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OCL's Membership, Structure & Organization

Board Resources for the Olympic Culinary Loop

OCL's Membership, Structure & Organization 

• Cooperative culinary tourism marketing in the Olympic Culinary Loop (OCL) is open to all fees-paying, and mission supporting, culinary-related marketing partners around the Olympic Peninsula and identified "Pathway" counties, from source to table; growers and added-value producers, the hospitality and tourism industry, and local and regional government entities.

• The OCL Association is a volunteer Board of Directors made up of financially supporting, cross-industry partnership representation.

• Managed/facilitated by a hired director and necessary support staff.

Our Mission

"Bringing together the best in the region’s culinary interests from farm-and-sea to table. Facilitating industry networking and partnership opportunities. Creating educational culinary experiences and messaging for 'Taste Tourists'. Communicating & celebrating regional culinary tourism success. Generating awareness about the overall bounty of the Peninsula."


The funding structure goal for the OCL Association is based on an annual goal of a 50% public, 50% private split supported by the following sources:

I. Public = State, County and City Hotel/Motel Tax Funds (50%)

II. Private = Industry related Marketing Partners Subscriptions (50%)

III. Project-Based Grant Funding Opportunities + consumer donations, as available


Board Resources

Board Application

By-Laws - Current By-Laws for the OCL Association (revised Jan 2020)

Current Budget - (past 2019, 2020 + 2021 approve October 2020)

Board Directory - Current as of January 2022

Proxy Vote Authorization

Past Minutes - 2Q2022, 1Q2022 (no meeting), 4Q2021, 3Q2021, 2Q20211Q2021, 4Q20203Q2020 2Q2020, 1Q2020, 4Q2019, 3Q2019, 2Q2019, 1Q2019, 4Q2018, 3Q2018, 2Q2018, 1Q2018, 4Q2017

3Q2022 Board Packet (as of 7/19/2022)

Washington Secretary of State, Corporations and Charities Filing - 2019, 2020, 2021

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