk looks of scorn and pity when you show up at a potluck bearing a cobbler made with, gasp, Himalayan Blackberries. So here is the lowdown on Blackberries. Number one berry and the only Blackberry ever to be used in baking pies, cobblers, and jam- the coveted Little Wild Blackberry. How does one identify this particular species? Well, first of all, it is ‘little’. This is not your common hedge variety ginormous blackberry that any casual picker can easily find in late summer. No sirree, this little berry is wily, elusive, and cunning. The LWB is usually ripening in late June or early July, but this year the weather gods have not been kind, so the season is late. Unlike the large Himalayan and Evergreen blackberries, the LWB must have cross pollination in order to bear fruit. Last year our Spring was so cold and wet that the bees stay huddled in the warmth of their hives when the LWB blossoms were out.

Strawberry Edition!!

by:Barbara Bennett Parsons Slowly, ever so slowly, we are creeping up on Strawberry season. The anticipation is much like awaiting Christmas. I see the furtive looks as people cast their gaze across our tables of produce, then the slight slump of the shoulders . They try to mask the disappointment, but I can see right through the facade. Soon their faces will be wreathed in smiles as they clutch the precious boxes of strawberries. Honestly, sometimes we feel like drug dealers during Strawberry season! Thank goodness the fix we provide is succulent sun ripened natural fruit. My conscience is just fine with selling strawberries, even when bickering breaks out over the last flat of berries. We always encourage customers to call us to have any coveted food set aside for later pick-up, this year the Strawberry flats on hold may require an armed guard. People are getting restive and dangerous. Take a deep breath. The weather forecast is propitious and Sue Spooner, of Spooner Berry Farms, assures us that we will have a good strawberry season after all. In your desperation for strawberries, you may have been tempted to buy some of those out of state strawberries. Do not waste your money! Sure, they look pretty, but is there any actual strawberry aroma? No aroma, no flavor. All you’re left with is empty good looks. We all know where this will end; in bitter name calling... Read More at

Woodpecker Wake Up

by:Crystie Kisler I wake this morning, as I do each day, to a sound. Usually it is the hot-water heater rumbling on in the wee hours, or else the first exuberant squeal from my toddler. But lately there has been another noise coaxing my consciousness awake. It starts as a sort of shuffling, then develops into a scratching, then becomes an actual pounding. In a way it all sounds like the noises my mind might make as it tries to rev up into an alert state after a night of slumber. So it takes me awhile to realize these sounds are not inside my own head. Then it takes a few more moments, because I am groggy and half-dreaming, to figure out what else it could be. A mouse in the wall? A branch knocking against the roof? Oh, I got it. The bird. It’s the woodpecker— the one that spends the dawn hours of each day in the eaves just above my bedroom window. It is my early-morning avian instructor, teaching me vital lessons about my place in the world. The woodpecker in question is a red-shafted flicker, a type of Northern flicker officially designated as Colaptes auratus cafer. Colaptes derives from the Greek verb colapt, to peck. In its own family, it is considered a medium sized woodpecker but it is big for a bird in our little patch of woods. And so we often catch a quick glimpse of spotted wings and orange shafts undulating through the air. Sometimes we find a telltale feather on the ground. And we hear them pecking of course. . . Read More at

Hole-y Road

by:Crystie Kisler We live on a dirt road. This is one the hallmarks of life in the country. As we approach the farm and turn off the newly blacktopped Center Road, which is luxuriously level and fast, we still breathe a sigh of relief. We are happily reminded that there is earth under asphalt. That pavement is not intrinsic to the surface of our planet, but rather something we spread on the ground in order to smooth the way for our wheels. This, however, is not a reflection on the pros and cons of pavement. This is a tale about filling holes. Calling it a dirt road may be an over-simplification of things. Our road is not simply a swath of dirt left to age naturally. Even though it is unpaved, it is still a place where humans have had their way-- partially. For the compromise that a dirt road makes is this: humans can pass through, but nature still rules. Without regular maintenance, Country Meadow Road becomes Country Bump-kin Road, where ruts, rivulets and pits form as water and wear have their way. When it gets to this stage, the rough terrain of our rain-ruffled road makes each drive a literal pain in the butt. There is another way of course. Another approach to the journey. It can be a Hole-y Road or a Holy Road. Either an ornery obstacle course or a four-wheeled meditation course. One might decide to cultivate patience with the potholes, instead of cursing. This would take a willingness to really slow down, to be content in the present moment . . . Read More at