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Tourism Partners Annual Acknowledgement

Your city or county's annual support is vital to the on-going success of the Olympic Culinary Loop.

Your area farms, added value producers of cheese, chocolate, wine or cider certainly know that all their hard work is a valued part

of your tourism puzzle when they see their local tourism marketing office supporting the LOOP.

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The OCL Board has acknowledged that the Olympic Peninsula is big enough to welcome culinary tourism producers that sit along the "Pathways" leading into Grays Harbor, Jefferson, Mason and Clallam counties.  In 2018 we look forward to welcoming Industry Pathway Partners from Island and Kitsap Counties. Tasteful Itineraries crop_LI


As in the past funding, tourism partners enjoy a subject-area knowledge shoutout in our "Tasteful Itineraries" section and a call-to-action in our printed map.

As a new addition, we've added your very own city or county landing page on our recently updated website. Here you'll be given your own log-in, and ability to give extra emphasis to all the delicious destinations 





This spring we will be distributing our 2018-19 map in the popular Edible publications. EdibleCoverMash-up 





In each Edible issue, we'll feature a full page Olympic Culinary Loop ad, comprised of partners co-op messaging. 

For as low as - an addition - $695 we can feature your co-op ad your ad in a full-page print ad seen from Seattle to Portland


Take a moment to:Co-op Ad space pricing-1

  • Confirm your 2018 Olympic Culinary Loop annual partnership
  • Also - while space remains - book an ad space on the co-op spring Edible full-page ad. 

(Our final design will incorporate all co-op elements. The relative percentage of each co-op ad block will remain as illustrated.)


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Tourism Partners Acknowledgement

Olympic Culinary Tourism Partners Annual Acknowledgement

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Edible Coop Ad Participation

As an ongoing Olympic Culinary Tourism Partner, you are given the opportunity to participate in our Edible Seattle & Portland Spring 2018 display ads. Coop ad spaces are limited to first-come-first-serve. Please indicate desire to participate in the Coop Ad, and desired ad buy.