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And the Winner Is...

2019-10-23 10:14:45

We have traveled the LOOP hosting qualifying tasting events throughout the year. Local winners advanced to the grand event in Port Angeles (October 13, 2019) IMG-3480where the newly crowned Olympic Peninsula Seafood Chowder was identified by a panel of judges, scoring each entry on merits Appeal, Creativity and overall Popularity.

The Chef of our Official Olympic Peninsula Seafood Chowder is Chef ("Captain") Ronald Wisner of Moclip's Ocean Crest Resort - who presented an Olympic Peninsula seafood chowder with Razor Clams, Crab, and Shrimp. YUM! Judges award Chef Wisner a total of 375 of 400 possible points.

As one judge, well stated; "Any, and all, of these five finalists would deliciously represent our Olympic Coast Cusine. We simply couldn't go wrong with any of them!" 


We agree! We invite restaurants and home cooks alike to download the recipe and cook up a bowl of THE Official Olympic Peninsula Seafood Chowder. And we encourage diners to ask their local restaurant to add THE Official Olympic Peninsula Seafood Chowder to their menus, thanks to Chef Ronald Wisner. Enjoy!


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