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Our Quest for THE Olympic Peninsula Chowder Recipe!

For our 10th Anniversary Celebration we’ll be conducting a year-long press tour in pursuit of identifying – and tasting - the quintessential Olympic Peninsula Chowder.

No longer will Pacific Northwest minded foodies be limited in their ordering of chowders named “New England”, “Manhattan” or seafood Cioppino hailing from San Francisco or Jambalaya influenced from Louisiana. Once crowned, the winning Olympic Peninsula Chowder is destined to be on menus, and taste buds, from coast-to-coast. 

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Might your recipe or key ingredient be part of the soon-to-be-celebrated Olympic Peninsula Chowder? 

Objective: As delicious as it is, we don’t want another Olympic Peninsula version of classic New England Clam Chowder. We all know that when prepared with our coastal Razor Clams and/or Geoducks, and Ozette Potatoes our chefs can locally source and serve up the best version of this creamy white stew.

The Olympic Peninsula Chowder will have its own flavor profile
that is just as unique as this place we call home!

Will it feature Geoduck or Razor Clams, Salmon, Spotted Shrimp, Oysters, Mussels, Crab or? Will it have a base inspired by local hard cider, creamery fresh cheese or? 

We has traveled the LOOP hosting qualifying tasting events throughout the year. Local winners advanced to the grand event in Port Angeles (October 13) where the newly crowned Olympic Peninsula Chowder will be identified.

Spicy-Tomato-Seafood-Chowder[1]Get Involved! And prepare your taste buds as you plan to join us at any or all of these delicious "Peoples' Taste" Chowder events!