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Pacific Pantry Artisan Deli

Manager: Johnathan Pabst
Address: 229 S Sequim Ave. Sequim, Washington 98382
Phone Number: 360-797-1221

Open Mon-Sat 10am-7pm | An artisan deli, and home of Washington's best sandwich! Fresh and seasonal menu,  and deli case featuring our own, Misty Mountain, cured meats and sausages.

Don't drool on this delicious review:

On a quick trip through Sequim, we decided on Pacific Pantry. It was a most excellent choice!

The staff was friendly, caring and personable. 

The menu, while small, is packed with flavor and tantalizing entrees. We ordered the Pork Trilogy pizza and barbecue pulled pork sandwich.

Regarding the pizza: I've spent twice as much for pizza not nearly this good. The smoked pepperoni is some of the tastiest meat I've ever consumed.

As for the sandwich, the meat was perfectly slow cooked until tender, and the year was an excellent balance of savory and sweet.

Accompanying our lunch were draft beers that were obviously selected by someone who cares about the brew craft as much as the art of smoking meats.

The meal was topped off with a slice of cheesecake and the best macaroon I've ever eaten.

The best part? This didn't break the bank. I'll be back. I have more menu items to try!


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