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Take the Planet Pledge

Celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day and pledge to help reduce local business waste and environmental impacts

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As we recognize the community's celebration of the 50th anniversary of Earth Day this April, a coalition of local organizations has been working on a project to help reduce waste at local businesses and promote more ecologically positive practices around recycling and composting.  


Because the human impacts on our ecosystems and larger planetary climate system are getting increasingly problematic, we are motivated to initiate this "Planet Pledge" across our business and organizational community and to support you in implementing best practices.


Here is what we are proposing:


1. Can you commit to reducing waste wherever possible by replacing single-use packaging with reusable supplies?


2. Will you purchase any takeout or single-use packaging materials from sources that are recyclable, biodegradable or otherwise proven to reduce negative impacts?


2. Will you commit to implementing waste reduction best practices for your home, business or organization?


3. Would you consider participating in bulk orders of single-use eco-packaging to reduce costs?


If your answer is YES to the above, then we will invite you to sign on to our "planet pledge" for Earth Day.  We will be making a public announcement and taking out a cooperative ad around the local Earth Day festivities. Our planning committee will then follow up with you to supply you with resources and training to implement the pledge.


Sign the Pledge